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'Dark Knight Rises'

Man Arrested with Gun,

Knives in Ohio Theater

8/7/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Police in Ohio have arrested a man who allegedly tried to smuggle guns, ammunition and knives into a late-night showing of "Dark Knight Rises."

Authorities say ... the manager of the Cleveland-area movie theater became suspicious of the man, who allegedly tried to bring a satchel into a 10pm Saturday showing of the Batman movie.

The manager reportedly alerted an off-duty cop who was working security that night ... who searched the bag -- found a Glock 9mm handgun, ammunition clips, and three knives -- and immediately alerted police.

Cops say the man, identified as 37-year-old Scott Smith, does NOT have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

According to reports, the man was arrested without incident ... and even offered to put the guns back into his car. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Cops later performed a search of Smith's home. It's unclear if investigators discovered anything during the sweep.


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I cant believe someone else was trying to do that! and whats the big deal about this batman rises movie that makes people wanna kill others or do random shooting sprees during the movie? I just dont get the stupidity of humanity anymore! Its gotten way outta hand and I dont see it slowing down but only getting worse. They need to def give the death penalty to the other guy and not by injection he should be given a death just as painful and slow as he did to the others! Sometimes the fire squad and other brutal ways for death should be used on murderers and other horrible people!

785 days ago


Very scary. I often go to that movie theater.

785 days ago


Was he planning on putting it on youtube to show how smart he could be ? Dumb ass should be sent to prison .

785 days ago


TMZ you need to learn the CCW laws more.. in most states you do NOT need a CCW permit to carry concealed on private property.. Most states you can open carry loaded with no issues.

Cops always try the no lic. bull**** but 99% of the time on Private Prop it can not be used and its dropped.

If there was a Sign saying no firearms then at best its criminal trespass and he will never get a ccw if he ever tried..

785 days ago


Oh great, if there's more security at movie theaters how the hell am I suppose to smuggle in candy and soda from the gas station?? Thanks a lot stupid copycat....

785 days ago


People are scared for what? there is no info showing he was there to do harm.. a few knives and a gun.. big deal.. My wife has two knives on her all the time for work and we both have ccw's so we may be armed at any given time..

People need to realize that there are thousands of CCW holders in every state and have been for years now and most people don't even know. I bet within the last week you been in a building with someone packing a gun and had no idea.

There is nothing wrong with someone legal like myself carrying a pistol with me.. Hell in Cali you can have up to four pistols on you with your CCW permit. We all have to do normal and fbi back ground checks and anything stupid can get you kicked out.. hell I have heard of people not being able to get a CCW because they had a trespass ticket when they were 17.

I used to work nights and I carried keys with me worth millions and I have been confronted more than ounce while working. Hell one night we had a guy on PCP trying to punch his way into a building with 1/2 inch think safety glass. I am on the phone with 911 and he sees me there pointing a weapon at him telling him to stop and he didn't and ended up taking 10 cops to beat his ass down and he had made a hole big enough to come in.. if the cops were even a min late I would have shot him..

785 days ago

Latch Johnson    

The real problem is the media. Something happens and they plaster it on every outlet they have running it into the ground. In Canada, it's illegal to air any news about any violent incident. It doesnt stop violence, but not getting their names in the paper certainly stops a lot of losers from doing this crap.

785 days ago

Mr. Randy Watson    

Sounds more to me like he was taking these in for protection in case some other guy was there to cause big problems.

785 days ago


DIDN'T HE READ THE "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" SIGNS!!! That's what they're for right?! RIGHT?!?!?!?!

785 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Way to watch, Mr. Manager! Good for you and the cop!

785 days ago


uh-oh - I saw the Dark Knight last night with my kids. Like always, I was carrying a fully loaded, chambered, locked & ****ed .45 with an extra mag in my other pocket. I also had a pocket knife which I have carried since 4th grade. At home I have about 6 more guns and some ammo (lots is a relative term). I also have a CCW so this guy is an idiot; however, our legal system is still based on INTENT. he should be cited for carrying without a license, but any further conjecture is idiotic and panicky. My guess is he is a little overweight and was carrying it in the bag because the holster would be uncomfortable in the tight theater seats. And yeah, I do believe if one person with a CCW was at Aurora, he may have at least slowed him down.

785 days ago


The comments left by the leftist morons and the cluesless masses on this thread is amazing.

785 days ago


Too bad this guy wasn't in the movie theater in Aurora CO when the shooting occurred. He may have been able to stop the shooter.

785 days ago

It's Dave    

No concealed carry permit in Ohio? What an idiot. Ohio is a "shall issue" state meaning they give concealed carry permits to all who apply and pass the background check. The guy is likely going to do some jail time for carrying without a permit and he will be severely restricted when it comes to future gun ownership.

785 days ago


HMMM, just throwing this out there, but do you think its time for the U.S to maybe do something about there gun laws, so that EVERY freaking nut job can't get a gun???

785 days ago
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