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Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's My


8/7/2012 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Must be true love ... Kanye West just announced his new song "Perfect Bitch" is about his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

West debuted the track last weekend at a club in NYC -- and today, he took to Twitter to address rumors the song was written about his new lady ... turns out, it was.

The song has NOT been officially released yet -- but a source told the Daily News, the lyrics are "about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'"

Rap's got a terrible reputation of being misogynistic -- and using the word "bitch" doesn't help -- but this song seems to have a romantic spin on it ... so we gotta ask ...


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get real    

Kims His Perfect Bitch? Hes her Perfect Pimp! Hes Low to be Going With Him, However thats what she is use to.

777 days ago


isn't that what gay guys call their female friends? weird...

777 days ago

get real    

She really is a lowlife to be wiyh him. But.......... thats her style.

777 days ago


That fact that she "likes it" is further proof of her absolutely stupidity. What's next, punching her in the face? The woman has the brains of a turnip.

777 days ago


Does that mean if I see Kim on the street, I can say, "Hey, bitch!"? 'Cause that would be fun.

777 days ago


She's the biggest bitch I know. Look what this clown bitch did to her x husband. Damn Piss Princess And the older she gets, the longer that face gets. Last time I seen a face like that it was having oats in a stall.

777 days ago


Yet another example how music degrades women, Nice on KW you are the douche i thought you always were. And when Kim shows up with a Black Eye, busted lip or yet another LEAKED sex tape. All you can do is set back and wonder was she really that stupid?

777 days ago


He's such a romantic guy........... Wish I could find someone like him :-)

Every girls dream guy........................minus all the grease.

777 days ago


if it was any thing else besides the fat hore I would say nasty pos to him but she is his bitch and that makes the rest of us happy she isnt trolling for any more garbage,she found her garbage man

777 days ago


I will be so happy when he goes and OJ's her arse,her HUGE LARGE HUGE arse

777 days ago


Let's see...... a perfect pimp mama, a perfect fame whore daughter and a washed up rapper that looks like a chipmunk with both cheek pouches full. That's a recipe for a perfect reality show. As far as Perfect Bitch goes, that's nothing new, these rappers can't converse at more than a 3rd grade level so they have to keep the language simple and within the bounds of their street cred mentality. It's even more funny considering most of them as much street cred as Barry Manilow. God Bless America.

777 days ago


At least he got the bitch part correct but he forgot *** dumpster whore.

777 days ago


What do expect from him? She's an idiot.

777 days ago

Mercer EsruK    

Yo, Kanye. I'm really happy for you and Ima let you finish, but you and Kim are THE WORST COUPLE OF ALL TIME!

777 days ago


The fact that her own "boyfriend" refers to her a bitch shows that he has no respect for her and thinks shes trash like 95% of the public. Also if Kanye thinks a woman who made a sex-tape to get in the spotlight, slept with most of Hollywood and strips naked for money is the "perfect woman" for him then he has very low standards. If any man described me has a "bitch" I would give him a backhand and dump him but as Kim's a whore and dirty little slut and so desperate to hang on to her 15 mins she doesnt mind. Pathetic slag.

777 days ago
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