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Begging Fans

for $150,000!

7/29/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

may have stripped her way off welfare, but she couldn't strip her way out of foreclosure ... and now the mother of 14 is begging her fans for $150,000 so she can put a down payment on a new pad.

In case you forgot ... despite Octo's recent XXX endeavors, she still couldn't make the mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she's been given two weeks to move out, but the problem is she doesn't have enough cash to buy a house of her own ... especially one that can fit her giant brood.

Octo's solution ... set up a page on a website called, where her fans can send her money through the internet! All she's asking for is a cool $150k to get started. 

In the meantime, we're told Octo is trying to book as many jobs as possible, just in case her fans don't come through.

The bright side: at least she's not taking our tax dollars.


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Boy does this person have a lot of nerve! I cannot imagine anyone giving her one thing? She needs to give all her children up for adoption and then be the sleeze bag all she has always been! She would have done well all this time to have had a job, any kind of job but I think she thought people would want to help her if she had lots of kids. Would have been nice if she had been married also. Maybe the doctor that obliged her could support her and the kids!

815 days ago


holy sh*t..someone really donated $500!!...damn I need to quit my job...pop out some kids...and beg for money. There are a lot of idiots out there

815 days ago



815 days ago


I can't believe some people are actually donating for her. She needs to get a real job and support her own kids. She makes me sick.

815 days ago


Right, the hardworking, taxpaying citizen is going to send this POS money. She had more than enough money and she chose to blow it all on herself. Instead of paying her mortage she got Brazilian Blowouts, tummy tucks, lip fillers, Botox, eyelash extensions, designer sunglasses and purses, breast implants, MAC cosmetics and Tory Burch shoes.

Errr...don't think so.

815 days ago



815 days ago

melissa o'bryan    

We live in Washington State and she has a commercial that says u can borrow money from her with a price. Pretty sure she got it from welfare.

815 days ago


I guess our tax dollars WOULD BE BETTER spend on Exxon, BP , GE and all of the other billion dollar companies being subsidized with federal funds. I guess your right we could never think of helping a struggling family it un American. then again maybe it isn't

815 days ago


We should be placing bets as to which store at the mall she'll be hitting first with the first of this new round of sucker money.
And counting down to the next Disneyland sighting.

But cheer up, y'all. She can't do this again. It's the last stop on her gravy train. And she's got a real hard middle age starting like next week.

815 days ago


I have my eye on a wonderful New York City penthouse that overlooks Central Park. It's maahvelous. Now if only you little people would give up your mani pedis to donate to me. I don't think I should have to pay for any of my indulgences, do you? After all, that's what you silly taxpayers are there for. Support me. Send money to Edward.

815 days ago


nadyasuleman.freeforums,org interesting and the truth is out there

815 days ago


Really?!?!?! Why do you guys need to keep posting about her?@?@? She doesn't have it going on nor really care about her kids...She made her bed so she should have it all figured out..Stop posting about this

815 days ago


Just what plastic surgery are we planning to do this time? The chin could use a little lipo. That stomach is pretty chunky. Maybe she could fix that bizarre duck lip. Maybe she could get a face lift and pull her chocolate starfish up over her face. It would look better than what she's got

815 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I actually finally admire Octo here! At least she is TRYING, instead of feeling entitled to welfare, i.e., me supporting her and her kids. A lot of these stripper/porn/hooker chicks have kids to feed and are trying.

815 days ago


I am just floored on how stupid people are. She is up to $1500.00+ and people in the comments are saying how they admire her, how she is a good mother etc etc. I weep for the future of our planet.

815 days ago
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