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Conrad Murray

I Can Still PROVE

I Didn't Kill MJ

7/30/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dr. Conrad Murray believes he can still PROVE Michael Jackson injected himself with a fatal dose of Propofol -- and now he's begging an appeals court to let him test his theory.

Murray's lawyers are filing a new motion in his appeal -- claiming a vial of Propofol could hold the key to his innocence ... if only a judge would allow forensic testing to search for traces of lidocaine.

The lidocaine is important because the prosecution argued that Murray hooked MJ up to an IV bag containing the fatal dose of propofol and left him alone ... but first, mixed the Propofol with lidocaine to ease the sting of the drug.

Murray claims testing will prove there was NO lidocaine on the vial ... because Jackson injected himself with a pure dose of Propofol ... and killed himself.

Murray -- who was found guilty of manslaughter and is currently serving time in L.A. County Jail -- has already made two requests for testing. Both were denied by the judge who presided over his trial ... and ruled that Murray should have made the request BEFORE the trial began.

Murray's team will file the motion in California later today. It could take months before the court makes its decision.


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What an idiot. A person can not kill himself by injecting propofol. Propofol works by drip. It was shown during trial that Michael could not reach the IV line because of the position and the nature of the medication.

Murray FAILED as a doctor in so many ways. He killed a patient by his own actions.

814 days ago


I agree he didn't do it!! it was the "Propofol"

814 days ago


Even though I believe Michael gave himself the fatal doe (accidental overdose to be clear), Murray is where he should be, In JAIL! Even IF he could prove that he did not give that fatal dose, what he was doing was SO wrong on SO many levels. Do no harm! The fact that he was working in concert with someone NO ONE will ever tell me he did not know he was an addict, unforgivable! me!!

814 days ago


wtf is he still talking about? just serve the time and STFU already...dude was wrong and killed that crazy bastard - period..RIP MJ, you're moonwalking through my mind as I type this

814 days ago


Somebody give this man a shot of Propofol. PLZ

814 days ago


He looks mentally deranged, like a Jackson

814 days ago

myra morris    

He should have thought of this evidence before the trial begin. He is just trying to get out of jail. give it up Murray you took a life and you know it Suck it up and serve your time Your lucky you only got 4 years you should have gotten more. In my eyes You are quilty quilty quilty and you know it.

814 days ago


Even if Michael did take the last dose himself, Murry is still guilty because, first off, he should of never been giving it to him to begin with. Second, he should of never left him alone with the drug, and third.. he's a jerk and needs to be in jail for life.. not for a few years, to later write a book and become rich over the entire situation..

814 days ago


Even if his theory did happen, he put in within reach of MJ. What a sad waste of space.

814 days ago


He's nothing but a SCAPEGOAT! Yes, he exercised poor judgment, but MJ was still a drug addict and pedophile.

814 days ago


"Damn, yo's... people have forgotten about me. What's that you say? The Jackson family is all over the news again? Well hot damn get me my lawyers! Where are my lawyers?! I gotta make something up, quick!"

You know it happened, just like that.

814 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

You did it ! Just get the **** over it and move on !

814 days ago


He doesn't get it, does he? The simple fact that he left Michael unattended for a second makes him negligent, even if Michael did inject himself with the drug, which isn't likely anyway.

814 days ago


bottom line conrad you were the doctor how did profofal get in michaels hand if you didnt have it there you are the doctor that drug should not be in anybodys home so you are the one wj=ho brought it in that household

814 days ago


Conrad Murray wants a do over...... the funny thing is so does Michael Jackson.

814 days ago
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