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Stephanie Pratt's BF

The Cop I Ran Over Is


8/7/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Stephanie Pratt
's boyfriend is not copping to assaulting a cop by running over his foot with a Ferrari ... because we've learned Julien Chabbott claims he didn't illegally park the car and he also believes the officer is faking injury ... further proving Stephanie is dating a raging idiot.

Sources close to Pratt and Chabbott tell TMZ Julien is adamant ... a valet left his $260,000 Ferrari in a no-parking zone, so he was just "frustrated" that the cop painted him as the bad guy. 

We're also told Julien believes the cop wasn't hurt when the Ferrari's tire ran over his foot.  Julien believes the video shows the cop looked just fine as he walked over to the driver's door, adding the cop doesn't start limping until he knows other officers are watching.

Oh yeah, Julien also says he believes the cop was just trying to meet his quota.

As for Officer Felix Recio ... law enforcement sources tell us his left foot and right hand were injured and he went to a hospital for treatment.

Recio says Julien was bitching about the ticket, got back in his car and began driving away, even thought he was ordered to stand on the sidewalk.

Julien has been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor obstruction of governmental administration. That certainly sounds about right.


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Is this the first time ferrari man has gotten a ticket? He should have just not paid it and the rental company where he got the car is stuck with it. What a moron

806 days ago


Love how he slammed the door into the cab, thats a costly ding on the rental.

806 days ago

i said it    

The law says that the ticket has to be placed on the windshield for it to be legit. You have the right to drive away, even though he is writing it. So for the cop to purposely stick his foot there is...well he got what he asked for.

806 days ago


Idiot ! the point isn't that the cop was hurt the point was you ran over his foot. And who the **** starts moving their car when a cop is giving you a ticket. What a tool !

806 days ago


No way thats his car, if it is then he is dead broke man with a 200k car. I lived on Mercer St (where this is) and to be honest, I would have parked my crappy Saab on the Street down there. Crowded as hell, million idiots everywhere looking for trouble. I mean, I get its 50 bucks to park your car in a lot for 2 hours, but dude you're obviously driving your entire net worth around. What a d bag.

806 days ago

Dom The Mover    

Idiot lesson 1, when a cop is writing a ticket let him or her finish, then when their back is turned proceed to give them the finger

806 days ago


Arrogant Ahole with shiny red car.

Thinks he is too rich and important to get ticketed.

806 days ago


Julian appears to be a narcissistic brat who wanted to demonstrat that he does not have to put up rules.
In his mind he is more important.

806 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Who the f#$ck does this cop think he is, Rambo? You can't just reach in someones car even if it is parked upside down and violently assault them, rip them out of it and slam them around. These guys need to get a grip on reality. To PROTECT and SERVE. He could educate the man, not assault him. F$ing pigs.

806 days ago

Poor Leno    

What a dumb **** tard this dude with the ferarri was, he totally ignored the cop and acted like a stuck up ****!

806 days ago


Bottom line, the kid is a brat and thinks he's above law enforcement. Everyone knows you don't ignore or disobey the police. He showed no respect and got what he deserved. I don't think the officer deliberately positioned himself to get hurt. He was watching the moving traffic behind him and I think he was trying to be safely away from that. I have had my foot run over by a slow moving parking car in a parking lot and couldn't walk for weeks after. It didn't set in how badly I was hurt right away and I walked normally for a short time afterwards too. I think the cop's adrenaline kicked in while apprehending the kid, doing his job. But I do agree, he appears to suddenly realize there is an audience and start exaggerating a bit. bottom line, the whole thing wouldn't have happened if the bratty kid obeyed the officer!

806 days ago


Wow, the cop was kinda aggressive! I know Julian (whoever he is) was being an idiot but surely it's the cop's job to deal with the situation calmly.. It looks like he was punching the car and then dragged the man out and threw him onto the bonnet.. probably not the best way to deal with the situation from either party!

806 days ago


I don't buy the story that it was the valet's fault but the cop also should not have put his foot in front of the tire. But it's the guy's fault for driving off before the cop was done writing the paperwork and because he ran over his foot even though the cop told him to stop.

806 days ago


This ******* got what he deserved. He thought he would be a bad ass (the driver, not the cop) and show off in front of his friends. Well, now he has an assault against a police officer. I hope the pavement at least tasted good because jail food is not as good.

806 days ago


This guy is an a-hole he should have just taken the ticket put if you watch the video the cop moves his foot and he hurts his hand when he punches the car

806 days ago
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