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Jermaine Jackson


I'm Backing Off the Estate

8/1/2012 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jermaine Jackson
-- a major ringleader in the Jackson family rebellion against the MJ Estate -- has officially defected from a family letter criticizing the Estate ... but still has "deep reservations" about the executors.

Jermaine just posted a long letter on his Twitter account, writing, "I rescind my signature from the letter which was sent to the Estate, and which should never have gone public."

"I still hold deep reservations about many issues involving the Estate, and I will continue to bring scrutiny and a resolute voice wherever we have cause for concern. But the way to address such matters is through the proper channels and via a private dialogue, not public conflict."

He adds, "In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive-branch."

Jermaine follows in the footsteps of his brother Tito, who withdrew his signature last week from the siblings' July 17th letter to the Estate, in which they accused the executors of failing at their job and stressing out Katherine Jackson so badly she suffered a "mini-stroke."

As of now, the signatures of Janet, Rebbie, and Randy remain on the letter.


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I think there is another person they were trying to prevent Katherine from talking to - the person whom they have been hinting, but can't come out and say, is the real concern for Katherine's mini-stroke.
TRENT JACKSON - not TJ, Trent is the nephew of Joe. The big fat guy usually with them at every event.
What Jermaine and company did was wrong, but if Trent is living off Grandma and behind pushing the estate to give her more money, then he is just as bad if not worst.

Trent is the one said to have leaked that one of Jermaine's sons bought a stun gun and said that it was to be used on Blanket.
Trent is the one supposedly behind the weird PR campaign to get Paris in show biz (I think its strange they let a kid show her bedroom - her image will be killed before she gets her first acting role)
Trent is said to be the one who doesn't want Jermaine and Randy's kids there -but he's right on that.

Still Jermaine and them shouldn't have lied, but clearly it was Trent not the Grandkids they wanted to keep Grandma from.

So is there elder abuse? if so why not go through proper channels? Why are they blaming the estate for this? Is it because the estate is siding with Trent?

I think anyone who isn't there to help grandma and kids should be removed from the property.

820 days ago


Now, an olive branch? Don't buy it for a second, he just wants that pack of idiots to be allowed access to the house where the kids are.

820 days ago



Word to the Bad
Your on notice along with the rest of you Losers
that are trying to contest the Will....
Rabids, love to hate them and hate to love them!!!
Not only the Jacksons are turning on each other - excuse them, they have good reasons, millions of them; but the rabids are turning on each other as well, and do they get a penny out of that???

Rabids are stupid, are they not???


28 more days to burn MJ's cds and videos!


Yes, they are!

Moronic rabids abound!!!

iPad all the way
iPad every day!!!

820 days ago


TO: JenKasa who wrote:
"As horrible as what Jermaine and company did is - remember it's TRENT JACKSON (not TJ), the fat guy who is Joe's nephew, who is living off the money now at Grandma's house..."
Randy, I mean Jermaine:
We know who Trent Jackson is, he's the one who punched Jermaine in the face and put Randy in a head lock to stop you guys from kidnapping MJ's kids, and a fine job he did.
By the way, that's NOT "Grandma's house" and Trent is not "living off" of MJ's money so much as he is a paid employee of The Michael Jackson Estate.

Now, tell me, how much longer will the human waste, known as the Jackson Siblings, continue to grip and complain because they were cut out of MJ's Will?

820 days ago


uh . . he goes on Twitter to say the Jacksons should keep things private? What is with people and Twitter? It's so ridiculous to play your life out for the world to see.

820 days ago




Oh I thought you weren't going to read or respond to anything I said. Sorry you're so mentally challeneged you can't remember.


Don't flatter yourself, Jules.........

The only reason why I stopped at those comments was because of Luzifer's nic was there. Trust me, Jules you don't really want to get on my nerve. I have personally sent many of you rabids hiding with tail between their legs. Be warned!

Whoo, "Be Warned." This is so hilarious. Are you cyber threatening me now?

First of all delusional - quit being a bully. There's no reason for it and second of all, I posted this comment on another story.

You seriously need help or medication for your mental instability.

820 days ago


Jermaine looks more like a native American Indian than a black man.

820 days ago


Whoo, "Be Warned." This is so hilarious. Are you cyber threatening me now?
First of all delusional - quit being a bully. There's no reason for it and second of all, I posted this comment on another story.
You seriously need help or medication for your mental instability.


Who died and made you the queen bitch here???

If you want to start war with me. At the end of it, no medication will help you. Do you have a good medi plan? Go get some medical insurance before you start with me. That will be a smart thing for you to do! You need an extended plan because mental hospital costs a lot! Especially if you need to take residence there for a long time after you mess with me!

820 days ago

MiMi The Rabid    

There Is No Reasoning With You
Rabids,Their Brains Are Cooked
By Years Of The Crotch Grabbing
Little Conman Michael Jackson

If MJ Was So Great,Why Did God
Remove Him From This Earth?

To Protect Innocent Children
From This Freak

Rabids Claim That MJ Was "God"A
Great Man Could Do No Wrong And
Was Used By People

Look At History

Muammar Gaddafi
Saddam Hussein
Osama bin Laden
All Had "Rabids" Blindly
Following Them

Michael Jackson's
"Fans" Are No Different
They Are Weak,Easily
Fooled, Easily Tricked
By Yet Another Con

You Can't Reason With Rabids
They Know The Truth About
MJ & His Evil Deeds Just Like
The Other "Great" Men Listed

Let History Be The Judge
And Just Laugh At The
Weak Minded Fools That
Through Out History Can
Be So Easily Manipulated
By Yet Another Evil Con

Te Hehe


820 days ago


By the way psycho duilama a/k/a sunflower, hibiscus, etc. you don't win any battle of words with anyone - rational thinking people, unlike you, get tired of your bipolar lunacy.

820 days ago



Jules = MiMi

Can't Fool Us

4 hours ago


Ah sorry, but that would be a BIG NO DimTwit.


820 days ago


yea right! Jermaine..bull

820 days ago


MiMi = Kinkey
Donkey Sex.

{And For Five Pesos,You Can Watch}


820 days ago


Glad to see that you finally admit you love MJ, OhWell.

Always knew your obsession with him had major L.O.V.E. behind it.

820 days ago


Glad to see that you finally admit you love Donkeys Moo-Poo.

Always knew your obsession with Francis had major L.O.V.E. behind it,Does your behind still fit in your Extra Extra Extra Extra Large Gold Panties?

820 days ago
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