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Misty May-Treanor

Probably Has

Pink Eye Now

8/2/2012 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the fact she's suffering from pink eye, USA beach volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh hugged, kissed and rubbed her contagious face all over her partner Misty May-Treanor last night.

Despite the infection, Kerri and Misty DOMINATED Austria last night ... and are one step closer to securing the gold medal ... again.

Pink eye -- catch it!!

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everyone suspects she's a lesbian and part of that perversion includes digesting the fecal matter of her mate. suck and disgusting behavior that women engage in!

the fecal matter often misses the mouth and goes into the eyes, causing pink eye.

women are sick and perverted, and a subhuman race.

810 days ago


Either Tom Cruise, the Jackson family, or Jessica Simpson's fat is responsible. Please find out, TMZ.

810 days ago

Mike L    

2 things. 1. Pink eye is not contagious once you're on antibiotics. And 2. They didn't DOMINATE by any means. They actually lost their first set ever in Olympic competition.

810 days ago


I'm so sick of seeing all those horseface brits celebrated for winning a gold at the easiest competitions.

The entire country is racist against the Chinese team and have serious inferiority complexes.

Maybe if team GB had less single mothers (by choice) and fewer metrosexual men primping over themselves, they could win a medal in a REAL sport.

810 days ago


her and her husband are into scat porn

810 days ago


Do people really care?? Why do pathetic people get on this site to get wrapped up into the lives of people they will never meet or know on a personal level?

810 days ago


she might get it but its not that bad to have pink eye you can still very well play at your best and go usa usa

810 days ago

Misty Ex Fan    

This skank Misty just could not keep her mouth shut and absolutely had to do this idiotic shout out to US troops. White trash and tramp, thats who she is. I hope they loose.

810 days ago

Jan P    

If she has been taking medication she is not contagious.

810 days ago


What an ignorant post! She hugged her and gave her a peck on the face - she didn't rub herself all over her partner! TMZ, you are known for publishing sensationalized stories that benefit only TMZ, but this is an outright lie, full of dangerous misinformation. Take it down!

810 days ago


HAH - She probably has pink mouth too. At one point last night while waiting to serve, she held the ball up near her face and put her LIPS on it. It's safe to say that no doubt that when the women are out there, there's a whole lotta pink on on the court! Thank You, Thank You, I'll be here all week and don't forget to tip your waitress.

810 days ago


Not quite sure I'd use the word DOMINATED, considering they broke their streak of undefeated sets.

810 days ago


After a while, pink eye is not as contagious. Once you've been using the antibiotic eye ointment for a few days, its very unlikely that you'll pass it on.

810 days ago


It's going to spread like wild fire at the Olympics

810 days ago


Once you've been on antibiotics for about 24-48 hours, you are no longer contagious, depending upon the severity of the infection. And, it is caused by all kinds of things, not just poo. I'm actually getting over a nasty one right now. I had an allergic reaction where my eye was swollen shut. During that time, the skin around the eye is more prone to bacterial infection, and that's exactly what happened to me. Nobody in my house caught it, but we did take precautions and washed all the bedding and bathed the pets. NO big deal.

810 days ago
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