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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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the amount of people who have lied their ass off and denied and denied what happened when they've being caught in the act is pathetic. the pictures don't even proof conclusively that anything happened but she came out and said sorry to rob and is properly beside herself trying to get him back and doesn't give a **** about PR at the moment. my respect has gone up so much for her and i believe she was seduced by this much older man and manipulated. that is just my opinion anyway.

815 days ago


Who cares. People break up all the time!!

It's Hollywood... they were going to break up eventually.

815 days ago


TMZ asks us to judge? Isn't there enough judging in our world? Here's my judgement - TMZ is the TV version / print version of a lowly National Enquirer. The people at TMZ are slime because they enjoy JUDGING people then laughing at them.

815 days ago


I feel sorry for the directors kids, his wife, and for Rob. The director is a dirty a**hole and should have freaking known better! As much as th press follows K-stew he should have known he would get caught, and Kristen is just sleezy, she probably thought she was bullet proof and wouldn't get caught. I hope she looks into the faces of those children and realizes how badly she hurt not just Rob but those Kids!!!!

815 days ago


I thought she was a lesbian. Is this the best America has to offer for actresses? Glad all of this stupid vampire crap is finished.

815 days ago


I never liked Kristen Stewart ANYWAY and what she did to Rob makes her look even more sh**er than she already does. She always looked angry. She never smiled or looked happy.
I am not a Twilight fan and I always thought Rob looked like a vampire for real anyway but she was so wrong in doing it this way. She should have sat him down privately and told him herself, not through the tabloids and the media. That was cowardly.
And I also think that this was an ongoing affair, not a one time thing. Rob needs to move on and find someone who will be faithful to him. From what I read and saw, she never looked like she was that into him in the first place.

815 days ago


this chick is below average looking, even when fully made up. It must be tough waking up next to that!
She is nowhere near as beautiful as she thinks that she is....doesn't she realize that they picked her because she wasn't beautiful? to play the part of an ugly duckling trying to become a bella swan?

815 days ago


If you are taking the time to post on this story you clearly give a f*ck

815 days ago


how do you know the u-haul was him moving out? it's his house. also her apology seemed like an effort to save her relationship. it was meant for Rob so she probably does not care what the public thinks.

815 days ago


I think that is the first picture i've seen of her with an that her "O" face???

815 days ago


There is nothing Snow White about this dirty SKANK!...

815 days ago

northern gypsy    

sorry folks...i could only watch the 1st "twilight"...why??? K.S. acting was awful !!! so if anything she's consistent...her "public apology" is also a stinker !!!

815 days ago


These were great survey questions. Only two that I did not flow with the masses.

815 days ago


So few people own their mistakes. yet 70% said she should keep her mouth shut. hmmmmm

815 days ago


looks like PR stunt, someone is tired of tween audience and trying to get into adult market

815 days ago
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