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Jennifer Lopez

Files $20 Million


8/7/2012 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0807_jennifer_lopez_articleJennifer Lopez has sued her former driver for extortion, claiming he demanded $2.8 million or else he'd tell the media and authorities about secrets he overheard while driving her here and there.

Jennifer's case is a countersuit to a claim filed by Hakob Manoukian, who claimed he was forced to resign after being publicly berated by JLo's manager, Benny Medina.

In her countersuit, obtained by TMZ, Lopez alleges Manoukian became drunk with power and wanted to control her entire security team and get more money for doing it.  When he was shut down, Jennifer claims he retaliated by threatening to spill confidential information that would be highly embarrassing.

And it gets worse.  JLo says Manoukian threatened that if he wasn't paid $2.8 million he would take his info to authorities and have her criminally prosecuted.

Lopez is suing for damages in excess of $20 million.


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I love it! How fast they go down in flames once the spotlight is off them. First, it's criminal offense to ask for money to hide criminal acts. Second JLo is going back to whereshe was before A.I.: washed up. The only thing left going for her is her sexy poses. Just like Kim K, that''s pretty much all that's left

776 days ago


Uh oh. It sure makes you wonder what Jennifer Lopez has to hide that is so incredibly embarrassing or could get her into legal trouble.

If she doesn't have anything to hide then she could just say "take your best shot Hakob Manoukian ... in court OR in the press. You don't have anything on me".

If Jennifer Lopez's boytoy guy Casper Smart (what a name) turns out to be bi-sexual and likes to get kinky gay sex massages and get it in the tailpipe (like John Travolta apparently does) ... WHO CARES !! That's not such a big scandal these days. Maybe it was 20 years ago. Not anymore.

Heck, if Jennifer dumped Casper for being bi-sexual a lot of people would probably tell her ... this is a GOOD THING, don't worry about Casper embarrassing himself, everyone still loves you ... just find a new guy who is more appropriate and closer to her age.

I just hope this Hakob guy didn't overhear someone who is close to Jennifer doing a big drug deal or something. Even though she sometimes lives in Miami, I doubt she is dumb enough to get caught up in that dark world of drugs. Whitney Houston was a total drug addict though. J-Lo would shock everyone if she was like Whitney.

776 days ago


Does Lopez understand if this goes forward it will become public? I for one would love to now her secrets.What is it her driver knows about her that would be criminal? Or is this just something to keep her name in the public forum now that Idol is over. Can't wait for the next installment!!!

776 days ago


She should be worried about her gay boyfriend instead.

776 days ago

Wow ...    

20 million? Some confidentiality agreement, lol. I wonder if that is one breach of contract or 20...

776 days ago

Wow ...    

Here is an example of a confidentiality agreement, filed in court by a maid of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. If a person breaches the contract, it can get pricey. Which of course, is the whole intent of said agreement, to discourage a person from sharing info...***ents/crime/qt-cruise-and-kidman-0

776 days ago


I would love to hear what he has to say, hoping it is the truth. I get the feeling that sweet little Jenny from the Block is a raging bitch who thinks she owns the world.

776 days ago


Did she have a confidential agreement? I thought all celebrities had some type of agreement for employees.

776 days ago


What is the info he has on her? Embarrasing? Illegal?? What?

776 days ago

She's baaaack    

I would stand in line for that book. I think the world should know what a self-serving POS she really is.

776 days ago


JoHo, Is a thug from the block.

776 days ago


No surprise there. JLo after hanging out with that thug, Diddy, nothing would surprise me. He had better get some personal security because he going to need it.

776 days ago


It sounds like Jennifer Lopez is one of those girls who doesn't choose wisely when it comes to men (except for Ben Affleck). Her first ex-husband has been trying to extort Jennifer over a sex tape or trying to sell it to some porn company or whatever.

She went after this first ex-husband with guns blazing. She's trying to put out a warrant for his arrest these days because he didn't pay her legal fees that she ran up trying to go after him and the sex tape (of their freakin honeymoon). That is very lowdown. I don't blame J-Lo at all for going after him. You better get out of the way of a woman scorned over a honeymoon sex tape. Unlike Kim Kardashian and other reality show stars, J-Lo has real talent in music and in movies. She hardly needs a sex tape to get attention to try to advance her career.

If I was this Hakob Manoukian guy I wouldn't be messing with J-Lo either. She'll probably steamroll him good in this situation with her pitbull attorneys.

776 days ago

Toby Weymiller    

Security. Get a real job loser.

776 days ago


Dam!!! If she fire'n back like that he must have overheard some real S*it!!!

776 days ago
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