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Lindsay Lohan's Sister

Modeling Agent Ships

Her Off To KOREA

7/29/2012 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_ali_lohan_korea_tmz_compositeLet's hope Lindsay Lohan's little sister likes to chow down on things like kimchi and bibimbap ... because her modeling agency just sent her 6,000 miles away to go find work in ... KOREA!

According to our sources ... 18-year-old Ali Lohan will spend the next 30 days or so living in Korea (South, not North) with a group of 3-4 other Americans in a "model house" as they all try to book gigs in the Asian market.

Sources close to Lohan tell TMZ ... Ali had no issues with peacing out of the U.S. for a few weeks -- she'll now be an entire ocean away from Dina -- and told friends she'll keep in touch via Skype.

Her family said goodbye last week with a sendoff dinner in NYC (below) ... but LiLo couldn't make it because she's too busy shooting "The Canyons" with that porn star guy.

Good luck Ali ... and if you see a sign that says "Nuclear Testing Ground" ... walk the other way.


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Rusty Shackleford    

cant get anyone here to take your picture?

awwww, poor baby.

why dont you take off the tiara and get a REAL job then

794 days ago


To ugly...even for America! Good luck with that prostitution gig fugly girl.

794 days ago


They sure grow them ugly in that family. Every time I see a picture of Ali Lohan all I can think is if they cast a person as the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West it would be her. She looks just like Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz.

794 days ago


TMZ, whoever your writer is he or she is VERY IGNORANT. She is in South Korea, big deal. It is like Japan there or probably your writer does not know that either because they grew up in some hick town and just finished high school. If she was shipped off to North Korea then that is the issue.

794 days ago


Photographers travel. Would it not be easier for a South Korean photographer to come here, then lure young models there to South Korea??? Wouldn't that save a lot of money on lodging, travel and food, etc.? This doesn't make any sense? Any non-native young woman who is modeling, dancing, or singing in Asia or the Middle East, is actively a part of the white slavery-trade. Many young women who have drug problems seek-out such jobs. Usually, they have been tricked into prostitution by someone, a recruiter/friend who got them hooked on drugs after they invited them to a free time out at a few so-called exclusive clubs, restaurants, parties, and even a group vacation. They then start to spike the targeted girls' food and drinks with drugs, or simply get them heavily drunk, and convince them to use drugs if they want to continue to party and have access to the high-life. The girls are then sexually compromised, and very aggressively, with all forms of sexually perversions for a number of days, including rape, gang bangs, forced bi-sexuality, lesbianism, orgies, and sex with animals, while being continually plowed with more drugs and alcohol, so they are in no condition to say no, nor are they in a situation to readily leave or ask for help. It is about quickly destroying their morals and brain-washing. Even the local police and government officials are in on it. Soon these girls will do anything for more drugs, and all of this tends to happen over a few weeks, to a month. Most are working prostitutes within a week or two, and after that, mentally, they become use to the behavior and indoctrination they have been forcibly exposed to, and look forward to more of the same. They tend to be used as recruiters after a while, in order to lure more naive girls under the same cloud of lies that they were lured into prostitution with, many times going after their own friends and siblings. After a year or two, these girls are sold-off to other countries, and related prostitute rings there, or they are simply cut loose, as damaged...drug ravaged and STD infected goods, and left to try and survive by themselves, with no means of support, other than trying to do stripping/street prostitution and porn, etc. This is happening all over the world, and getting worse because of the present economic crisis, especially in Eastern Europe. I know a girl who seems to have entered this world, and it looks like she is off to the Olympics right now to act as a prostitute. Really sick and twisted stuff. But what can you do, she was trying to come to America, and got involved with some scam last year to get a passport through Italy, and on that week-plus long trip to Italy, she...and a group of other girls, got turned-out, having ignored my warnings about this stuff, this girl changed. Her life, her every dream now seems to circulate around getting money to satisfy her habits, and if that means sleeping around for pay, great! All of her dreams to be a singing star, and all that is gone, she doesn't seem to care about that anymore? Music was her life, and now, just sex and drugs. I suspect that she contracted a serious STD, and is actively aware of it, and just gave-up on herself. If you've got a death sentence via something like AIDs, well, you probably wouldn't amend your bad behavior, but embrace it, as in your mind, you're already dead, and can't be saved, so why go through the trouble of faking it?

794 days ago


Ali is one of the unhappiest people I have ever seen. It makes me sad to think someone so young could be that unhappy. (Then I remember the family she comes from...and understand why.)

794 days ago


Dina is atrocious!

794 days ago


Baby Blohan travels the world for meth adventures!

794 days ago

Tom H    

That is NOT NYC, it is Yuki Pallette in Merrick NY. Dina Lohan is there all the time. Pretty interesting how she is whoring out her kid like this.

794 days ago


I find it hilarious that DUIna keeps TMZ up-to-date with her homely daughter's pseudo modeling career.

794 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"model house" is that what they're calling them these days? Have you seen Korean models? They're the size of 4th graders, I can't imagine what use they would have for tall, white, American girls...oh, wait, yes I can.

794 days ago


Aw LL isn't giving TMZ and you haters anything to do.

794 days ago


And mama sits at home on her arse and waits for the checks to come rolling in.

794 days ago


So, they're sending Blo Junior to Korea to find herself a job?? Interesting. Is that under the category of sex trafficing or just escorts in training? Or maybe it's the latest form of rehab. I have to laugh at tmz's devotion to keeping these slugs in the "news," Too funny that a tmz photog even slithered over to take a picture of the group celebrating. LOL
Are you sure that's not Lindsay in the blonde mop? (I guess not since she looks younger than Lindsay.) Who are the other two? Is that the invisible Michael Changed His Last Name, Jr and Call 911 Cody?? Golly, a family affair. Who's buying dinner?

794 days ago


She used to look so good and had potential before she got all Hollyweird and went on that Concentration Camp diet. Sweetheart, it's not for you!

794 days ago
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