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Conrad Murray

I Can Still PROVE

I Didn't Kill MJ

7/30/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dr. Conrad Murray believes he can still PROVE Michael Jackson injected himself with a fatal dose of Propofol -- and now he's begging an appeals court to let him test his theory.

Murray's lawyers are filing a new motion in his appeal -- claiming a vial of Propofol could hold the key to his innocence ... if only a judge would allow forensic testing to search for traces of lidocaine.

The lidocaine is important because the prosecution argued that Murray hooked MJ up to an IV bag containing the fatal dose of propofol and left him alone ... but first, mixed the Propofol with lidocaine to ease the sting of the drug.

Murray claims testing will prove there was NO lidocaine on the vial ... because Jackson injected himself with a pure dose of Propofol ... and killed himself.

Murray -- who was found guilty of manslaughter and is currently serving time in L.A. County Jail -- has already made two requests for testing. Both were denied by the judge who presided over his trial ... and ruled that Murray should have made the request BEFORE the trial began.

Murray's team will file the motion in California later today. It could take months before the court makes its decision.


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His lawyers need to explain to this guy his conviction. He wasn't found guilty because he purposely killed MJ. He was found guilty because of his negligence that lead to Michael's death. Even if he didn't directly killed MJ, Murray provided him the drug. If I was the one who give MJ the drug I probably (it depends) wouldn't be charged. The law would probably see it as two junkies shooting up and one accidentally dies.The law however does have higher expectations when it come to doctors, police officers, firefighters, etc... Doctors are suppose to heal and care for their patients as cops are supposed to protect the people. Mistakes from these professions are punishable because of the "you should of known better" concept. He didn't mean to kill the king of pop and that's why it was INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER AND NOT MURDER. So there s no point to his appeal. This new theory is not helping him at all. So He is saying that he did leave the propofol within reach, then left the room?! That is an admission since that's what he was convicted for. Just do the time, only have one more year to go. Got off easy, in my opinion.

751 days ago


Like that wasn't tested before??? IGNORANUS!

751 days ago


Still prove??? You didn't prove it the first time.

751 days ago


Maybe he has that security camera tape with the person who actually did it giving MJ the fatal dose!

751 days ago


If he could really prove his innocence, he would have done so in the first trial. He doesn't need a second.

751 days ago


this guy is such a tampon.

751 days ago


Or maybe he needed some cash and decided to sell a story.

751 days ago


Give it a reat Conrad - you're only serving 4 years for being a TOTALLY NEGLECTFUL DOCTOR!!!!!! Shut UP!

751 days ago


Nobody cares if these clown did or didn't kill MJ anymore if America says he did it he did it. Thats the American way. I hate it here now

751 days ago

Cheryl A.    

LIE LIE LIE, that's all that he ever does. I thought he was dying and the food was not nutritious enough a month or 2 ago. That lie didn't stick and neither will this one. KILLER!

751 days ago


I just had propofol for a surgical
l procedure. Guess what.....IT DOESN'T STING!!!
I sincerely hope that he doesn't get his license back in any state or can only care for medicaid patients under close direct supervision.
Conrad Murray is an embarassment to both his profession and his race.

751 days ago


Seriously this guy needs to pick up his balls and put them back in his sack it's only 4 years!!! Crybaby

751 days ago


How does leaving a patient unsupervised with Propofol and the equipment needed to inject it make things any better?

751 days ago


I say let him out and call it time served. We should never cry when a pedophile offs himself and that's just what Michael was and did. Enjoy hell you child molester.

751 days ago

Leslie Wilson    

I don't think this theory is outside the realm of possibility. Michael was a drug addict, and hooking yourself up to an IV isn't really that hard. I don't know if I buy it, but it is possible.

751 days ago
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