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Olympic Equestrian

Cruel and Unusual

… for the Fans

8/7/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you suffer from insomnia? Have a hard time falling asleep? Enjoy watching humans get rewarded for accomplishments of hard working animals? The you're going to love Olympic equestrian ... the most boring "sport" ever created by man.

Seriously. We'd rather watch paint dry, and then try to remove it, then watch that "Bachelorette" guy huff said paint remover (allegedly).

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If TMZ is all about opinionated writing then you should hire me. I think show jumping AND dressage are the most awesome sports at the olympics because I ride those disciplines. You jerks. There's nothing more amazing than to watch the movements of a horse soaring over a 5 foot or better jump. Get a life. I'd rather watch a horse than a bunch of sweaty guys running around a track!!!

723 days ago

News Flash     

I loved it

723 days ago

Swords Woman    

I'd LOVE to see one of you jackasses get on a 1,500 lb animal and get them to canter & jump over several 6 ft. fences without pulling rails down out of their cups...all without falling off. I bet Harvey would cry like a baby!

723 days ago


I happen to love equestrian sports, including dressage; but I hate the Olympics, so I won't watch Olympic dressage. Does it make me a bad person? Likely. But considering that TMZ is known for racy, trashy news reporting about the entertainment industry, I can't say I'm terribly surprised that the staff isn't interested in a sport that doesn't show off T&A.

723 days ago


TMZ "writers" sure do like to bitch about things they can't do themselves. Seems to be a bit of penis envy going on for the riders that work their asses off to control a giant animal without falling off and potentially killing themselves by the person who wrote this crap "article".

723 days ago


Piece of fatty americans, instead of saying ****, try to jump 1,6m on a 500kg horse and we can talk, stupid

723 days ago


To me GOLF and Tennis are both awful..particularly GOLF....watching paint dry is much more entertaining. I love Equestrian events. Its all about the communication and agility and athletisim between horse and rider. I'd bet the person saying how awful it is could not ride a horse and stay on its back for 1 minute let alone jump a 4 foot fence while staying on the horses back with out peeing their pants! It's not as easy as it may appear. I did it a lot when I was a teenager and it takes a lot of strength. I still ride today I have 2 horses but I do nto compete.
Dressage I use to hate but I have grown an appreciation to watch it but I'd never compete. Many of the competitors are very snobby...but not all you may find 1 decent likable person in a group of 25. Not to mention they often inject horses in their joints to prevent injury and arthritis...cortizone and I've heard of somerthing else but I don't remember the exact name of the stuff, so I won't try to mention it. Couldn't say if the Olympic horses are allowed for those injections or not.
Not every sport or event is for everyone. If you don't like it don't watch it, and shut up about it. Thats why there is variety in the Olympics.

723 days ago


Bite me I love show jumping, and for those that do we feel we don't get enough. All events are exciting for some people in TV land!

723 days ago


What would you do if your gold medal relied upon the reaction and teamwork between the rider and horse TMZ? If you had watched any coverage you would have seen some heartbreaking action such as the Swedish rider who seriously miscalculated her approach resulting in the horse crashing in the middle of the jump. Dressage is grace in motion and most people don't realize the patience and training it takes to choreograph the dance. I volunteered at a therapeutic riding facility where improvements are measured in smiles and abilities most take for granted. Horsemanship is not for the entitled as most of these students pay for lessons out of pocket since it's not covered by insurance. I am just a little tired of all of the negativity surrounding the sport when most people have no idea how it changes the lives of kids and adults with disabilities and injuries. Better yet find a therapeutic riding facility near you and check it out for yourself.

723 days ago


Just because you do not understand a sport you do not have to put it down. Everybody likes different sports if they did not I guess we would only have one or two sports in the Olympics.

722 days ago


Thankfully they removed softball from the Olympics, the most boring sport on the planet that no one outside of the US could care less about.

722 days ago


Who is the TMZ staffer that posted this comment? I would love to have that person get on a 1,200 lb animal with a mind of it's own and understand the skill required to make it just one lap around a ring let alone the jumps. Harder than it looks.

722 days ago


So, who is the idiot that wrote this post? Seriously, you need to get a life.

722 days ago


I guess the brain dead moron that wrote this anti-equestrian post is also the same tard that thinks Keeping Up with the Kockroacheans is riveting and fun television. TMZ needs to hire some objective writers that aren't such philistines.

722 days ago


It's no more boring than a lot of other sports... I consider tennis boring and I consider golf boring but that doesn't mean that everyone does.

722 days ago
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