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Holmes' Victim -- No Debate

He Deserves Death Penalty

8/1/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


While prosecutors decide whether James Holmes will face the death penalty -- one of his victim's has already made up her mind. Carli Richards tells us what she saw in the theater that night ... and what she wants to see happen to 'Holmes.

Plus, Kanye West looking like an ordinary tourist ... zip-lining with Kim Kardashian in Mexico! Is life with Kim sucking all the cool outta Yeezy?

Also, Justin Bieber gets his ass beat by Michael Madsen! Ok, it's a music video ... but still fun to watch. Michael called in, and you gotta hear what he said about the Bieb's fight scene skills.

0:00 - One of the surviving victims of James Holmes' Colorado massacre calls in with her take on his pending punishment.
10:04 - Is Kanye West's girlfriend Kim Kardashian cooling off his cred?
15:24 - Olympic volleyballer Kerri Walsh comes down with an eye infection, but should will it keep her from competing?
18:16 - First he got shot on 'CSI,' now Justin Bieber takes a beating in his newest music video. His assailant Michael Madsen calls in to defend himself.
23:23 - Michael may have been the moonwalker in the familly, but Jermaine Jackson is the latest sibling to back off from their campaign against the MJ estate.
25:43 - Cuba Gooding Jr. is off the hook for an alleged incident in New Orleans, and we've got an eyewitness to clear his good name.
31:15 - Tom Cruise takes a trip to Disney World, confirming what we've known all along-- If anyone's coming out of this divorce a winner, it's Suri!
33:21 - Ever wondered what Oprah might look like if she were one of us?
35:26 - Fresh off his separation from Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif steps out on the town... without one key piece of jewelry.
39:23 - Former 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler opens up on why he won't be returning for a third season.
41:35 - We take your calls!

No Avatar


I cannot believe I miss Harvey. He makes the show more exciting. I like Charles and the girl but this last week the show is kinda a snore.

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

my eyes my eyes and that yellow top .... i can't see.....ahhhhhhhhhh

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

matini, making great music, sre you sick?

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

agree with Max ..... you go Max

779 days ago


mike is crazy

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

where's martini's sister bourbon, she goes down easier.

779 days ago


This has been like nails on the chalk board with this Martini in for Harvey all week. Please would you put any person in your news room in that chair than this condescending woman. So ****y and up herself as though she is some educated celeb expert.

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

are they doing expermints on "Bubbles The Chimp"

779 days ago

Flying Blind    

they never close in New Orleans, i used to raise my feet at Augis Delaugo (sp)on Lake Pounchatrain when the were sweeping.

779 days ago


this Martini chick is boring

779 days ago


Where's Harvey? When will he be back? I miss him so much!! Charles and Martini have nothing interesting to say beyond the headlines they report on!

779 days ago


Who's the unfunny tramp co-hosting with Charles? Seriously, did she just imply that kids from divorce grow up to be in playboy or drug addicts? Get rid of her!

779 days ago


Mike is so far up Kim K's ass it's disgusting

779 days ago


TMZ yall stupid, everybody (kanye, kim, joe) was wearing helmets and protective gear, so find a vebber reason to talk about that story, and they where out on a jungle hear in Mexico, i think it was la Candona.

779 days ago


I love TMZ... and can't stand watching Kim K and doesn't like Kayne West even less. Mike you are wrong. Not everyone is a Kardashine (however it is spelled) fan, in fact, watching that show is awful and tortured myself when I lost my remote after a drunken night. Down with Kim. Let her sell clothes and skank

779 days ago
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