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Janet Jackson

Did Not Slap or Verbally Abuse Paris Jackson

8/1/2012 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse Paris Jackson during a confrontation at the Jackson family home in Calabasas last week.

TMZ published a story last week based on sources who told us Janet went off on Michael Jackson's daughter after the singer tried to grab Paris' cell phone. We also reported Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch."

Although we believed the story to be true when we published it, we have now determined it was not correct ... Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her.


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LOL maybe next time you'll VERIFY what's being shown to you instead of playing "caption this video".

778 days ago


Lol @ The Whites that were all up in arms, leaving racist comments after the "slap story" broke. Now look how stupid you look. Typical. Never mind the fact Whitey just shot 70 people in a cinema! Lol!

778 days ago


What a lot of "I told you so" out there! Suffice it to say that this family has a lot of problems--many of their own doing--and would like to be left alone. Somebody should make sure these children stay off of Twitter--and keep family matters private. And the rest of the Jacksons should get a job and quit fighting over their dead brother's money. He left it to his kids---not them.

778 days ago


She grabs her cell phone, and then starts recording Paris. Janet is as crazy as the rest of them.

778 days ago


Janet has ruined her own image and damaged her own career by signing that anti-Estate letter. What an ignorant woman.

778 days ago


Janet Jackson cannot sing, dance, or act. The only reason her career had any recent "thunder" is because of her brother's death. I'm so sick of seeing her (and LaToya) in copycat MJ clothes. Janet was the first one out of the gate to exploit her brother's death by doing a copycat "Number One's" CD and then starting a world tour to benefit from MJ sympathy. She makes me sick in interviews with her childish, whispery voice and says NOTHING in these interviews.

Has she watched her brother's "This Is It" movie yet? No? Still "too painful" for her? Still "too soon"? Janet has done nothing but try to undermine and sabotage whatever the estate does. She has said she wants to be BIGGER than her brother. The chance of that is as fat as her expanding azz. Paris Jackson is on the verge of a HUGE movie career that will quickly eclipse anything her aunt has done, and Janet is beside herself about it. She is bitter that she won't be getting any money from the estate. Maybe Tyler Perry will throw you another bone, Janet, or maybe you can rip off your top again for some career mileage.

Jackson Hates Niece Paris Jackson!

Wednesday August 1, 2012

JANET Jackson is at war with her niece Paris.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Janet fears Michael Jackson‘s only daughter is out to steal her thunder.

“Janet is convinced Paris is out to steal her thunder, and she’s become intensely jealous of her,” a source said.

“Everybody thinks Janet is so meek and mild because she talks in almost a whisper during in­terviews. But the ‘real’ Janet is ruthless and an in-your-face type who doesn’t take any crap, especially from some head­strong teen!

“But Paris has told Janet to mind her own busi­ness and leave her alone.

“Janet’s biggest gig lately has been the Nutrisystem endorse­ment.

“She’s frustrated that she’s not a hot commodity anymore, and she feels Paris has taken her spot as the new Jackson princess.

“Plain and simple, she’s jeal­ous of Paris. And you can bet that Paris will shun her Aunt Janet for a long time to come!

778 days ago



Looks More Like
Bubbles Than MJ.

778 days ago


According to Stacy Brown, a reporter for the NY Post and a longtime friend of the Jackson family, said the following about JANET:
It’s all about money. She’s got some; Michael’s estate has more — Billboard recently estimated its net worth at $1 billion…“Janet’s last three tours have failed to sell tickets, and she’s cut each of them short,” …“She hasn’t had a hit record in more than a decade, and she no longer has a recording contract.” Janet’s net worth is estimated at $100 million but…“she only has money going out and nothing new coming in.” Janet hasn’t had a hit song since 2001’s “Someone to Call My Lover,” and the last time she had any cultural relevance was in February 2004, after Justin Timberlake exposed her breast during their Super Bowl performance. She’s starred in a couple of Tyler Perry films, but lately her brand has been defined by her yo-yo dieting (she’s a spokeswoman for Nutrisystem)…
“Janet has nothing to do,” her sibling says. “And she is devoted to any cause Randy takes up.” It was Randy, says this sibling, who hatched the plan to remove Katherine from the Jackson home, challenge Michael’s will, remove the children from Katherine’s legal custody and ultimately gain control of the estate. “Randy thought that if they were to publicly show that [Katherine] was no longer capable of caring for the children and no longer able to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the house, then Randy could take her position.”
“After Prince tweeted that his late father had warned him about “certain people,” the family member said one of those people was Janet. Often calling her “evil, selfish and cheap,” Michael warned his children that Janet wouldn’t be the best of aunts.”
“While Janet’s relationship with Michael appeared close, the siblings were one another’s biggest rivals…It wasn’t until after repeated pleas from Katherine Jackson that Janet went to a Santa Maria, Calif., courthouse to show support for Michael during his child-molestation trial in 2005.”

SOMEBODY ASK JANET: Have you watched your brother’s film, “This is It,” YET? No??? Didn’t think so. Still “too soon” for you? Still “too painful”? Or still too jealous and resentful, and hoping to sabotage his estate?

778 days ago


Of course, this retraction is of "NO SURPRISE"!!! Randy, Jermaine and Janet were facing some very "SERIOUS" CRIMINAL PENALTIES, if the executors of MJ's estate and his children decided to press charges. Now, that a "LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN IN THE SAND" , hopefully, these "BULLIES WILL GO AWAY and work on their "OWN" CAREERS!!! I have "NO SYMPATHY" for Janet Jackson because she should have known better than to allow herself to become involved in this "HOT MESS"!!! Even LaToya knew better!!!

778 days ago


To Nanny Grace:

I hope that Paris and her brothers take your advice...

and throw it right out the window!!!

Please Be Fair to Paris!
In January of 1997, Michael Jackson asked me to leave my job as Personnel Director at MJJ Productions and help him take care of a son that would be born a month later. That son was Prince. Little did I know that I would spend the next 12 years of my life helping his raise Prince, Paris and Blanket from the moment we brought them home from the hospital.
Everyone knows that Michael went to great lengths to protect his children from the public eye. While the use of veils and masks was unconventional, it only highlights how important this issue was to him. He understood, probably better than anyone, that growing up as a public figure, especially in the entertainment business, can be a recipe for disaster. We can all probably name several child or young stars who struggled and in some cases failed to move into normal adult lives because of the pressures they faced as children.
The recent drama surrounding Michael’s mother Katherine, the ongoing custody issues and the now public dispute between Paris and Janet is exactly what Michael wanted to protect his children from. These matters have been further complicated by Gladys Knight’s and others recent and well intentioned comments about Paris. I have great respect and admiration for Mrs. Knight. And while I agree with the spirit of her comments, attacking Paris in public is not the answer.
Michael taught his children to respect their elders; Paris and her brothers understand that well. Any parent also knows that children that age will test boundaries and assert themselves in a way that deserves discipline and sometimes an appropriate level of punishment. What Mrs. Knight fails to realize is that Paris is still getting to know her extended family. When Michael was around, the children had very little contact with their aunts and uncles. They did not have the benefit of being raised and disciplined by other family members who loved them. They are now learning to live and exist outside the ‘Michael Jackson bubble.’ There will be growing pains, and the kids, like other kids their age, will make mistakes. They will say and tweet stupid things and even offend the very people trying to protect their best interests. The difference between Paris and all other kids her age is the rest of the world will be watching.
Please, be fair to Paris. Give her the chance to make and learn from her mistakes without demonizing her. She is a spirited, very expressive and dramatic young girl. The traits that made her the apple of her father’s eye are the same traits that she must learn to control as she matures into adulthood. Let’s be careful not to dim her spirit. It breaks my heart to think that Paris and her brothers could become the subject of endless criticism for simply being kids.
Michael loved his children very much. He gave them the tools they will need to become good and decent individuals. I am confident that in time, Paris and her brothers will learn that their family loves and wants what’s best for them. Until then, please take her tweets with a grain of salt. No child should have 700,000 followers on twitter or any other social media platform.

Grace Rwaramba

778 days ago


the people who need to be slapped are those of you who have nothing better to do than trash talk janet and believe gossip and the narcissistic tweets of a 14 year-old girl.

778 days ago


It is okay to call your niece a "spoiled little bitch", if she is acting like one!

778 days ago


Grab @ cellphone and slapping is two different thing. Tmz is recanting because of the video footage that is available. Harry Levin wasn't even good lawyer, so not checking his sources, proves he is not a good at reporting the news either

778 days ago


she may not have slaped and called her names..but Janet did run after her with a camara and harassing her and trying twice to take her phone. Dosen't Paris get enough of the paps harassing and recording her. Janet should undenrstand and yet she still sunk that low. how old are we Janet ?!

777 days ago


I agree, Georgia. That was REALLY CREEPY to see her middle-aged aunt and uncle chasing and filming her as if they were paps! Made me shudder.

777 days ago
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