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Ryan Lochte

Parents Swimming in Debt, Facing Foreclosure

8/4/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

US Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte might have to parlay his newfound fame into a quick payday to help out the folks ... because TMZ has learned, his parents are allegedly buried in debt ... and could lose their home. 

According to a lawsuit filed in Volusia County, FL ... CitiMortgage claims Steven and Ileane Lochte took out a mortgage loan for $258,000 back in 2007 and they were to pay $1,609.58/month.

But according to the bank, the Lochtes stopped making payments in February 2011 -- and now owe $242,239 (plus interest) on the home. The bank is suing to foreclose on the house in order to get its money back.

But there's a lot on the line -- according to the lawsuit, if the sale of the Lochtes' home doesn't satisfy the couple's entire debt ... the bank wants the Lochtes to pay the difference.

Mrs. Lochte filed a motion to dismiss the case last month, but a judge has yet to rule.

Attempts to reach the Lochtes were unsuccessful.


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No Avatar


I wanna go on record here to say you guys are first-class dipweed a-holes for running this item . And especially doing it this week.

776 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

why is this even on TMZ? Do you know how many people in the the U.S.A are going through tough times? Many people are facing foreclosure so why is this even news? Sounds like they looking for donations from people that are on the same boat? Why don't they call Oprah, or any other celeb that have million/billions for some help? This reminds me how celeb use their fans in time of need like katrina, or any natural disasters in other states/country if all these celeb get together and help those in need they wont have to be asking their fans that are probably struggling on a daily basis. Just saying!

776 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

If you can't afford a huge house downsize. Do you know how many people live in studio apartments because they can't afford a 1 bedroom? PALEASE it's time to downsize because money doesn't grow on tress...

776 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Who twisted their arms to take out a mortgage and then not repay it?

They can sleep in the truck.

776 days ago


and TMZ digs up the dirt to show how classy they are.....these people didnt ask for TMZ attention, even if his mom makes a fun comment, TMZ is there to pee in their pool....

776 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

This is an excerpt from an article I just found online:

Reached by USA TODAY Sports on Saturday, Ileana Lochte said none of her children was aware of the foreclosure proceedings.

"I just got divorced and I had lost my job and we're trying to work it out," she said. "I'm sad that the press thinks this is something to do with Ryan."

"We didn't discuss this with Ryan or any of my children, really," she added. "I would never allow him to help us."

Real classy, TMZ. The parents were trying to keep this from their kids, and thanks to you, they're finding out in the worst possible way.

Something you morons will NEVER learn: All because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

775 days ago


TMZ nice job of being CLASSLESS. Let them enjoy their win. What business is it of TMZ or anyone to bring their personal lives to millions. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY.

775 days ago


TMZ clearly cares not what it's readers actually think. Do they even care enough to glance at the comments to their stories??? Clearly not. I stopped reading Perez Hilton for the same reason I'm about to stop reading your site.

775 days ago


Well, if he loses his home, clearly he won't need a bathroom considering he PEES IN OLYMPIC POOLS.

775 days ago

ashamedto be here    

The athletes get $25,000 per gold metal, $15,000 per silver and $10,000 for bronze. Maybe Ryan can help them out?

775 days ago


Hmmm. Given all their sacrifices and apparent financial situation, why is Ryan walking around with a diamond grill and $15,000 watch..just saying

775 days ago


reporting this is a new low for TMZ - douchbags!

775 days ago


If my parents were about to lose their home & I was about to pull in a ton of money, I'd help them in a heartbeat. Obviously it is his decision, and it is none of our business what he or his parents decide to do.

775 days ago


You nosey disrespectful bastards! And who's business is that!?!? You all are low down dirty filthy bastards for telling peoples personal business like that. I PRAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW...GARBAGE!

775 days ago

Tommy D    

Shame on you TMZ. You should change the header from "Exclusive" to "Only we are shady enough to cover this!" You just took the fun out of what you do...

775 days ago
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