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Joan Rivers

CUFFED to Shopping Cart

In Anti-Costco Protest

8/8/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Cops were called to an L.A. Costco yesterday -- after comedian Joan Rivers HANDCUFFED herself to a shopping cart during a one-woman protest against the wholesale store ... comparing the place to "Nazi Germany" ... and we got video of the entire debacle.

TMZ broke the story ... Joan claims Costco banned her new book "I Hate Everything ... Starting with Me" because of several racy jokes on the back cover -- so yesterday, she staged a protest in Burbank against what she called unjust censorship.

Joan yelled into a bullhorn, "Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they'll be burning the bible."

Joan then walked into the store and handcuffed herself to a random woman's shopping cart, where she continued to scream. Costco management called the cops, who then asked Joan to leave -- which she did. And that was that.

But the footage is hilarious. Even the cops can't help but laugh.


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Smart move Costco.....this video just moved you up quite a few more notches.

Repulsive old bag!

774 days ago

American Mom    

Joan, your book will sell better any where else but Costco. Costco isn't all that. As a matter of fact costco sells milk that gives people food poisen. That's right I have met many people who have gotten food poisen from costco milk including me. Come on people it's a warehouse! Joan, you should be glad they won't sell your book that means it is a good quality product.

774 days ago


Rivers is a crass pig. She isn't even recognizable as human. I watched about 5 minutes of her show and I will guarantee you if my Mother came in and treated my kids the way Joan treats her grandchildren, that would be the LAST time my mother would be allowed around them.

774 days ago


where at in alabama?

774 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she is losing her mind. Why does she care if Costco carries her book? She refused to remove dirty jokes from public view on the back cover, so it is their right to say that they don't want that in their store.

I think she has a dirty mouth and needs to clean up her act. That is my freedom of speech. I wonder if she likes that. Some people don't want to have smut forced into their view.

774 days ago


Stunt! Who takes her seriously. It's a joke. BTW if she handcuffed herself to my cart I'd just figure it's an extra set of hands to help me shop and put her to work. Wonder how fast she can walk in those heels because I don't mess around when it's shopping time. Who can't use ridiculously super sized crap. The trampirepocolypse is coming!

774 days ago


I love Joan but, she's filthy rich! Why does she care if they won't sell her book!?

774 days ago


Get a new life you old bat oh wait you can't buy those.

774 days ago


Get a new life you old bat. Oh wait you can't buy one lol.

774 days ago


A publicity stunt of the truly desperate. I wish I cared. Wait. No I don't. I have no intention of caring if this old hag sells books.

774 days ago


What an attention whore. This seal's time was over decades ago but she does not realize it.

774 days ago


She had better worry more about the fact her book sucks, rather than what store isn't carrying it.

774 days ago

Courtney Smith    

She was also on ":The View" This is the response that I sent them.
Dear Ladies,
Being an avid viewer and loving your show. My husband and I recently watched the episode with Joan Rivers book. "I hate everyone..Starting with me..My husband C.David Smith. ( The grandfather of Michael and Alex Smith) purchased Ms. Rivers book because of your endorsement. I will refer you to page 12. My husband purchased this book for me with no knowledge that his grandchildren Michael and Alex Smith who were mudered by their mother would be so disrespected by Ms. Rivers in such a tasteless joke. Michael and Alex had a family that loved them and still mourn the loss. Imagine reading page 12 with no knowledge thinking that your husband would think the book was funny. Then you have to tell him what Ms. Rivers had put in her book about his precious grandchildren. We have yet to inform their father David Smith. I have tremendous amount of respect for all of you. I watch you everyday but I could not believe that you would endorse a book that made a joke out of a mother that is a convicted child murderer of 2 children. What if it was your child or grandchild Ms. Rivers used in her book? I hope that none of you ever have to endure the type of pain of losing your grandchild to murder of their own mother.
Courtney and C. David Smih

774 days ago


Classy move, throwing profanity in front of young children (S.O.B). Anyone notice.....NO ONE bought a book!

774 days ago


Bought her new book for my nook - worst waste of money ever! Just a bunch of negative rambling.

774 days ago
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