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'Clerks' Star Marilyn Ghigliotti

Legal Drama Over

Supposed Sex Tape

8/4/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Marilyn Ghigliotti
-- who famously fellated 37 guys in the movie "Clerks" -- claims she NEVER consented to appear in a sex tape ... despite insinuations from a bitter ex-BF ... this according to legal docs.

Ghigliotti has filed a request for a restraining order against 47-year-old Eric Nyenhuis ... who Marilyn claims she lived with until October 2011.

In the docs, Marilyn claims they had a pretty nasty split ... and he's been harassing her ever since.

In fact, Marilyn claims Eric recently created a website dedicated to trashing her ... and even insinuated that he's in possession of a sex tape featuring the actress.

Marilyn claims she has no knowledge of any such tape and NEVER, EVER consented to make one.

Now, Marilyn is asking a judge to force Eric to leave her alone ... and stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

A hearing on the matter is set for later this month.


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The website got taken down because you went and made your own that had "mature" content that you had NO RIGHTS to put up and Wordpress didn't want to deal with anything that had to do with you anymore. Notice that it all happened right after the day they took YOUR site down first? Not to mention..yours is gone forever. The other is still viewable..if you know how to.

813 days ago


Who would want to see her in a sex tape? Doubly so because it is probably her now, at 50, instead of 20 years ago at 30.

813 days ago


Why does anybody get excited about sex tapes anymore, free porn on the internet people can see whatever they want, whenever they want.

813 days ago

Eric Nyenhuis    

Marilyn trust me is damaged from the neck down. If your really into cellulite and scar tissue she may be the girl for you, oh and you have to really REALLY Love pajama jeans as she wears them everyday.

813 days ago


You know the economy is bad when people are shopping around sex tapes of celebs you don't know by name and might possibly only remember when you are told a movie title and role and specific scene. :/

813 days ago


WoW!!! This is some real life brawling on TMZ. I'm suddenly very intruged.

813 days ago


You are a moron, a scam artist and an all around looser. Who wrote your comments? A four year old?

813 days ago


Wow, some people really need to learn when to keep their mouth shut, because this Eric guy is not helping his case by opening his yapper

813 days ago


It seems that someone is having a hard time letting go of this relationship and it isn't Ms. Ghigliotti. If the sir's replies were truly about defending oneself and making right his name, they would not include nasty slights against others (not just here but on other pages). The best defense is a smart one but when someone doesn't have a smart defense, they lash out. Sad that these women have to live a life of harassment.

813 days ago


Hopefully he will Star away from her. Which means he has to place himself a very, very, long distance from her.

There have been times in my life where I've not only wanted others to Star away from me, but wanted them to Moon away from me, and Mars away from me!! Those were the times when I've really wanted my Space..

813 days ago


Just Google this loser's name along with LYING or SCAM ARTIST or GLOW just to begin with. There's more than enough evidence on the internet to prove this psycho is just trying to hurt people who found out what he really is and left for their own personal safety. Do a search in NJ for outstanding warrants while you're at it. #1 Radio Show? It was an internet show and there are TONS of #1 shows because there are so many different categories. ANY decent guests were interviewed because of Marilyn, NOT Eric. All he knows how to do is ride everyone else's coattails.

812 days ago


Got to love all these new accounts made


36 minutes ago


24 hours ago


1 day ago


1 day ago


3 hours ago

Very clear the Females are full of **** too.. They should all get back into their circle jerk van and drive off to failville where they all belong..

812 days ago


Just to give you a sample, take a look at this:

811 days ago

Eric Nyenhuis    

So The court case came and went and ONCE again Eric Nyenhuis was found to be as sane as he was inocent. No Final Restraining order but a four month temp as to see what happens, and what does Marilyn do in less than two hours? She starts calling everyone Eric knows including his girlfriends EX mother in law Fran Evil Grannie Schaffer, and Grace Lee is still posting about things that has nothing to do with her, Marilyn had a paid attorney and still came off like a real stalker her pictures from Eric's Facebook and LYING about not having anything to do with the slander website, Ive seen the tape of Marilyn and I'm SHOCKED. So to make a long story short Eric isnt as bad as wacko Ghiglitotii claims. Two Superior Court Judges can't be wrong.

794 days ago
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