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Begging Fans

for $150,000!

7/29/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

may have stripped her way off welfare, but she couldn't strip her way out of foreclosure ... and now the mother of 14 is begging her fans for $150,000 so she can put a down payment on a new pad.

In case you forgot ... despite Octo's recent XXX endeavors, she still couldn't make the mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she's been given two weeks to move out, but the problem is she doesn't have enough cash to buy a house of her own ... especially one that can fit her giant brood.

Octo's solution ... set up a page on a website called, where her fans can send her money through the internet! All she's asking for is a cool $150k to get started. 

In the meantime, we're told Octo is trying to book as many jobs as possible, just in case her fans don't come through.

The bright side: at least she's not taking our tax dollars.


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whatta skunk...

781 days ago


I see Natalie's profits have increased dramatically since she put up a photo of her nude children.

The industry has purchased her soul.
And probably her 14 children too.

781 days ago


Please explain how to set up a fund me site. I don't think I should be deprived of all the niceties in life just because I'm a lazy, do nothing. I've got self esteem you know. It makes up for lack of discipline or work ethic.

781 days ago


I've decided that I would like a new house with two pools - an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. It must be in Malibu, with beach access. I need at least a five car garage, since I don't want to park the Bentley outside in the salty air. All you little people need to save your pennies to donate to me. I am more worthy than you.

781 days ago


150,000 would buy an entire house in another state...... Maybe she should live in a less high dollar area?

781 days ago


I apologize for my repetitive posts...I had problems with my computer last evening.

781 days ago


Just a reminder Natalie... If you solicit money on the Internet and you falsely misrepresent what the $ will be used for, you are committing fraud. Remember that before you take that dough and get your eyelashes and hair done again.

781 days ago

i know the **** shes crazy didnt no one tell her dumb ass to have all those ****ing kids she shouldve left the rest of the damn eggs in the hospital instead of her dumb body......bye girl no money for you....

781 days ago


I just want to say to everyone, especially those of us struggling financially, not to take this personally. This is financially the undignified self-humiliating end of the yellow brick media road for Octomaim. And she well knows it so she's going to grab for whatever she can before the game ends.

It won't hit her until after she moves into obscurity that the only way she can go from now on is further and further downhill. You can't actually got any lower than begging and she's just done that.

Just imagine how weird it must be to do that with people with cell phones keeping tabs on her spending daily and knowing there is no way up again ever due completely to your own bad judgement.

Also since she is a narcissist, she just can't resist writing fan mail to herself. If you read those website comments, they are all too close in the same vein. It's all basically the same fanmail pretty much in the same voice about her greatness and recycling amounts of cash. Nothing about what is really happening to her and the kids. So probably she is not getting as much as is being posted and is fantasizing (with some help) again. And that is certainly is an apathetically puny amount when it comes to giving to 14 kids about to be homeless, so it looks like the public has caught on to the grifting.

I think, like a lot of others, that her new housing will come from someone in the porn world with housing inventory to spare from those places where they shoot adult films in the hills.. But that someone is not Amer and is not going to want to end up with Amer's problems. So it is not going to be structured so that she can sucker anyone else. Whatever she gets will end up only being a temporary respite, no matter what. Even if she gets a house outright, she has no way to pay taxes and maintenance. and no gated community anywhere --unless they are wearing orange jumpsuits-- will ever let this skeevy sow be their neighbor

Whatever money she will continue to get will come from the ratty edges of the porn world. It's no coincidence no one from the adult whatever industry has posted in any way that can be recognized on that begsite. My guess is that since she needs to be in control , she's going to go the webcam/escort route, tweak out and be a fixture at juvee and the welfare office. No more cosmetic surgery maintenance, so she is going to look ever more like some grotesque sideshow freak while she comes undone.

There is a real backlash building up over her begging. Look at how on the boil these hundreds of comments are reading. And none positive that she likely hasn't posted herself.Southern California has too many people, especially parents, who have lost too much. This is so not the time for anyone to be strutting and flaunting her "specialness" without the possibility of bad things happening. I can't believe that all she's gotten so far is a few car windows she very probably broke herself for attention value. I don't believe she ever has had death threats before. But after the totally disgusting way she has spent the summer behaving, would it really be a surprise should an attempt happen? That brazen Amazon wishlist thing and a shameless me-me-me beg site can be taken as much as insult as it is a provocation by way too many working stiffs fed up with how she has manipulated the government hand-out system, the cultural institution of motherhood and the kindness of good-hearted donors to squander a fortune in junky greedy whims on just herself while ignoring her own kids. .

781 days ago


The count now stands at $1955 and no donations for the last three hours.

Does anyone know how long she can leave this site up?

781 days ago


Oh MY GOD! THis BITCH is crazy..WHY hasnt the state Taken these children and let familys that can care for them and love them and have a normal life.....SICK OUR GOVERNMENT

781 days ago


People that has a lot of money, like "celebrities they should donate enough so this woman could afford to have a place to raise all her kids. I pray God touch someone's heart to do this mom a favor. I wish i can, but i am a single mom also and i live from pay check to pay check to survive. wish you blessings,Nadya and remember God is in control of everything in our lives!!!

781 days ago


Octomom is just trash.. Dumb trash. She need to just cut her head off.

781 days ago

Brittany :)    

I need 5,000 Anyone wanna donate that to me?? I'm a single mom... And not by choice like her. And I work my effing ass off to provide for my kids. At a real job that I put myself through college to get... Oh and I'm 22... Sooooo. I may not have 14. But at the same time I wasn't a effing idiot like her to do that!!!!

780 days ago


I'd like a boob job. And a European vacation. Anyone willing to donate to me?

780 days ago
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