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A&E's 'Cajun Justice'

New Sheriff FIRES Cast,

Show in Jeopardy

7/30/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well folks, there's a new Sheriff in town ... and what that means for the cast of A&E's hit reality show "Cajun Justice" is ... they're NO LONGER ON A REALITY SHOW.

If you didn't know ... "Cajun Justice" follows Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his team of deputies while they fight crime in the swamps of Louisiana ... that is until a new Sheriff took over (after filming wrapped) and decided to CLEAN HOUSE.

The Terrebonne Sheriff Dept. tells TMZ, the new head honcho -- a guy named Jerry Larpenter -- FIRED 24 people on his first day ... including 5 of the 7 cast members featured on the show. An additional 6th cast member quit to support his fellow comrades.

We're told ... not only did the new Sheriff can most the cast, but as of July 1, he banned producers from following ANYONE in his department.

Fortunately for producers, they had already shot enough footage to finish out Season 1 ... but there will be no NEW episodes featuring members of Larpenter's team.  

The Terrebonne Sheriff's Dept. confirmed, "We are no longer participating in the A&E show."

It's unclear if A&E will scrap the show completely or attempt to find a new department to work with. Calls to A&E and the show's production company were not returned.


No Avatar

nobody important    

It's Terrebonne....not Terrabonne. Google can be your friend if you let it.

818 days ago


GOOD! that show was COMPLTELY faked. and an embarassment to law enforcement. i couldn't believe A & E actually aired it. it was ridiculous.

818 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Glad the new Sheriff saw it is important to do the 'REAL' job and not made-for-TV stupidty.

817 days ago


Happy to see that the new sheriff had the nuts to put the job before fame and publicity.

817 days ago


it's terrebonne by the way. i'm glad this show will no longer air after this season. it is stupid and the whole thing is scripted.

817 days ago


Good riddance

817 days ago


Now if we could get rid of the remaining "reality" shows in Louisiana that make us all look like idiots..

817 days ago


While I love A&E, Cajun Justice was boring? Set up? Had terrible acting for being a "reality" show? Won't be missed in our house.

817 days ago


Good! I hate stupid reality shows.

817 days ago


I just found out that the new sheriff brought back his own reality show called "The Beat". If the picture weren't clear's easy to see why these deputies were fired now. This egomaniac couldn't have anyone else get more attention than him.

I hope those deputies file a huge class action lawsuit against the guy. It's too bad Louisiana politics hasn't cleaned up it's act.

817 days ago


Will Hawte Damm suun! Y'all ain't gunna beleeve tis, but this here peese uf uh possum's beehin' show wuz cap'd n bag'd!

Thank whatever deity you choose for this waste of electricity to be gone like the dodo.

817 days ago


Well to start off is not Terrabone....The correct spelling is Terrebonne. Secondly, this show should have never been cast or even showed on tv. The people who are on this show makes Louisiana people sound and look stupid. They should all be hauled out of Louisiana for being so stupid. Louisiana people do not sound that way or even practice that stupid crap of voodoo. That was all made up and should have not been shown on tv.

817 days ago


Good, about time some sheriff said NO to these "so called" reality shows. They are cheap to make & produce, which is why you can't change a channel without running into one. If people would try to watch
something that requires an IQ, perhaps this crap would die off.

817 days ago


actually Larpenter is not a new sheriff. He was sheriff for over twenty years before he made the bid for some other office and lost while Bourgeois ran for sheriff. And by the way TMZ its spelled Terrebonne. Also... Larpenter believes that Bourgeois wasted a lot of the surplus money that was left in place when Bourgeois took over. There is a lot more drama behind this one trust me.

817 days ago


Hey TMZ...if you don't have a cajun on least take the time to verify and proofread your's Terrebonne NOT Terrabonne! Also...this is not really an exclusive. I heard they were all given the letter of separation a month ago!

817 days ago
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