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Fueled Paris Riot

7/29/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_madonna_tmzThat riot at a Madonna concert in Paris had nothing to do with her brief performance -- it was payback for Madge's repeated use of a video featuring a swastika on a French politician ... this according to fans at the show and sources connected to the venue.

TMZ spoke with several people who were in the crowd Thursday night (and have been to several of Madonna's recent concerts). They say there were 10 or so "fans" in the audience who started the ruckus ... and those people were overheard yelling about Marine Le Pen.

We're told several members of this group we're holding up signs they'd brought to show support for Le Pen.

Madonna has been at odds with Le Pen ever since she started projecting the right-wing leader's face -- with a swastika over it -- during this tour.

We're told local police spoke to members of Madonna's crew the day after the concert ... and said they believe the riot was preplanned by a group of locals looking to cause trouble.

 According to our sources, the majority of Madonna fans knew to expect a short show -- as all her club dates tend to be -- so that could not have been the cause of the riot.


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She deserved this. The old bag has always resorted to using "shock value" as part of her schtick and she finally went too far.

It's 2012, Madge. Be grateful people still come to your concerts. Sing, dance, and stop trying to be "cutting edge", "titillating", and 25 years old.

818 days ago


madonna is an old has been who is trying everything to try to stay in the news. This old c*nt should just retire.

818 days ago


Lady Gaga is more talented than Madonna.

818 days ago

Jay W.     

Madonna is hotter then all the FAT slob 20 somethings I see everywhere.

818 days ago


How TMZ can be so stupid ??
You believe some idiot fans who weren't even there. You can see on the video it's 2500 people screaming! not 20 Lepen supporters. That's ridiculous! How on earth would they pay 276 euros to boo her ?
Show was 45 minutes cause of Live Nation and Madonna. That's what made fans angry !
EVERY SINGLE PERSON WAS INSULTING HER ! 50 videos on youtube aren't enough ?
TMZ lost credibility today.

818 days ago


Maybe Madonna wants attention. Remember when she flashed her wrinkle nipple?

818 days ago


And now Guy Oseary is re-tweeting this article as the explanation of fans upset instead of his poor management and the whole team fcuking over those who thought they were getting a full concert.

Liz Rosenberg's press statement, Guy Oseary's re-tweet and Madonna's silence... all basically a big **** you to her audience.

818 days ago


Why does Madonna hold a certain group of her fans in contempt? Why does she inject her politics during her concerts that people of all walks of life pay a high price for, especially in this economy??? These Hollywood people are so twisted and dysfunctional. I guess money and human worship causes this. Only the gullible fall for it.

818 days ago


F to Le Pen.

818 days ago

Mr. Head    

Why does she even think she's relevant....flashing her old ugly body, doing stupid **** like this. If she was a politician, which she'll probably become, she would be nominated for asshead of the week on

818 days ago


She can't stand the fact that younger performers - as sad as most of them are - get more attention than her flabby ass. She's in Streisand territory now and should do live performances once a decade for the old queens who loved her in the 80's.

818 days ago


Why is she making herself an outcast with everyone, why go out like that? Just retire quietly and with grace and stop performing at concerts like you are 25 years old, it looks gross.

818 days ago


Why is she still performing she is lame and old, her time was in the 80 and 90s. She should seriously retire, gracefully.she looks ridiculous now . I can imagine her kids embarrassment. I liked her but now it's just weird... Enjoy your live Madge geesh

818 days ago


What does jlo and Madonna have in common? Well both their zodiac signs are Leo and they are both talentless, and old cant seem to "let go" of the spot light and both have failed marriages and have boyfriends who are 20 years younger, lol, just an observation, :-)

818 days ago


What you are saying in this article is totally NO TRUE : I went to the concert in Paris and Madonna preformed a wonderful show case at Olympia. The best show ever! Everybody was very happy. We were fortunate to be there during this magical moment. Unfortunately ( because there is unfortunately after all ) there are people who have used her talent to sell tickets without indicating that this show has nothing to do with the other concerts of the MDNA tour. It is still displayed on the tour page that the olympia show is a part of the MDNA tour. Instead of that she performed only 8 songs, displayed 2 videos and made a very long speech (around 50 minutes). People were upset because nobody expected the concert to be a Showcase. If the organizers would have announced a showcase she would have sold all tickets anyway but this information was not communicated.
We need to understand who is responsible of organizing this misleading promotion !
Why they indicated is it a MDNA concert instead of saying a showcase or mini-show? We need to understand who is responsible of this !
People came from other countries : Hungary, Spain, Germany, Italy ... They bought air tickets, made hotel reservations for what it was supposed to be a MDNA concert.

We all have the same feeling : we were fooled !!
It is time for the organizer to take responsibility!

818 days ago
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