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Shooting Victim's Brother

James Holmes Deserves


7/31/2012 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes should be sentenced to death ... after suffering in prison for many, many years ... so says the brother of one of the victims in the Colorado massacre.

TMZ spoke with Steven Hernandez ... whose sister Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed, along with 11 other people, during the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" earlier this month.

32-year-old Wingo leaves behind two young daughters.

Prosecutors say they will consider pursuing the death penalty for Holmes -- but will not make a decision until they speak with the families of the victims.

Hernandez has already made up his mind -- explaining, "My sister Rebecca was killed in the theater. My mother is bereft, my wife is distraught and I am heartsick and angry."

"Allow the justice system to punish this murderer. I want to see him sentenced to death and I hope he sits in jail many years waiting to die."

Holmes has been charged with 142 counts for the shooting -- including 24 counts of 1st degree murder.



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Perfect punishment - Put Holmes against a wall with his head and torso protected with Kevlar. Each family gets two shots - one for the victim and one for themselves. I would imagine 140 non-fatal shots to his body would be extremely painful and result in a slow, agonizing death. There will be never enough justice for his crimes.

792 days ago


I 100% understand his feelings but the death penalty is too easy of a way out for this maniac. He deserves to be in general population for the rest of his life....with a long line of of inmates waiting in line to rape him on an hourly basis for the rest of his life.

792 days ago


Please stop posting his picture and giving him the notoriety he was looking for. You posted a beautiful picture of a victim and then desecrated it by putting his picture behind her. Remember the victims, not the killer!

792 days ago


Please stop posting pictures of the killer and giving him the notoriety he was looking for. You posted a beautiful picture of the victim and the desecrated it by posting his picture behind it. Her family does not want to see his face when they look at hers Im sure. Remember the victims and their families, not the killer!

792 days ago


Okay, I do think Holmes should get the death penalty but i think they should slowly do it very slow and painful! i dont want to sound like this is from the middle ages but this guy is crazy he killed many people!!!!!!!! TORTURE HIM

792 days ago


TMZ, he isn't a celebrity. Well, he wasn't until the media started plastering his picture everywhere. Stop reporting on him, TMZ! You are gossip hounds. Let the real journalists cover him on CNN and the like. You are just being disrespectful now.

792 days ago


I would like to see him get the death penalty but when you think about it life in prison would probably fit this worthless piece of *&^%& better. Even the people in prison for murder had a reason be it what ever but each one has a family maybe a son or daughter so put him in there and let some of those lifers have at him until there is nothing left for them to beat and mangle on everyday of the rest of his life. I'd bet even the gaurds would find a way to look the other way, Long days and lots of %&* wipings, tortures and many many days of thinking about his next beatings.

792 days ago

Susan Liedl Schiuck    

As much as many hearts are broken and great people died along with the innocent. Most of you don't know that a life without parole costs the American taxpayers so much less that a death sentence. If given death, this man has unending American money to hire the best of the best in appeals levels lawyers that can get replaced by even better appeals lawyers who have teams of lawyers looking for any possible mistake on and on for 15 years up to the supreme court! My late husband was, and my son is a lawyer, and both said the same thing. Someone in prison will get him long before all of the appeals spend millions of our dollars and one of those high priced lawyers just might get a lenient judge and let him go. His chance of getting even one appeal of a life sentence without parole are little to none. So let him rot and the other inmates do what some of them do best.

792 days ago


Oh ya and the guy had every body protection device you can wear and didn't even put up a fight when approached. COWARD BASTARD

792 days ago


I like the thought of general population in prison, let the convicts have a go at him! just a thought.

792 days ago


Let him live in jail in a small cell alone forever. Iam sure he would welcome death over this option. Make him suffer an endless nightmare

791 days ago


The moment bozo decided to kill people, his life was over anyway, he really doesn't give a damn about being dead or alive, he is already dead inside. If the victims and survivors think they will heal and feel better after he is dead, they are no better than the killer. Arturo Martinez was able to forgive the monster who raped tortured and killed his wife and his little daughter, why are all these aurora victims so eager to see even more blood , hate and disgrace? to hate is easy, it takes strength to forgive. You will all get justice from the system, it won't bring back the dead though

791 days ago


he needs to be in jail untill he dies because he killed a lot of people and a little 6 year old girl

791 days ago


i think that he should be senteced to death, its only fair. He took too many lives and injured too many too just sit in jail.

789 days ago


Death is to good let him go to prison and he will die. A HORRIBLE DEATH!

786 days ago
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