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You Can Date Me ...

If You PAY Me

8/5/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804_nadya_suleman_whatsyourpriceGoing once, going twice, SOLD ... is what some lucky bidder will hear if they win a date with Octomom ... because the mother of 14 has officially put herself up for auction to earn some cold, hard cash.

Octo -- in a last ditch effort to earn more money before she gets kicked out of her La Habra home -- has created an online dating profile for a site called What' ... a website where users can PAY other users to go out with them.

In her profile, Octo says she has 14 kids, loves to work out and loves to laugh ... and she's starting the bidding at a cool $500.

This is the latest in a slew of ploys to earn more green off her Octo fame. If you recall she also signed up for a website where she can beg her fans for money ... but so far she's only raked in a mere $2,509.

... which is $2,509 too much.


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774 days ago

Dizz Dizz    

37 with more than three kids...

Certified Pre-Owned has a whole new meaning.

774 days ago


Whatsyourprice? Should be called Rent a Wreck.

774 days ago


stop caring what people think and for the sake of those kids go back on welfare. I do not agree with what choices you have made with your life but surely becoming a prostitiute is worse than being on welfare.

774 days ago


Latching onto every "BOGUS" EASY MONEY SCHEME is really making Nadya Suleman look "PRETTY BAD"!!! It's time for her to "WAKE THE HELL UP" and stop allowing herself to be perceived as a DESPERATE, "UNSTABLE" HOT MESS!!! Any man who's willing to pay for her company is going to expect SOMETHING "VERY INTIMATE" IN RETURN AND IT AIN'T A KISS!!! She needs to STOP FOOLING HERSELF BEFORE SOMETHING REALLY AWFUL HAPPENS!!! Nadya Suleman can "DO BETTER" but it's not going to be "EASY"!!! FIRING HER MANAGER SHOULD BE AT THE "VERY TOP" OF HER LIST!!!

774 days ago


I'm curious, who takes care of these 14 kids? Why did she have them and can't afford them I still don't understand this idiot. What a loser

774 days ago


I will pay you ZERO dollars. I am sure that cootch smells like an open ditch in New Orleans in summertime. Just saying.

774 days ago


I want to find a really beautiful chinese girl to be my wife,can you help me?? reviews

774 days ago

Lady Di    

Stay in school, kids....

774 days ago

earl young    

dear nadya suleman,
you are doing the best you can i wish i could be ther to be husband,lover,boyfriend and take care of this for you and just love you

773 days ago


its called dating now ?

773 days ago

Joe Totoroto    

Gary Trock is friends with Octoturd's manager Gina, that is why she is always on here. Garys twitter is @garytmz

773 days ago


Nadya's latest fairy tale...she says that she has way more supporters than detractors...well, you couldn't tell by looking on the comments here. And she's saying she ONLY leaves her kids to work. Lying flapping lips.

772 days ago


A serial killer needs to win that auction so that those poor children can be placed in loving homes where they have a chance to be normal.

772 days ago


Please ... what this all publicity for and leading up to is another porn ... which of course she's going to make real money for this time ... Octomom wide awake ... 8 aren't enough or some crap like that, and then she will be hooked. I'm sorry if she wants to rediscover herself by boinking herself 24 hours a day I couldn't care less, but when you've got 14 kids, figure out how to give them a moral upbringing. And this crazy scene is just what everyone was afraid of when she was pregnant, that she had no moral conscience about what she was doing, which sent the message she would continue to make negative choices that would lead to physical, mental, or morally reprehensible situations for the children. Even now Nadya seems painfully unaware she is now a porn star or the real consequences of her actions.

753 days ago
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