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'AGT' Contestant Sues Hotel

You Took Death Pics

of My Murdered Wife

8/6/2012 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former "America's Got Talent" contestant is suing the L.A. hotel where his wife was murdered back in 2010 ... claiming the hotel's head of security snapped photos of his wife's half-naked lifeless body and then showed them off at the hotel bar ... just for kicks.

The man behind the lawsuit is Joe Finley -- who was staying at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in L.A. with his wife the night before he was scheduled to audition for "AGT."  But before the audition, Joe's wife's body was discovered at the bottom of a hotel staircase, wearing only pants ... naked from the waist up.

Joe believes his wife was killed by vagrants who entered through an unlocked door and attacked his wife while she was getting ice from the hotel ice machine.

But in new legal docs just filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Joe -- along with the couple's children -- claims hotel personnel acted in a disgusting manner in the moments following the tragedy.

Joe claims the Biltmore's Head of Security, Arthur Smith, "took a gruesome death picture of [Laura Finley] and disseminated that photo to the general public."

Joe claims Smith even flashed the topless death pic at the hotel bar for "no investigative purposes, but for macabre effect."

Joe filed the new allegations as part of his wrongful death lawsuit  against the Biltmore. He's now seeking additional unspecified damages for emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

So far, no comment from the Biltmore.


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Gizmo B. Magwhy    

When the **** did Chris Griffin get off snuffin' his wife?!?!

769 days ago


I believe the guy is an idiot (the husband) but not dumb enough to sue the hotel if he did do it. He would let things lie...I would if I did it. I heard the stupid guard was flashing the death photo at the bar and on his Facebook...DUMNB ASS

769 days ago


I'm surprised TMZ didn't post the picture with a full diagram

769 days ago


The murdering husband has to profit off her death somehow.

769 days ago


WTF is wrong with California people??? Next nuclear testing site, perhaps? Irradiate the gangs and rapists maybe?? Susie for President!!

769 days ago

Jill Sutterlin    

Really Mr. Finley's story has change so many times . He now goes by the name Bob Swanson with his new girl friend Tina "Tina and Bob Swanson " He has never told Lapd one thing ' Never allowed Laura's Mom to ask any question or even help in her Service!! He lied to me about wanting to do a polygraph with Lapd' He's looking for money Not My Sister's Killer!!! He's imploding again just an other twist to his lies DONT BELIVE HIM p.s. Contact Lapd Not his personal reward line if you have any information " Sister's Are Forever" Jill

769 days ago


To those of you who think this man is not guilty you have another thing coming! He's a piece of work...he has a girlfiend whom he moved in his home not too long after her murder. This girl is suspected to have had a relationship w/ his oldest son, then went w/ Joe Finley/Bob Swason! Now the gf is pregnant and who knows whose baby it is?? Now he's suing the person who took the pics, that's a different story...but think about this...he's loosing his home which I know Laura would have never allowed this! So you never know what goes on behind closed doors....just sayin??


768 days ago


768 days ago


You can Avoid"and Run" but you cannot hide.....

I sure hope Justice prevails very soon

767 days ago


This is total bull**** first hand knowledge! The arrogance Finley and his so called attorney are attempting here. However, it only shows even more clearly, the lack of a case they have here, so now pull out the smear campaign and cloud the situation with non-relevant jargon. Now, on this crap about this causing him and his children additional stress etc., Are you kidding me...People please know, this is hardly the case, and know, that I never saw any mourning on behalf of Laura, except maybe for the fact of who the hell was going to do the chores around the house now! Whatever, and i wanna know one things, why o why is the energy and money being used up here not going for the pursuit of Laura's killer? If indeed it wasn't Finley himself. Enough said!!

701 days ago
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