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Levi Johnston Wants


Fury Over Palin TV Show

8/6/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_levi_johnston_tmzLevi Johnston believes Bristol Palin is a TERRIBLE PARENT -- and the proof is in her reality show ... in which she lets their son Tripp run wild, talk back, curse, and show no respect to his elders ... so he's decided to take action ... and seek full custody.

In case you're like most of the country, and haven't been watching Bristol's new reality show "Life's a Tripp" -- she and Levi's son has been a little ball of trouble ... and in one recent episode, even called his aunt Willow the f-word.

080312_bristol_launch_v2During the same episode, Bristol admits, "I'm doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp."

Now, Levi's had enough -- telling TMZ, he's been watching the show and is "disgusted" by his son's language and behavior. Levi says his son is on a "downward spiral" and getting "no real parenting."

Levi tells us, Tripp "deserves a better family" than what Bristol and the rest of the Palins are providing -- adding, "I love my son more than anything ... and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way."

To ensure that happens, Levi dropped by the courthouse in Wasilla, Alaska this week to pick up all the necessary paperwork to obtain full custody of Tripp -- and he plans to file it ASAP.

Calls to Bristol were not returned.


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Joan K    

I see one of the Palins are up disliking all of the true comments, go back to bed.

807 days ago


Definitely not a fan of hers, but he is a low life himself. His only motivation is $, so good luck with that custody battle fame ho!

807 days ago


Hey Levi, there is a huge difference between BAD parenting and doing terrible job disciplining job. The fact is He doesn't pay child support and is using this as his way out. Sadly the child will be worst with him.

807 days ago


the palins are white trash retards

807 days ago


That kid is ugly

807 days ago


I would love put my seed inside Bristol and make a baby with her, she is gorgeous in every way!

807 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Patrick Buchanan had it right the first time when he said after this kid dissed the Palin parents, "I'd take that kid down to the nearest creek and hold his head underwater until he stops thrashing"... what a zero nothing deabeat leech this guy is. YOU don't even work bruhhhhh, you just leech off the Palins. What a shiitebucket. If they were my sisters you'd already be swimming with Big Puzzzy....

807 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

This is what happens when you have two DUMB pieces of white trash that go and have sex without condoms and make a baby.

They're both garbage so who the child ends up with, it doesn't matter.

I know that if my child was using curse words at that age, I would know that I had FAILED as a parent. Dumb Bristol is too busy getting in the press with her stupid opinions and getting on reality shows to be bothered with teaching her son anything of use.

807 days ago


Willingness to put a child on a reality show is reason enough to yank custody from her.

807 days ago


This family reminds me of Deliverance! Next the kid will be squealing like a pig.A good example of adoption being a great idea when faced with teen pregnancy and stupidity.

807 days ago


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807 days ago


Wow! I raised 3 children and never have did they drop the F bomb at a young age. Someone I think, needs to watch what one says when there is a child around. He seem to know when to use the word and it flowed like water! Rather than laughing about it! Do something about it. That child looked at those as if they were idiots. Where super Nanny!

807 days ago


The fact of the matter is that she is not teaching this child ANY home training, respect, self control, or manners. Laughing at a child when they verbally and physically ASSAULT a family member is despicable. Right now he is mimicking what he sees, but it can develop into who he is as a person. Hopefully his behavior won't escalate as he ages and he won't become pure trash like his parents.

807 days ago


From a jack to a king?? this guy is a turd! "I want to teach my kid how to stink, like i do!!" guy's got serious mental issues, Narsisist, don't do well as parents as there all about themself's. Berating his mother in the press is not the role a father should assume, on and on. Turd.

807 days ago

Lily Daisy    

This is tragic! Tripp is one of the most beautiful children on the planet and has a half wit for a mother and an aunt! It's obvious she has poor parenting skills which are only being exaggerated by this farce of a reality show. I don't know, is it worse to be raised by someone with bad parenting skills or someone who is financially a dead beat dad? Either way, this child will not receive what he needs. I pray that at least one of these parents grows up fast to guide their adorable child successfully.

807 days ago
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