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Rupert Sanders

K-Stew's Married Lover


7/30/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rupert Sanders -- the philandering director -- wearing his wedding ring.
Rupert Sanders -- the philandering director who cheated on his wife with Kristen Stewart -- wants the world to know he's still married (at least for now) ... 'cause he's proudly sporting his wedding ring.

Sanders finally emerged in L.A. just a few hours ago -- it's the first time we've seen him in public since those crazy scandalous photos emerged showing the "Snow White and the Huntsman" director -- and father of 2 -- making out with his lead actress ... who was also in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson at the time.

Sanders released a statement a few days ago ... begging his wife to not dump his adulterous ass. It's unclear if she's made a decision yet.



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She cheated on Rob with THAT, you trade up not down honey!!

816 days ago


His wife will forgive him and his life will be back to normal by next week. It is ridiculous that no one blames him for the affair; only Kristen Stewart is being attacked for everything.

816 days ago


Remember posters, he wouldn't of had sex with her if she wasn't willing to open her legs. He didn't force himself on her did he?

816 days ago


Neither Rupert nor Kristen were thinking their significant others were important, when they were having an affair. Robert was intelligent to end his relationship with Kristen, she tried to make a fool out of him, and he wasn't buying it!

And Rupert's wife, needs TO grow some balls and to tell her husband to hit the road!

816 days ago


Offcourse he gets away with.

816 days ago


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816 days ago


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816 days ago


awww... isn't that special, NOT!! douche...

816 days ago


Say hello to my LAWYER sucker!!! How pathetic if she stays with him, also Rob should find a mature woman that's more fitting his style.

816 days ago


EVERYONE can ATTEMPT 2 play judge and jury! I feel as if UNTIL U LIVE IT (not having the millions of money) but...HUMANLY..LIVE, and make THE CHOICE and SURVIVE THE REPERCUSSION...U haven't walked in their shoes. Funny cause we ALL have!!! Don't put ACTORS and ACTRESSES on a plane bigger than what u can achieve. They are human, bleed, eat, **** (maybe into a gold toilet LOL) but we are ALL the same! If you feel a need to scrutinize, let it be from an uplifting approach. We have ALL (and if you haven't yet...your day is coming) been in similar if not the same situations...we at least know SOMEONE who has! We love them the same...If she forgives him....if he doesn't learn his lessons and GROW from his tests....that is theirs to bear! I wish them all the best....I have my own...As Do U All :-) Much LOVE!

816 days ago


So this manorexic is the guy she banged?
I hope the missus backhanded that pencil-neck.

816 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Cheating lovers? Really? How would we really know? I thought the news only revealed that they were seen in an intimate scene or two. No one has said they slept together. As far as I know.

816 days ago


Oh so a white man cheated on his wife,wow how can that be, and it seem like she for gives him, wow. Where all the name calling that she's stupid and a gold digger for staying? Shhhhhh, here comes the double standard. So predictable.
So I Guss it's not just blacks its white men also who cheats (News flash)
if his wife stays with him are we gonna call her all the names in the book like we do blacks? Hmm I guess not, this s***b bag dirty dog of a person will get a pass as usual. If his wife stays with him so can Kobe wife Vanessa! Fu-ck you if you don't believe in fairness!!!!

816 days ago


How do we know Kobe slept with those girls at the party no kissing or compromising position but yet we assumed,here we have a white guys in his 40s cheating with a much younger woman old enough to be his daughter,yet we find excuse for him even tho photos show them in an intimate is wrong with people we are too racist in my country my great country you bigots make us look 3rd world with all your unfairness and hate comments. At the end of the day blacks and whites have screw up,Reading comments about Kobe and his wife was sicking, our troops are black and whites they all shear blood for my country.Kobe is in England at the olypices representing U.SA,!! U sat on your fat ass at the computer useless human and spit racial comments about him and call his wife names, you never contrubite just take from my country and confuse the weak minded. bet you if anyone talk about your sister,mother,girlfriend or wife like you did Kobe's you would lose it, yet you do it to others.
When you look in the mirror deeply just know that you are a hatefull person and part of the problems in my country!

816 days ago


is he that has hunted, not her. He has 41 years, she 22, he should be more responsible.

816 days ago
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