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John Amaechi

Athletes Coming Out?

'Don't Hold Your Breath'

7/29/2012 5:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_amaechi_video_tmzFormer NBA star John Amaechi came out of the closet after his playing career was over, but with the recent announcements by celebs in other fields ... Amaechi doesn't feel we'll see an active athlete come out any time soon. 

Amaechi, who is in London covering the Olympics for the BBC, told the world he was gay three years after he retired ... in his autobiography.

With the recent announcements by Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean, we asked him if any pro atheletes would come out DURING their careers. Amaechi told us, "I definitely don't think you should hold your breath at this point."

So we ask ...

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No Avatar


Too macho and too intimate.. Someone will come out.. But not a superstar.. I don't see it EVER Frankly!!

816 days ago


I was a music director in a church for 15 years. Everyone knew I was gay. When my state made same sex marriage legal I married my partner of 20 years. I was immediately terminated. The priest said had he known I was gay, he never would have hired me. Unemployed ever since.

816 days ago

Sea Urchin    

"Former NBA star John Amaechi"------------He played for 5 years and his totals are 6.2 points per game.

Can TMZ please stop promoting homosexuality.

816 days ago


Oh!...I forgot this site is owned by gays.

816 days ago


I don't understand the social climate of pressure for any one to "come out". Just live your life without feeling the bizarre need to update others with sexual preferences.

816 days ago


These TMZ writers and in some cases, editors are clueless!! John Amaechi was NEVER a star in the NBA. He was a ROLE player...pretty much just a big body who took up space and attempted to rebound and play defense with consistency. He should be only referred to as former NBA player!

816 days ago


How about a 3rd voting choice of "don't give a crap"? Why the need to make your sexual preference a topic? Can't people just do their thing and STFU about it? I don't want to hear about what your sexual habits and I sure as hell ain't discussing mine as a topic. SICK OF ALL THIS PROUD AND GAY. Just live whatever you are and STFU. Now let the hate begin but I am entitled to my opinion.

816 days ago


I think a lot of it depends on the sport and mostly gender. Women seem to have it much easier coming out and being accepted than the majority of male athletes. Oh yeah, and I've never heard of this "NBA star" either.

816 days ago


Gays are always throwing it everybody face. We get you're proud and gay. Nobody gives a sh*t.

816 days ago


who cares?

816 days ago


I don't give a damn what your sexual prefrence is. Are you good at your job? Are you a nice person? That is all I want to know. I really don't want to know what goes on in someones bedroom. It is none of my business. Can we please get away from peoples sexual proclivities?

816 days ago


Why does tmz always report on this disease called homosexual. It is not normal. Think what two guys do who say they are gay. Is that normal ? Please. And don't give me any garbage that what people do in their own bedroom is their own business. It is no longer just In their bedroom. It is on tv, movies, etc. The media wants to promote it. It is wrong.

816 days ago


nobody cares if a nobody is out or not. call us when Ryan Secrest or John Travolta come out.

816 days ago


Proud, why would you be a member of a church that is based on the bible knowing full well that the god represented by the bible says that what you're doing is wrong? In case you aren't aware, if the god in the bible is real then he created everything and he claims that mankind is sinful and it's something you have to fight against in order to be saved. You have about 40 or 50 years of halfways decent gay sex as an imperfect human or you can trade that for doing things gods way. Jesus for instance supposedly gave his life for gods way in his early 30's. Many of the apostles were executed.
I can understand you deciding to be gay INSTEAD of being religious. What I can't understand is why you act like the curch is the bad guy. If you don't want to believe in the bible then DON'T. Stop complaining about what it says!!!
Harvey doesn't eat meat bacuase he subscribes to the beliefs of vegans. Nobody complains about that. What right do you have to join a group that subscribes to the beliefs of the bible and then cray and complain about it because they don't accept your gay desires. Just leave! Everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe and they have the right to group together based on those beliefs! Stop crying. Write your own bible!

816 days ago


I still do not understand why you have to announce your sexual preference. It should be private and ironic to me. It's like bald guys being hairdressers, Fat chicks in the movies being hot, Fine women with ugly feet, fine women having ugly kids. Whom or what you have sex with should be private.

816 days ago
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