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Cops Called at Kiss-In Event

8/3/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Drama at the Chick-fil-A same sex "Kiss-In" event in Hollywood ... TMZ has learned the chicken joint called police today claiming the MEDIA was harassing its employees.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the Chick-fil-A staff wasn't bothered by the pro-gay marriage event taking place inside the restaurant, but felt the media was being too aggressive in trying to get commentary from Chick-fil-A employees.

Cops responded to the scene, but by the time officers arrived ... both sides had already reached some sort of truce.

In other words, they kissed and made up.


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Holding hands with someone or kissing in public is entirely different that holding a "kiss-in" protest. I wouldn't want my young children seeing this type of behavior by straights or gays. If you don't like the owners beliefs, don't eat there, its that simple; but people are making this out to be way more than it should be. Is the kiss-in going to change this man's religious beliefs? No. Thats why we live in this great country where we are allowed religious freedom and freedom of speech. Don't like it, too bad! Do I agree with what he believes? No, but that isn't gonna make me stop eating there.. I have MANY gay, straight, and bi friends, and am in no way prejudiced against their lifestyle, but SH!T people, get over it!!

722 days ago

Liberal Guttersnipe    


722 days ago


So everyone who is against chick-fil-a is saying that if their local police and fire departments openly agreed against gay marriage, then those people would not call them in an emergency, right...... It's a restaurant people. Stop being so sensitive.

722 days ago


Think I'll go there for lunch today. They have awesome chicken sandwiches. Thanks for the lunch suggestion, TMZ!!

722 days ago


722 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

My friend went there today and noticed a gloryhole in the restroom now. Thanks gays!

722 days ago


Why didnt you guys report on the Pro-Marriage rally?

722 days ago


I am ambivalent when it come to the gay marriage issue but do not see it as a threat to my existence in any way. I also fully support the right for gays to serve in our military. That being said, I am not ambivalent when it comes to ANYONE's right to free speech. I see this stunt as ploy to squash that right by the militant (not peaceful) gay activists and the progressive MSM. If you don't like Cathy's views, don't each at Chick Fil A...problem solved.

722 days ago


Who give a flyin rats butt if you're gay or straight. If you don't like what they stand for, DON'T GO THERE!!!. Enough with this!! I have nothing against gays at all, but they waste alot of their time protesting everything!

722 days ago


funny how tmz posts on this "kiss-in" event, but not on "chick-fil-a appreciation day"

722 days ago

Alan Davidson    

THIS guy is a bigot and a hater.

He should be derided, mocked and attacked for having such a hateful view!

Oh ...wait...

722 days ago


I had never gone to a Chic-Fil-A before this past Wednesday but now I have found out how fantastic the food is. Thank you! And I will spend my hard earned money any way I choose. Everyone else can and should do the same. (And I prefer not to see anyone kissing in a restaurant whether gay or straight.)

722 days ago


This "in your face kiss-in" is a huge thing that has made people wary of homosexuals. Deny if you will, but the homosexual history is comprised mainly of this type of exhibitionist. No, I don't see heterosexuals making out or kissing in public much at all. Maybe you see it at airports, train stations, etc., where people are saying goodbye, but in mainstream, daily life, going to the fast food restaurant, the grocery store, Walmart or Target to buy various items, no, you don't see a bunch of heteros kissing. Maybe if you're a young college kid hanging out in clubs and bars, you see a lot of PDA, but that's not regular, normal life. These people are talking about parading around at family fast food joints, with playgrounds attached and "kiddie meals" sold, making sexual overture gestures, because that's what they really mean. They aren't talking about a friendly peck on the cheek but full on mouth sucking, yucky, disgusting motions that pass for modern day kissing. I also don't like people who chew with their mouths open or talk while chewing. Yes, I'm a stick in the mud fuddy duddy and proud of it. It has made me a nice person throughout my life, fair, kind, and nice, with morals and religious faith.

722 days ago


The stupid thing about this is that the media is questioning employees at the franchises. They don't speak for the entire company. They're going to keep fishing for one employee to slip up. Then the media is going to say, "See, all their employees feel the same as the head honcho." They're kids working in a crappy restaurant making minimum wage trying to put gas in their tank and some pocket money. Leave them alone. I remember when I worked at the gap and some lady came in bitching that the pants she'd just bought had a spot on them. She acted like I was the president of the damn company. I wanted to say, "I hate my job and am trying to make a buck, back the F off."

722 days ago

M. Jones    

Been neutral until now. The LGBTXYZ community have turned into what they once hated. A bunch of bullies. Shut up already.

722 days ago
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