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Janet Jackson

Did Not Slap or Verbally Abuse Paris Jackson

8/1/2012 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse Paris Jackson during a confrontation at the Jackson family home in Calabasas last week.

TMZ published a story last week based on sources who told us Janet went off on Michael Jackson's daughter after the singer tried to grab Paris' cell phone. We also reported Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch."

Although we believed the story to be true when we published it, we have now determined it was not correct ... Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her.


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Exactly how did TMZ figure this was false? Probably some stupid statement from the Jacksons. Yeah, like any of them are real trustworthy. I still have lost all respect for Janet Jackson. She's as horrible as the rest of her greedy family.

783 days ago


Hell I don't know why TMZ is trying to cover up what Janet did, she did it!!

783 days ago


She "tried" to grab her phone!! You could see it! So, your parents or family never tried to take anything from any of you? When does trying to take a cell phone constitute abuse? If she was wrong then okay but call me an abuser because I can and will take my daughters cell phone if need be!

783 days ago

Rock Cop    

Paris needs to come to my Rock show at the Whiskey this Saturday and forget all this crap!

JAckson Cook& Regulators

783 days ago

bringing brighter days    

MR're think you know but you don't know, and what you do know doesnt count anyway......................................all you "king of pop" fans are done.....I love Michael's music but never embraced the lies...........I be so glad when this following vanish from the face of the earth so we can go back to witnessing music presentation be presented in genuine fashion

People don’t know Marlon Jackson worked with Michael in creating the dance routines the brothers performed during the TRIUMPH TOUR of 1981, which was the best tour Michael ever did. They don’t know Randy Jackson co-wrote SHAKE YOUR BODY DOWN TO THE GROUND with Michael, which many music critics recognize as the greatest disco record ever made. Let me not forget, Randy helped develop the rhythm arrangement Michael crafted for DON’T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH, the first song Michael ever released as an adult solo artist.

Randy also co-wrote a number of songs with Michael on the Jacksons album TRIUMPH such as LOVELY ONE while crafting the rhythm arrangements. What about brother Jackie, he co-wrote the Jacksons’ epic song on the Triumph album CAN YOU FEEL IT, lyrics that truly elevate the conscious. And he also acted as the sole writer for the song TORTURE from their album VICTORY, a song that still proves recognizable to this day. And while J5 performed on stage, Jermaine and Tito executed the intricate dance routines while playing the guitar at the same time. Jermaine was playing bass hooked up to an amplifier and Tito playing electric guitar. So when we add in all these factors, there’s no way Michael Jackson broke ground by himself. That MEANS his brothers weren’t lazy because they shed blood, sweat, and tear on that stage right along with Michael. The energy produced by J-5’s showmanship fueled Michael’s talent as he produced his most groundbreaking work during the beginning stage of his solo career. The brothers didn’t stand on that stage as props, as fill-ins, as statues. They earned their keep too and whatever they earn from this point on is well deserved, especially due to the fact their careers have been sabotaged for the past 20 years.

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for Tito acting so precociously playing his father’s guitar without permission during their years in Gary, Indiana, J-5 would have never been discovered, they would have never broke bread.

When it was announced the brothers would be featured in an upcoming TV reality series airing on cable a year after the final curtain call, the fans grew up in arms, accusing them of exploiting Michael’s name. What’s the saying though? Truth runs greater than fiction. Not only did they honor Michael’s name, but that of the entire family. They acknowledged there birthplace, the people who supported them from the beginning, and their father Joe Jackson, reminding me of a time where the family was upheld in high esteem by the community before the establishment exploited all that good will. The fans thought the brothers were trying to promote themselves at the expense of Michael. But I was never worried because I knew better. The special didn’t come across as a reality show as much as it did a celebration for a family who’s made an indelible mark in the world of music and entertainment.

Why did it appear that the family, particularly the brothers have had to rely on Michael’s success all these years? It’s because the brothers’ careers were sabotaged, beginning in 1989 as the brothers were enjoyed a great level of success with their album 2300 JACKSON STREET released that year. That album reached #1 status on the R&B charts, after releasing two stellar singles: the title track as well as the song NOTHIN THAT COMPARES TO U. Both songs received constant airplay on urban radio.

During that summer Randy Jackson debut his solo career by releasing an album with a group he founded: RANDY AND THE GYPSIES releasing the single PERPETRATORS that shot up to #1 on the charts as well, and album so good, brother Jackie said Randy’s album was even better than Janet Jackson’s upcoming album. His album was on its way to reaching platinum status.

Jackie released his solo album STAY in 1989 as well, earning gold status.

Marlon Jackson had released his debut solo album in 1987 titled BABY TONIGHT, which reached #1 status on R&B charts, earning two #1 singles: the title track and the song DON’T GO, a record that supplanted Michael Jackson’s BAD single from the top of the R&B charts. His album sold over 2 million copies.

Jermaine Jackson released two stalwart albums in 1989 DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL with the title track reaching #1 status on the R&B charts, and for 1991 released YOU SAID featuring the title track and I DREAM, I DREAM. Both albums received major airplay on urban radio.

The entire family was producing quality music; there was enough room for everyone to shine. But guess what? Someone put in motion to essentially shut down the careers of the brothers along with Rebbie Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson produced the song TELL ME I’M NOT DREAMIN in 1984. This was an awesome record featuring Michael Jackson. The record was awesome. It would have achieved definite #1 status but it was never released as a single. Guess who denied its release?

In 1989, 2300 Jackson Street stopped receiving radio airplay and the album was pulled from the shelves of every record store imaginable all on the same day. It’s as if the album dropped from the face of the earth. Every copy was yanked. There was something wrong with that picture because there’s no way that could have been a coincidence. Guess who had the power to instruct that order?

In 1991, Jermaine was moved to produce a track titled WORD TO THE BADD; a song that shed light in the manner Michael Jackson had distanced himself from his roots. Michael’s evolving fanbase reacted rancorously, not because they were concerned about him as much as it was their entitlement being threatened. The dissension ensued for the simple fact Jermaine was telling the truth, and if he expressed these feelings through song that means the rest of the family felt the same way. So what recourse that transpired from that stance? Jermaine and the rest of the brothers, along with Rebbie Jackson sign with the same recording label/production company owned by a particular individual with that same individual gaining authority to shut down their entire careers for the next 20 years?

There’s a reason why this situation regarding the family depending on Michael’s success has come to pass. There’s a reason why they have appeared “lazy” all these years. It’s because their careers were destroyed where they could have been making music in their own right if they hadn’t been manipulated into signing a contract that would shut them down to the point where no producers in the industry would work with them.

Many of the siblings confirmed during interviews Michael was not communicating with his family at all, but the family held their held up high even while they were demoralized behind closed doors. The establishment did not want him communicating with his family nor did his evolving fanbase because it would be easier to exploit him if he didn’t.

They have been castigated by a fanbase who projects nothing but sheer hatred because they do not want to associate Michael with being black under any cir***stances. I think this should serve as a reminder we haven’t come as far as we think we have.

783 days ago



783 days ago


How ridiculous! TMZ, you have NO IDEA what went down, so don't report absolutes, either way. You should publish the TRUTH. Here's how the truth would read: "Our sources say Janet slapped Paris and called her a spoiled little bitch. Another source says it didn't happen at all." There--done. Let the readers decide.

783 days ago


Janet is a has been...She needs to leave the kids alone with her fake self. All she cares about is money and her image and plus she needs to stop hiding her daughter she had with James Debarge.

783 days ago

Wow ...    

And BTW, Paris then did not tell Janet and Co to get the "F@@@ out"...she left it up to the security guards.

783 days ago



783 days ago

Big D    

TMZ I would like you to meet Janet Jackson's Lawyers ...... LOL!

783 days ago


When will people leave this family alone. Quit slamming on Jermaine especially. Every family has their moments. None of us has the right to point fingers, name call and judge. We were not there and don't know what is really going on.

783 days ago


TMZ- needs to get their stories more accurate. Also- Janet was seen on camera trying to take Paris's cell phone away from her and calling her a spoiled brat or other name..

Michael's daughter doesn't have her father's protection anymore, and has to fight off family members- that is pretty bad.I remember reading in the press before that Michael- when he was alive, kept family members= brother's and sister's; away from the house.

He would be pretty angry, right about now, with how his children and his mother Katherine- are being treated!

783 days ago


I accidentally reported Kyle, while trying to like "like" his comment-sorry fat fingers

783 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Too late, we already believe it and have twisted into wild imaginings with our sociopathic minds.

783 days ago
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