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Disgraced U.S. Olympian

I Didn't Mean to Eat

Those WEED Brownies

8/6/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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U.S. judo fighter Nick Delpopolo says he had NO IDEA the baked goods he consumed before the Olympics contained weed. Really, he swears.

Nick was booted from the 2012 Games after failing a drug test ... and now he says he has a perfectly good explanation -- he was tricked into eating pot.

The 23-year-old just released a statement saying his dirty test was "caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana."

The International Olympic Committee draws a hard line when it comes to drugs ... they expelled Delpopolo from the games, stripped him of his accreditation, and will change the standings in his event. He had placed 7th in the competition.

In a statement released by the USOC, Delpopolo says, "I apologize to U.S. Olympic Committee, to my teammates, and to my fans, and I am embarrassed by this mistake."

To be fair ... Nick never specified what kind of baked goods he had consumed -- but he looks like a brownie kind of a guy.

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Brilliant strategy by the competition through a bribe on his food handlers. Yuck Yuck.

773 days ago

Big Headed Tom    

I've seen this happen before and I believe him.

773 days ago


Oh sure you didn't know it, and you never inhale either lol.

Pot brownies, or pot anything tastes different, and there is no mistaking the smell. If you ate one by mistake you would have known right away.

Maybe if you told the truth, and pointed out the folks feeding you special brownies they might have let you continue on.

773 days ago


Maybe he knew maybe he didn't know.....the part I have a hard time imagining is that he was smart enough, dedicated enough, & motivated enough to put in the amount of time & WORK that one has to put in to become an olympic athlete & then at the very end he's going to make such a HUGE life altering mistake. I just DO NOT GET IT? That is the only reason I would even think about entertaining the thought that he was potentially set up. It just doesn't make sense to me :-\

773 days ago


"I would like to sincerely apologize to the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Judo, my teammates, my fans, and everyone that has supported me throughout my Olympic journey. I'm sorry that I let you down. Judo is my life and competing in the Olympics has always been my dream. I would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize that. I was in total disbelief when I was told by the IOC that my test results came back positive. After making frantic phone calls to friends and family following the results, a *family member confessed that the brownies she had baked (and that I had eaten a few weeks prior) contained marijuana. I had no idea that I had ingested marijuana until that moment. I slept the entire four hour drive home the day I ate the brownie, but thought that I was just extremely tired from training and travel. My family member sent a confession letter to the Olympic Committee immediately following the call. Words cannot express how devastated and remorseful I am for making such a big mistake. Although my actions were not deliberate, I know that I let down the entire nation, and for that I am truly sorry.”

*The Delpopolo's would like to protect the identity of the family member that caused this unfortunate situation.

Please see the excerpt below from the letter that was sent by Delpopolo's family member to the Olympic Committee:

“…He had absolutely no idea that I dealt with marijuana at all, so it never would’ve crossed his mind. This is my entire fault. ...This was all a huge mistake. His hard work, and not only dedication to judo, but also being a good role model should not be down graded or punished for my selfishness and stupidity. I wish I could have thought of this possibility, but I couldn’t have imagined this ever happening. He is one of the best judoka and people you could ever want to meet, and by all means does not deal with any illegal substances.”

773 days ago


Only sad thing about this is he no doubt took a team spot from someone who DIDN'T eat pot brownies.

773 days ago


you can definitely taste a difference between regular brownies and "weed" brownies.

773 days ago


I find it hard to believe he couldn't taste the marijuana. I always taste it.

773 days ago



773 days ago


Hey about your comments on equestrian sports in the olympics...can any of you morons even ride a horse, let alone get that horse to compete in athletic events? And no, trail riding does not count, you're just a passenger. Like to see any one of you ride, it's not so easy,and requires a great deal of athletic ability. You'd all end up on your ass.

773 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Why is alcohol so accepted by people?

Dumb Hicks created laws and dumb Hillbillies loved their alcohol.

Way way back when… the blacks and Mexicans understood, accepted and enjoyed marijuana.

Whitey didn’t like that!

So our government lied and frightened the public on a safe natural medicine.
All started by bigotry. Nice!

Think about it!
Read about it! T
he history is out there.

773 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Never feel disgrace!!!!!
You did nothing wrong!!!!!
They are wrong for judging you.

Weed is the safest medicine on the planet and helps so many for thousands of years! And yes… Makes you feel better.

It’s all because of bad stigma from our lying racist government and churches.

For some reason so many people love giving their freedoms a way by dumb laws created by dumb humans!

There are too many brainwashed alcoholics in this world and in control of good peoples lives.

773 days ago


He knew what he was doing! Why don't people
just admitt they wrongs and move on. Why lie
about it! Own up to it and move on!

773 days ago

Kadeem Liburd    


773 days ago

Kadeem Liburd    


773 days ago
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