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A&E's 'Cajun Justice'

New Sheriff FIRES Cast,

Show in Jeopardy

7/30/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well folks, there's a new Sheriff in town ... and what that means for the cast of A&E's hit reality show "Cajun Justice" is ... they're NO LONGER ON A REALITY SHOW.

If you didn't know ... "Cajun Justice" follows Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his team of deputies while they fight crime in the swamps of Louisiana ... that is until a new Sheriff took over (after filming wrapped) and decided to CLEAN HOUSE.

The Terrebonne Sheriff Dept. tells TMZ, the new head honcho -- a guy named Jerry Larpenter -- FIRED 24 people on his first day ... including 5 of the 7 cast members featured on the show. An additional 6th cast member quit to support his fellow comrades.

We're told ... not only did the new Sheriff can most the cast, but as of July 1, he banned producers from following ANYONE in his department.

Fortunately for producers, they had already shot enough footage to finish out Season 1 ... but there will be no NEW episodes featuring members of Larpenter's team.  

The Terrebonne Sheriff's Dept. confirmed, "We are no longer participating in the A&E show."

It's unclear if A&E will scrap the show completely or attempt to find a new department to work with. Calls to A&E and the show's production company were not returned.


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Talk about corruption. An insider in Terrebonne Parish just found out that the new sheriff named in this article, Jerry Larpenter, has been posting negative comments on this site against the show. She said she thinks he's going by the name of Cajun Kitten. (Get ready for all the comments responding that it isn't true)

I don't care whether the show goes down in flames, but what a pathetic display by an unclassy individual. Karma has a way of biting people in the ass. Just sayin'

815 days ago


I understand reality shows being a little fake, but this show was so OBVIOUSLY scripted, full of reinactments, and an INSULT to the intelligence of viewers. When it comes to being fake, this show not only takes the Cake, it takes the entire Bakery!!! Hopefully our town, Terrebonne (not "Terrabone"), can soon recover from the embarrassment this show has brought us.

814 days ago


Hate to see them go. This is just big bubba politics as usual! And what's the difference between "48 Hours" and this show...other than the unique culture and landscape!

811 days ago


Well I just HOPE that the NEXT show A&E puts on, it is NOT a public office like this was!

big easy justice is way better than this show anyway and it is about armed bounty hunters, (not non-lethal types like dog the bounty hunter)

So with big easy justice being about bounty hunters, they do not have to worry about being taken "off the air" by some idiotic sherriff or idiotic voters that voted him in!

811 days ago


And by good sheriff, you mean pushing away a production company that was pouring money into the department and community? Yeh he is a total genius

805 days ago


It's funny because now South Louisiana gets to see what New Jersey has been dealing with in terms of being stereotyped.

799 days ago

B Man    

My wifes family is from there. Her Uncle works for the Parish. They all say this show is a load of crap. It is as fake as it gets. The Deputies that worked there would get laughed at when in public and lost all respect with the community.

798 days ago


Can you PLEASE spell Terrebonne correctly if you're going to report this story?

797 days ago


To the new SHERIFF of TERREBONNE PARISH-----GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM----I loved this show and I am really going to miss it and if it is true that you fired all the staff than you need to have your head examined---it was a good, good show---I loved each and every one of crew and learned a lot about Cajun people

797 days ago


I can't believe that a new sheriff did this the crew of Cajun Justice. I loved the show and the entire crew of the show. I was hoping that Terry, the detective on the show would become the next sheriff. I think they should find a way to oust the new sheriff. I think that he should become gator bait.

765 days ago


sounds like someone has a bit of a ego prob-sounds like hes just trying to show who's boss-bad way to treat people who lay there lives on the line everyday-the sherriff should be axed-ASAP-

763 days ago


Well that just sucks! Finally a reality program worth watching, and then along comes a prick. Oh well, less revenue to put back into Katrina ravaged LA.

726 days ago


Well that just sucks! Finally a reality program worth watching, and then along comes a prick. Oh well, less revenue to put back into Katrina ravaged LA.

726 days ago


Where am I gonna get my Deputy Highlights updates?

452 days ago

Dwight Clark    

That new sherriff had no right in cancelling the show, (b) firing the original cast members. 3. Not allowing A & E to follow Ur daily routine, I liked Cajun Justice, and, If I was one of the County
commissioners, I'd FIRE UR ASS, Just to get rid
of Ur changes and rehire the old cast anhd crew,
back on the show, so that some of this crap that is on TV now, can be taken care of.

There are just too many damn swamp shows, mountain men shows, Hatfield and McCoy shows,
Cop shows, ect.

One show that is in need if a defffinate return, is:
Dog Then Bounty Hunter! I Can't fet the new channel that they are are on now, and, I miss seeing them in action!

430 days ago
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