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Lindsay Lohan

The Bizarre Sex

Scene Demand

7/31/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was EXTREMELY hesitant to shoot a steamy sex scene for her new movie "The Canyons" last week -- but we're told, she quickly changed her mind ... after the crew fulfilled an extremely unusual request.

Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the scene required Lindsay to go topless -- but she was so uncomfortable with the idea of baring her bosom in front of the set's 10-man crew, she asked them to strip down with her ... to their boxers.

The crew was hesitant at first -- but according to sources, they eventually obliged, stripping down and shooting the entire scene in their skivvies ... and it all went off without a hitch.

You'd think Lindsay would be used to the idea of baring her lady bits -- she posed nude in one of the most widely-viewed Playboy issues of all time -- but who are we to judge?

As for her porn star cast mate James Deen -- nine inches.


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What a crock. She's even boring nude, not nude, full frontal...WGAF? Next week she'll be a born again virgin. Yeah RC, she's got a stand in for her droopy tubes.

762 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Keep on keeping it Real Red Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gone Gone Gone

762 days ago


Who farted?

762 days ago


Never mind, I see where the odor is coming from.

762 days ago


everything about "RED CLOUD" is FAKE just like lindsay..
Anrew is not native american..(and most likely never seen one)...
he sees things that dont exist (like Nicole)
he thinks whore scampy porkrhine pvssy lindsay is sexy...
its obvious that he is mass issues and should seek help

762 days ago


"Its natural for a girl at 26 to look like she fell on a rusty axe, her vag changes into a zombie creature at that age"

762 days ago


RC ---

Lindsay's Playboy spread was leaked a good week ahead of time. Most VIEWED does not mean highest SELLING. Two entirely different things.

If you can't wrap your booze-soaked pile of sh*t-for-brains around that fact, then you are indeed a lost soul.

762 days ago


No one on that movie set ever heard of a body double?

762 days ago



762 days ago


What? Blo has tuned shy?? Oh my! Perhaps her virginity has resurfaced after her firecrotching, free willy days. But after her foray into Playboy and the many demonstrations of look-at-me antics, what could the reason be for a suddenly demure Blo?
And all this fuss over showing only her bitty boobs? I'm not buying it. Perhaps she wants the crew all ready for the bonus she'll provide to them after the scene's in the can, as they say, with Deen's erector set weenie first in the can line? Probably "sources" leaked this silly story to take any attention back from AliOop yesterday. 'Cause let's just say that if there's anything we haven't seen of Blo, I'd like to keep it that way. Face it, they could put all her parts up on a clamtron in living color and we've seen it all before. Frankly, just the thought of her mangy fingers and strangely morphing face is unsettling enough for me.

762 days ago


So she can pose naked in Playboy and act like a tramp in real life, but she has a problem with a boob shot in a movie. She must be back on drugs.

762 days ago

Red Cloud    

LOL!!!! Not the best selling. It is one of the best sellers. Where are the stories about the issue NOT selling? Many /most media people do not dislike Lindsay, but many do dislike the woman. These haters would have put out story after story about the issue not selling. They did not because the issue was quickly disappearing from newsstands and stores. Please explain that fact. Please don't tell me you actually think it was being returned to Playboy due to poor sales. Such a pathetic level of delusional foolishness is not possible among adults. Please don't scare me.

762 days ago


No one is debating how well it did or did not sell, you witless buffoon. We are pointing out the difference between VIEWED and SOLD. You are wearing this "viewed" thing like it's some personal badge of honor. All it means is that a whole sh*tload of people were exposed to one of Lindsay Lohan's career lows, not to mention her photoshopped body parts. I don't see how this is something to cheer about.

762 days ago


Red Lovey Dovey Fairy Cloud’s driver’s license is often referred to as a boob shot.
You sure get scared a lot Red Tinker Bell Cloud.

762 days ago


if i could borrow the ruler that shows 9 inches on Mr.deen i could easily push 15"-16".
he's 5 5 140 at the most-tiny 6-6.5 at most.

762 days ago
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