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Montee Ball Investigation

Madison Police Dept.


8/4/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_montee_hall_article_APThe Madison Police Department straight up LIED to the media about its investigation into the Montee Ball attack ... and tried to throw TMZ under the bus ... but their plan has backfired ... big time.

TMZ broke the story ... the Madison Police Department HAD launched an investigation into tips that Ball and several of his UW football teammates beat up a man at a party on July 27 ... several days before Ball was attacked on campus. Cops told the media that the TMZ report was not true.

They lied.

After cops made their false statement, TMZ broke another story -- cops had interviewed the person who claimed he was brutally injured by Ball and others on July 27... and wanted to know if the alleged victim had ordered a retaliatory strike on Ball.

Today, cops released a NEW statement .... finally admitting what we had already told you -- that investigators were indeed looking into the July 27 event. 

Cops have now said ... "Through information developed by detectives, [The Madison PD has] determined that there was a fight that occurred Friday night which involved UW students, members of the UW football team, and other individuals that were not affiliated with the University of Wisconsin's Athletics Department."

The statement continues, "We have also determined that Montee Ball was present at the location of that fight, but we have no information that leads us to believe that he had any involvement in that particular event."

We called the MPD for comment -- for some reason, they don't want to talk to us.

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TMZ has a Love Affair with Blacks......They are 12.5% of the population, but 65% of your reporting..I don't know why I even come back? Blacks, Blacks, Blacks....I am So Sick of Blacks!

812 days ago


&&&&&& AshleyNicoleAlways &&&&&&& check her out on YouTube!!! True Talent!!!

812 days ago


Hearsay is so much more convenient than actually filing a complaint. Number one, an individual would never be able to defend themselves .And number two, even better, the individual, aka the victim, may not even realize it is being slandered. People would have an excuse to not engage in a dialogue with such "filth", thus isolating the victim, though it still wouldn't know what it stands accused of. It would just, in the course of time, get a general idea, bits of pieces of innuendos here and there. It's called bullying. And slander of course. And itself should be prosecuted.

812 days ago


And to top it all of. When asked why an official complaint wasn't lodged in the first place, the accuser will state that it didn't do so out of the kindness of its heart, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. Coming across as a nice and decent person It works like a charm.

812 days ago


this is a stupid story do u really think the MPD is going to give you information about their investigation befoe they have completed it? You're not that important. Leave MPD alone they are a very good police department and very thorough I know I'm actually living there unlike u all.

812 days ago


First off you guys didn't BRAKE THE STORY it was already on the news 2 days before you guys had anything on your website about it. And Montee Ball is a college football player, that will be in the NFL someday, what is TMZ a website with a bunch of people that have nothing better to do with there low lives other than make up stories about celebrities.

812 days ago


They don't want to talk to you? Because you are a bunch of LOSERS!

812 days ago


You guys are starting to sound like Hannity. It is more important to plug yourself than to get a real story.

812 days ago


Hey TMZ, why are you wasting your time with this? Your facts are wrong, you sound childish and you are trying to make this bigger than what it is. You're not ESPN, you're not NBC or ABC, you're a gossip website, meaning your stories hold no water because more than half are based on hearsay and b.s. Stop trying to make yourselves something you're not. Stick to what you know, which is celebrity gossip stories, not sports, or police investigations.

812 days ago


Hey TMZ, why are you wasting your time with this? Stop pretending that you're a credible news source. You're a celebrity gossip website, not ABC, NBC or even ESPN. You're trying to interfere with a police investigation, that is purposefully being kept under wraps until the full truth is discovered. All you're doing is proving why you will never be taken seriously. On top of that, learn how to use spell check.

812 days ago


Just saw your TMZ live report on this. Why are you guys so shocked that the police would lie. Cops lie more than anyone I've ever scene. Sure most of the time they do it under the guise of "investigating" but whatever excuse you give a lie is a lie. I for one wouldn't trust a cop unless I had to.

811 days ago
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