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Janet Jackson

Did Not Slap or Verbally Abuse Paris Jackson

8/1/2012 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse Paris Jackson during a confrontation at the Jackson family home in Calabasas last week.

TMZ published a story last week based on sources who told us Janet went off on Michael Jackson's daughter after the singer tried to grab Paris' cell phone. We also reported Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch."

Although we believed the story to be true when we published it, we have now determined it was not correct ... Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her.


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those Jackson are disgusting slime balls. Now Randy is accusing the estate lawyers of trying to kill his mother. They are f---ing nuts and it is good that the estate filed to have the real creeps Janet and her thug gang banned from the estate including their leech wives and kids. All the slime want is part of the 475 million the estate has made since Michaels death and whatever else that might have some value.

722 days ago


Thank you TMZ...I said it was not true when you first reported this...You need to get better sources and make sure it is TRUE...ruining someones career isn't cool.

722 days ago


ha! Nobody made you say that or anything!

722 days ago


hey TMZ, who bought you off to retract your initial report????

722 days ago


I agree. First thought is that Janet Jackson's lawyers have lowered the boom on TMZ, threaten to sue if they don't retract. Everyone has seen the proof of the altercation. There were also the reports that Janet was searching the house for their passports. Sure don't need them to go to Arizona. However, Dubai... Now if Janet had managed to shove those kids in the car and drive away, TMZ would be explaining those kidnapping charges.

722 days ago

Good riddance!    

Wow! Never has it been more obvious from how a story was so curtly written that you just got threatened with a MAJOR LAWSUIT by these creeps! I hope this pinch nosed inheritance thief and her band of thieving family can't steal a single dime more of the kids' money!

722 days ago


What did you expect from an organization (TMZ) that works for Warner? They consistently print yellow journalism, and in this case are being called to task. The TMZ staff can't spell journalism. I enjoy reading TMZ and find it entertaining, but in no way believe anything they publish It's like reading a comic book, usually enjoyable but never factual. Have you ever read a story about their esteemed leader, Harvey? That's because their arn't any. He's just a Warner puppet , bought and paid for.

722 days ago


clearly this is image control and hopefully she didn't hit Paris but given all that went down that we know is fact the "adults" in this saga conducted themselves like complete delusional idiots. Because people are "fans" and I was too of the Jackson family but come on fellow fans (or ex fans) it's no secret how drama filled they are, it's something Michael talked about his entire adult life and was also known to be the reason he distanced his self from his entire family and rarely even seen them (especially) the last years of his life! it had been years he hadn't even went around until May 2009 when he went to a gathering with his kids at his mom's a month before he died. A parent doesn't warn their children of the negative side of their own family unless it's a legit issue. Use common sense and look at the history...the only shocker is that all these years no one thought Janet was among the crazy ones! Clearly her close relationship with Randy has been a negative influence on her as well, that guy needs locked up for being a basket case! the only victims in all of this is Michael's kids and MJ supported his sponging family enough, their grown A** people...get a JOB and make your own money. Janet needs to distance herself from them and wake up and get her own career back on track before she completely destroys her image.

722 days ago


TMZ is becoming a joke.

722 days ago


LOL yes she did. Her lawyers must be all over TMZ. You all speak your mind and dont let Janet bully you she's done enough of that. Some1 needs to bully her. The Michael Jackson Estate made clear she is to stay off that property. Such a wacko!

722 days ago


LMAO @ Janet getting lawyers on this. It's amazing what people "didn't" do when there is publicity all of a sudden.....
Face it Janet, we ALL KNOW YOU DID. You were/are as involved in the whole mess with kidnapping your mother as the rest. And it's SICKENING.

722 days ago


lol @ everyone screaming "damage control" Since when has TMZ been afraid of celebrities and/or lawyers?If it was really true that Janet got physical with Paris there would be NO backing down from the story on TMZ's part. They know better. It's pretty evident the original story was FALSE and slanderous or else we wouldn't be here posting on this topic today. Blogs and media outlets today are so thirsty to have the fist jump on a story they don't even bother to check their sources anymore..

722 days ago


I do think it's interesting that the judge wants the children to be interviewed at school and not at home. It seems to indicate he believes there is pressure being put on the children. Unfortunately even Katherine may now be putting pressure on the children not to air dirty family laundry to the investigator especially if it could jeopardize her co-guardianship. I hope the children don't hold back when interviewed by the investigator.

722 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

This PIG clearly grabbed at the child's cell phone -- which she had no business doing, simply because she doesn't pay for the cell phone -- the estate does.

Guarantee that PIGGY's lawyers called up and threatened TMZ and demanded a retraction.

At this point it doesn't even matter -- the story is out there, and everybody knows that Janet was an active and willing participant in all of the GREEDY Jackson siblings' chicanery.

722 days ago


How did Paris Jackson end up with straight brown hair and blue eyes?

722 days ago
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