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Dennis Hopper's Son

Accused of Raping

15-Year-Old Girl

7/31/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Henry Hopper accused of rape.Dennis Hopper's 21-year-old son has been accused of raping a 15-year-old girl ... after plying her with drugs and alcohol ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Henry Hopper -- who starred in Gus Van Zant's "Restless" in 2011 -- is being sued by the mother of an unidentified 16-year-old girl ... who claims the girl met Hopper through a mutual friend in Feb. 2011.

According to the legal papers, the girl -- identified in the lawsuit as Jan Doe -- claims the two began to communicate on Facebook ... and in the months that followed, Hopper invited her to his home in Venice, CA on multiple occasions with the promise of drugs and alcohol.

In the suit, Doe claims Hopper would wait until she was intoxicated ... and "engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her" ... including sexual intercourse, forced oral copulation and sodomy.

It's unclear if Doe ever reported the allegations to police.

In the suit, Doe's lawyer claims the actor "preyed upon a young impressionable child, suggesting that he cared for her, luring her into his home with promises of alcohol and illegal drugs, and then repeatedly taking advantage of her youth an vulnerability."

Doe's mother claims the girl suffered significant injuries to her emotional health, strength and activity ... and was required to employ multiple mental health care professionals for treatment.

She's suing for unspecified damages.

Attempts to reach Hopper were unsuccessful.


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texas turd    

its an unfortunate and unnecessary situation for both of them, but at 15 you do know that if a 21yr old is inviting you to hang out, hes up to no good. you also know that you aren't supposed to be using drugs and alcohol. its not like she was 10. he didn't just offer it to her on the spot, he did online and she had time to think over her decision.. besides, most likely he got bored of her and when the fun was over she retaliated. but sue him after hes been charged and put away! unless they can't charge him because of lack of evidence..

724 days ago



724 days ago


That charge is not going to stick, but it should work for a nice settlement.

724 days ago


RED FLAG ALERT. So the mom instead of running to the police, ran to a lawyer instead. That right there tells you something. If the story was true, she would be running to the cops. If this is true, wanna make a bet that her precious 15 year old daughter pretended to be older. Plus the fact of multiple visits? That alone sounds like a set up! This whole story stinks.

724 days ago


The mom is just using her daughter to get money out of somebody that's rich

724 days ago


She probably loved it....

724 days ago


First, let me start by saying that rape is never ok nor justified. So, if this girl IS telling the truth and was actually raped, (and is not just trying to extort this guy by falsely claiming rape) then this guy should pay.

Additionally, as insensitive as this may sound, there ARE some coniving women who willingly engage in sexual acts with men and later on lyingly claim that they were raped. It DOES happen.

That said, the part about him "plying this girl with drugs and alcohol" is b u ll sh it. The fact that he "lured her to his home by promising her drugs and alcohol" makes it clear that she wanted drugs and alcohol. Hell, you dont lure someone into a trap unless you use something that they like. This girl was obviously not what you'd call an innocent good girl. She was a drug abusing drinker. btw: Drugs and alcohol are what were to blame for the " injuries to her emotional health, strength and activity." That doesnt make raping her ok though. But she certainly wasn't as innocent as her mother is trying to make her out to have been before meeting this guy.

724 days ago


Ummmm, yet you DON'T report it to police? If the mother and victim had, it would have been public record, and he would have been arrested.

While the story is more than likely true, do you not get the law involved FIRST? Do you try to profit from a rape of a 15 yr old?Seriously, both the Hopper spawn, AND the mother are sick.

724 days ago

Keyser Söze    

I'm sorry, but a civil suit for this time of allegations makes them sound completely bogus.

If your 15-years-old girl gets rape, you call the cops or you gather a posse to exact vengeance on her attacker.... but you don't sue his ass for money.

Until an actual criminal charge has been filed, this only looks like a money grab to me.

724 days ago


Firt of all who in the hell is Henry Hopper? Never heard of him. Second of all a 15 yer old isnt all that innocent these days especially in So Cal. Third of all who the hell is this guy?

724 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"She's suing for unspecified damages. " Isn't funny (not) in America how when something bad happens to someone parents always feel better with lots of Money, like supposedly Michael Jackson's third world accusers did the second go round? Sure, you raped little Johnny but if you pay ME a hundred mil we'll make sure he forgets about it... Same thing here, the chick probably was all dressed up and acting like a 21 year old I'd bet anything in this world. If has last name was Sanford they'd be lucky to see him in jail much less any civil payout...

724 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

So, she kept going back... then mom found out!! OMG, I must say that I was lured there and drugged and taken advantage of so I don't get in throuble with mommy! Not saying he was right to do this, but kids aren't that innocent anymore and girls tend to be the aggressors.

724 days ago

grossed out    

So they just want money but not gonna go to police.......sounds like she allowed her daughter to date him, broke up ,now they want money!! sounds like old Hollywood blackmail to me!

724 days ago


Mom needs to put a leash on the daughter.

724 days ago


Not to play devil's advocate but it sounds like it was a consensual thing.. girl wanted drugs - girl fcuked for drugs - Mom found out - Girl lies & says its rape so her mom doesn't find out she the drug crazed whore she really is. I went to school with a lot of girls like this, girls you'd never suspect would even do drugs. If she was getting raped she wouldn't of gone back she would of found someone else to get her sh*t from. Not saying this guy did nothing wrong, dude needs to not be partying with highschoolers!

724 days ago
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