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Aly Raisman's Dad

Hassled By Grumpy

A-Hole During Floor Finals

8/8/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aly Raisman's father stood up and cheered his face off after his daughter pulled off the greatest performance of her life last night ... which REALLY pissed off the cranky bastard who sat behind him.

It was HILARIOUS ... with his daughter about to receive the gold medal for the individual floor routine, some Olympic party-pooper grumpily reached over to Rick Raisman ... and nagged him to sit down and shut up.

Of course, Rick totally ignored the guy ... and probably cheered even louder.

So sorry America ruined your evening ... you black hole of fun, enemy of awesome, enjoyment-sucking pain in the ass.

Go USA!!

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Not exactly how it went. He stood up in the middle of a riveting performance and blocked the man behind him's view so the man naturally said, "sit down" because he wanted to enjoy the performance too. He prob didn't know it was her father nor would it make a difference.

785 days ago


That man would have paid good money to see such a popular event. I would have been pi!?ed as well. Actually I probably would have thrown a punch at the ******** dad.

785 days ago


So, because of her parents and their attention whoring, the poor guy in the back can't enjoy the Olympics because Mommy and Daddy are more important and entitled to obscure his view? They could have cheered her on while being considerate as well but I guess that never occurred to them. I side with the guy in the back. I would have been pissed as well. They looked like morons.

785 days ago


You people obviously didn't watch the performance or the footage. I did so let me fill you in on how it went. Aly started doing her routine, in the middle of her routine she stuck and awesome landing for something she had been struggling with her dad got in the moment stood up cheered the man asked him to sit he did. At the end of the routine the dad moved to the isle so he wouldn't block anyone’s view and cheered because his daughter was receiving a gold medal for her routine. He looked up at the jumbo screen to get a better view of his daughter’s performance not to see if he was on it. Now for you people saying that her dad was being a stupid, obnoxious, self-centered, ill behaved, bad mannered American obviously A) didn’t watch her routine or B) don’t have kids. Being in the Olympics is an AMAZING achievement and should be celebrated but getting a medal let-a-lone a GOLD medal is an even more amazing achievement. I’m sure if you had kids who made it that far would have jumped up and cheered too had the shoe been on the other foot. As a daughter when I mom came to my sporting event and was cheering whether she was standing or sitting always made me feel like she was proud of me and it made me feel better about myself and my performance. As a mother my little one is 3 and when he does something he’s proud of and looks at me and gives me a big smile my heart melts and I clap and say good job sweetie. If he made it to the Olympics I would do the same as her dad whether he won a medal or not because he is my child and I am a proud parent for all he has accomplished.

785 days ago


it's THEIR child.

the guy behind them HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

783 days ago
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