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Cuba Gooding Jr.

Bartender-Shoving Case


8/3/2012 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr.
is officially off the hook after allegedly shoving a female bartender in New Orleans this week -- the City Attorney has refused to file criminal charges.

According to the City Attorney's office, the case was dismissed due to a lack of a complaining witness -- i.e. the bartender in question, who announced yesterday she did NOT want to press charges.

The court signed an expungement order moments ago -- meaning it's like this whole thing never happened.

TMZ broke the story ... an arrest warrant was issued for Cuba on Tuesday -- when a female bartender at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street said Cuba shoved her.

The bartender told police Cuba had gotten belligerent with other bar patrons for taking pictures of him -- and she asked him to leave. That's when she says Cuba roughed her up.

The argument then spilled outside, where Cuba called the bartender a "racist." We posted the video this morning.

But it's all water under the bridge now ... at least legally.


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..."a female bartender "...
No reason to mention her gender, it's irrelevant.
And she probably was racist, her behavior of walking out from behind the bar, following him around the bar yelling at him, following him outside and yelling at him, is all very unprofessional and indicates there's more to her motives.
Bar owner sees the bad publicity from this, she probably won't be working their much longer ;)

788 days ago


Holla for them dollas!

788 days ago


with all the "Ignorant Crap" that TMZ posts about the way blacks act, I'm ready to become a one. they have had about enough chances to get it right.

788 days ago


why is it that the first thing these A$$holes drunks and fools scream is "RACIST" nothing racist about this woman. Reportedly he was acting like a loudmouth drunken fool, and was treated like one. STUPIDITY and jerkhood is not a matter of color.

788 days ago


It simple the case was dismissed because she LIED..period point blank.

788 days ago


Waki waki TMZ - more on the Jackson front

The latest is that Janet, Randy and Rebbie are saying the will is invalid and they stand nothing to gain financially
They say Michael couldn't have signed the will because Rev. Al Sharpten says so !
If they have nothing to gain then what is their problem - thruth is they want the money to go to all the kids so people don't have to pay child support

Bottom line- 3 courts including the Superior Court all deemed the will valid after many attempts to says it's false. All found NO evidence that Michaels wasn't present to sign it.

788 days ago


Wonder what it cost him to pay her off? Hope it was a nice sum. I don't like you either, Cuba and it's got nothing to do with your color. It's 'cause you're an a$$ cap. He had a little tantrum, she called him on his behavior and that makes her a racist. LOL Well, so be it then. I'm surprised anybody recognizes him anymore anyway.

788 days ago


Figures....yet another celebrity getting away with being disrespectful and acting and idiot in public. All these celebs with their "were entitled and above you" attitude is really getting old.
Cuba needs to get over himself....everyone has..Cuba whooo??

787 days ago


Just a bitter hasbeen so called actor wanting attention ! He's washed up and he knows it !!!

787 days ago


I waited on cuba once at the hard rock and he was less than gentlemanly... he actually threw a large buffet of ice on me and then when I brought him his check he tipped me zero and told me "I got the n@GGER TIP"... wowzers.. thank god micheal bay rented out my area and I got tipped for waiting on the entire group of 60 people.. cuba is terrible

786 days ago

Poor Leno    

If it was me he shoved i would freaking beat his ass until it was red and blue.

784 days ago


Of course the race card is being played. Sick of it. I used to like him, but not anymore. He shoved a bartender for doing her job and then calls her racist. Good job, Cuba.

784 days ago

Thiet ke web    

783 days ago
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