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'16 and Pregnant' Star

My Baby Daddy is a

DANGER to My Kids

7/29/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"16 and Pregnant" star Jennifer Del Rio says her baby daddy is a huge threat to her family's safety, so much so, she fled 1,000 miles to get away from him and is asking a judge for sole custody of their young twins.

The MTV star recently filed legal docs in Lake County, Illinois -- where she lives, after fleeing the state of FL to escape from her ex, Joshua Smith

In the docs, the 18-year-old says she's the primary caregiver of the couple's twin boys -- feeding them, bathing them and grooming them -- so it's in their best interest to stay with her permanently.

That's not all, Jennifer claims there's definitely NO WAY she can share custody with Joshua -- as is the current arrangement -- due to their history of domestic violence.

TMZ broke the story, Joshua was arrested in 2011 after Jennifer claimed he attacked her. Jennifer was also arrested, for a later incident, when Joshua accused her of battery ... a claim she says is bogus.

A judge has yet to rule. Calls to Joshua have not been returned.


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It's sad that we are now calling teenage whores "Stars"...

825 days ago


A little confused on how exactly she is a " star?"

825 days ago


Unfortunately, MTV is glamorizing a lifestyle that shouldn't be. Being 16 and pregnant is not something you want to aim for with the hopes that now you will be a reality star making lots of money. We should all just tune out and not support this show. These girls don't see that eventually the cameras stop rolling and so does the money.

825 days ago


I saw her episode. She seemed like an insincere spoiled brat. It sounded like she was talking in a fake voice the whole time. It was obviously very edited, but if anything they were mutually abusive to each other. Her poor kids will resent her when they grow up for denying them a relationship with their father. He may not have been the best boyfriend, but at least he wants to be a part of his kids life, which is more than a lot of girls on that show can say.

825 days ago


Wait.. Who are you?

825 days ago


I am sorry, but all of those who appeared on this stupid show is a danger to these poor children.

825 days ago


ok for one this is none of yall's business and the magazine is just trying to get ratings. I seen the episode and he makes her get out on the side of the road and he speeds off with the twins when they were still in and infant car seat so yeah i would say he is a danager and everbody that is talking bad on here dont read what they post up

825 days ago


Perfectly natural for a 16 year old to be pregnant and have children.
They've been doing it for centuries.
None of us would be here if they hadn't :D
The problem in modern society is that *feminism* has taught young women that it's wrong to want babies, that it's wrong to want to get married, that it's wrong to want to bake cookies and be a mom and raise a family.
Fickle society of course falls in line and points fingers and throws judgement on the young women...and the young men...and condemns them for doing the most natural thing in the world...reproducin' ;)
The huge waves of judgement make them feel worthless and stupid, and that isn't conducive to good parenting.
If people really cared about the teen parent's kids...and most meddlers don't...then they would do their best to make young parents feel good about their choice to raise a family.
Raising a family is, after all, the most admirable and worthwhile goal.
College, career, and self-fulfillment are extremely overrated, and rarely produce the kind of happiness promised by the people who recommend that life.

825 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

It's such a shame seeing 16 year olds destroy their lives ! Babies are blessing but when your young that young its not right to have a kid that young ! When you are grown and on your own or old enough and done with school then it's okay but 16 !!! That's just crazy ! Next thing you know it will be 13 and pregnat ! These kids these days treat sex like its game when it can be something beautiful ! And having babies for fun like its a play house game ! They need reality checks !

825 days ago


Isnt this kidanpping? She shouldn't be able to leave the state without his consent.

825 days ago

arale norimaki    

who are you and why should i care

825 days ago


MTV should be ashamed of themselves for putting this show on the air. Promoting 16 year olds getting pregnant. Shame on you MTV !

825 days ago


I hate to admit that I saw this particular girl's story. Her parents are controlling ass-bags who didn't think this kid was good enough for their daughter. So, they badmouthed him and when he tried to step up to the plate, they dogged him. This girl, she is so weak minded, she jumped on mommy and daddy's bandwagon, and kicked him to the curb. Now, she uses the kids against him, not allowing him to see his twin boys. She is trash. He isn't much better, but she is one of those girls, one of those girls who keeps kids from their father. The violence between them started with HER, not with him. It is all on video, thanks to MTV. She is a foolish, spoiled brat, and her parents are enabling idiots who think their daughter is perfect. Ha!

825 days ago


OK...if she fled to get away from him than shame on you TMZ for posting the county that she lives in...

824 days ago


MTV needs to be boycotted.

824 days ago
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