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You Can Date Me ...

If You PAY Me

8/5/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804_nadya_suleman_whatsyourpriceGoing once, going twice, SOLD ... is what some lucky bidder will hear if they win a date with Octomom ... because the mother of 14 has officially put herself up for auction to earn some cold, hard cash.

Octo -- in a last ditch effort to earn more money before she gets kicked out of her La Habra home -- has created an online dating profile for a site called What' ... a website where users can PAY other users to go out with them.

In her profile, Octo says she has 14 kids, loves to work out and loves to laugh ... and she's starting the bidding at a cool $500.

This is the latest in a slew of ploys to earn more green off her Octo fame. If you recall she also signed up for a website where she can beg her fans for money ... but so far she's only raked in a mere $2,509.

... which is $2,509 too much.


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774 days ago


She is beyond disgusting.

774 days ago


She should request money from her very own site that she so stupidly taunts on tv....

774 days ago


Wow. 14 kids. I can't imagine having sex with this tool-bag. You can park a bus in the Grand Canyon and it still looks small. When I heard her interviewed she sounded as if she has mental problems. If so, I hope she gets some help so she can be a better mom to her kids...

774 days ago


Awww Octomom! <3 yanno, I'll get some hate for this but I recently met the gal and she was actually pretty nice & funny to boot. We were all impressed. A lil bit dingy but not that bad at all. And she's doin what she gotta do to pay the bills. I DO think she needs to slow down on the spending on high end things for herself and more on the kiddos but as a person she's pretty alright.

774 days ago


ok i think i can spare a quarter..

774 days ago


Isint there a name for that???? prostitute

774 days ago


I wouldn't date her if she was the last pig in earth!

774 days ago


Did you hear what her kids are doing to themselves, hurting themselves, it's on Oprah.

774 days ago


This lady is a tragic accident waiting to happen. Where is Child Protective Services? This is truly a sick woman who needs mental health therapy in the worst way. Those poor children . . .

774 days ago

It appears that Octomom’s octofame has gotten her nothing more than a few laughs … Her Octofans and Octofriends have failed to come through and her Octobank account is Octoempty. Don't ya just hate when that happens...

774 days ago


How is this NOT prostitution?

774 days ago


when will she realized that she should give up her children for adoption ? give them the chance to have a good life , it's so impossible to raise 14 kids by herself ... food , clothing , housing and the cost of education ... my gosh ... i'll never understand as to why she wants to have that many children .

774 days ago


ginger, i do feel sorry for the kids but the money she gets goes to a 500 hundred dollar hair cut medi and pedi, expensive clothes she just want those poor fools money i will not waste my time givivn her aything, thode kids shoukd be taken away. i think she thought, all our tax money was going to pay her way, but even uncle sam is n fool.

774 days ago


This B I T C H really makes my blood boil and what's worse is the stupid people in society feed into this bull**** and actually give her money. And don't say "it's for the kids" because we all know it's not going to them...remember the Brazilian blow outs and fake nails! Such a joke she is a waste of space and those 14 kids will be nothing different because they learn from the best! Their whore of a mother! Argh

774 days ago
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