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'Dark Knight Rises'

Man Arrested with Gun,

Knives in Ohio Theater

8/7/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Police in Ohio have arrested a man who allegedly tried to smuggle guns, ammunition and knives into a late-night showing of "Dark Knight Rises."

Authorities say ... the manager of the Cleveland-area movie theater became suspicious of the man, who allegedly tried to bring a satchel into a 10pm Saturday showing of the Batman movie.

The manager reportedly alerted an off-duty cop who was working security that night ... who searched the bag -- found a Glock 9mm handgun, ammunition clips, and three knives -- and immediately alerted police.

Cops say the man, identified as 37-year-old Scott Smith, does NOT have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

According to reports, the man was arrested without incident ... and even offered to put the guns back into his car. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Cops later performed a search of Smith's home. It's unclear if investigators discovered anything during the sweep.


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He was probably armed to defend HIMSELF incase of another incident like Aurora. In this day and're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

806 days ago


"They searched his North Ridgeville home and found many weapons, including eight additional guns, lots of ammo, a gas mask and bulletproof vest."

He also is married with a 1 year old child.

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806 days ago

I have a feeling this guy might be a gun activist and brought in guns thinking it would be for protection.

806 days ago


I am surprised it took so long for a copycat psyco to surface.

806 days ago


Unfortunately - these things will ALWAYS happen in the future. The human race just does not learn.

806 days ago


" does NOT have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. " Do I have to look for a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign on movie theaters(and all non-public places I go?). CRAZY!!

806 days ago


Well... was just waiting for a copycat. Living here in Aurora, CO I don't think anything surprises me anymore...

806 days ago


Since when is it illegal to bring guns and knives to a movie theater? What's with this permit nonsense? There's a right to bear arms in this country. You know, founding fathers and all that ...

806 days ago

john goldsworthy    

Well the sikh temple shooting has some very strange discrepancies too. You must know by now that billions of people are already calling most of these acts very fishy, even staged, which is fine I heard that about Columbine. But there is some weird I witness testimony that is just ... Outrageous to connect with us

806 days ago


Allegedly this and allegedly that...god, I hate the word. The guy who was indeed identified WITH the bag of weapons is THE guy - not some 'alleged' OTHER guy who tried to smuggle weapons into the theatre.

806 days ago


Holy jesus ********, just put cops at very movie theater, I was genuinely nervous to go the movies, if someone can do it there, what's stopping someone doing here?

806 days ago


My thoughts are this guy just didn't want to leave this stuff in his car and take a chance of someone breaking into his car and stealing it. Then again...I'm not surprised everyone that goes to see that movie ain't packin'.

806 days ago


Changes in the Ohio concealed carry law make carry without a valid permit a felony, so this bozo is screwed.

806 days ago


Another maniac. Thank GOD he was stopped. World has gone straight to Hell. Afraid to stay home, work, school, movies. Damn shame.

806 days ago

Butt Smacker    

Hmm, I can't help thinking a little bit differently from most people about this. Maybe this guy's just a dumbass who wanted to "protect" himself from another Colorado shooting. There's a lot of normal people out there, but there's just as many stupid people. Either way, he's been caught so it's one less dumbass we have to deal with. :)

806 days ago
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