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Matt Barnes

Cop Lurked for Two Hours


8/3/2012 7:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police officer who arrested ex-LA Lakers star Matt Barnes waited in an alley for 2 hours ... waited for Barnes to exit a restaurant, and then charged the b-baller with felony resisting arrest -- even though Barnes never got physically violent ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Barnes had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear on a ticket for driving on a suspended license. Sources say Barnes had gone to the DMV, gotten his license reinstated, and mistakenly believed he no longer had to go to court to clear the ticket.

Now here's where it gets strange. Our law enforcement sources say the arresting officer KNEW Barnes had an outstanding warrant as he watched the NBA forward and his baby mama park their car in a lot Monday night -- and walk a block-and-a-half to MB Post, a popular restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA -- yet the cop did not approach the hoopster. Instead the officer waited in an alley near the car.

Witnesses say 15 minutes later, Barnes walked back to the vehicle in plain view of the cop. According to witnesses ... Barnes got something from the car and returned to the restaurant. Again, the officer watched but did nothing.

Nearly 2 hours later, Barnes and his chick left the restaurant and he signed autographs and posed for pictures as they walked to the car -- as they approached the vehicle the cop pounced and told Barnes he was under arrest, but didn't say why.

We're told Barnes already had one hand behind his back as he attempted to hand his gf the keys with his other hand so she could drive home. Sources say the cop grabbed the hand with the keys and the Lakers champ pulled away. The cop then immediately informed Barnes he would be charged with resisting arrest.

A police official for the dept. initially claimed the basis for the resisting arrest charge was a verbal threat allegedly made by Barnes, but we've learned the charge will be based on Barnes pulling his hand away.

Law enforcement sources say Barnes was NOT intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

It's unclear why the officer chose to wait 2 hours before busting Barnes.

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Cop must of been a fan or had a fin on his last game, most people are arrested on empty stomachs or with a full bladder or both and spend hours waiting to take care of either.

774 days ago


Hm, it doesn't take much thought that the officer didn't want to create a big scene and become the heel like he would have, had he gone and ruined the man's meal and mingling with the fans after. The officer was probably taking his lunch break off a box of Krispy Kremes at the time as well.

774 days ago

Mike S    

The COP waited 2 hours so he could get overtime.. LOL

774 days ago


Barnes is a punk a puss and a second rate basketball player...sumbitch should be arrested for impersonating a basketball player!

774 days ago


notice how they use words to make he police department seem dirty??? they "lurked" then they "pounced." it's funny that the media and the general public who haven't a clue about how or why, we conduct our business are so full of commentary and are critical of every step. Try walking a mile folks

774 days ago


Barnes never won a Championship with the Lakers or in general, so referring to him as the "Lakers champ" is inaccurate. C'mon TMZ fact check!

774 days ago


I feel much safer now that Matt Barnes is off the streets. SMH... A close buddy of mine was Manhattan PD... He told me work was boring as hell. Parked his unit behind a Taco Bell with a box of donuts and talked on his cell phone. LOL!

774 days ago


That cop should be fired immediately. What a piece of poo poo. When I hear of garbage like that patrolling the streets it makes me HATE all police even though most aren't as bad as that turd.

774 days ago


For many of you commenting NEGATIVELY regarding this arrest..... Some of the remarks made here are crass, distasteful and altogether cruel! Whatever the reason behilnd the arrest, justice... whatever it is... will prevail. Some comments attest to the intelligence of the individuals. An old adadge regarding wisdom applies to many of you.... ..... and that is...... "it is better to be THOUGHT a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

774 days ago


So if a regular citizen hangs out around a person's car for 2 HOURS, it's called stalking! But when a cop does it, for no apparent reason, it's called what....a stakeout! If he went out to the car to get something, why didn't he arrest him then? Also, why is the cop stalking.... I mean staking out someone with a got dern traffic citation? His @$$ can't find any criminals to go after?? WTH!??

774 days ago


Shocker!!!! manhattan beach waiting to arrest a minority. They should have waited to arrest Luke Walton or Matt Leinart for theft of a salary

774 days ago


Looks like another egomaniac cop is gonna be in trouble....

774 days ago


To the person (idiot) who wrote this. Do you refer to Angelina Jolie as Brad Pitt's "Baby Mama" you all are rediculous. That is his woman and his partner, the mother of his children...not his "Baby Mama"

774 days ago


Try to get inside the mind of a cop , you will get lost , I do not trust cops, never call them, and NEVER let them in my house, they look everyplace but at you. If they wanted to help people they would be social workers. And if they want to charge you with something , they will pull one out ......

774 days ago


Not a fan of his but that is some shady ****.

774 days ago
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