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Kathie Lee Gifford

RIPPED by Fans for

Dissing Parents of Druggies

8/8/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kathie Lee Gifford
is being SKEWERED by hordes of angry fans as we speak ... one even calling her a "thoughtless human being" -- after the TV personality strongly implied that parents of drug addicts were FAILURES.

Kathie recently spoke to Family Circle magazine -- and in the interview, she said, "I'm not a perfect mom, but my kids haven't been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right!"

The implication -- parents of kids who HAVE been arrested or struggled with drug addictions are NOT doing something right.

This didn't sit too well with many of Kathie's fans -- who have since taken to the talk show host's Facebook page to express their disgust.

Among the comments -- "Well Kathy, here is a pic of my little brother who we lost at the age of 33 yrs old due to a DISEASE called DRUG ADDICTION ... I find it funny we were both raised by the same woman called MOM ... I am NOT an ADDICT and NEVER was ... Poor parenting?? Gimme a break."

"Shame on you Kathie Lee Gifford, shame on you. You are a thoughtless human being."

"Kathy do you know the first thing they teach you in family counseling for loved ones of addicts? The three C's; you DIDN'T cause it, you CAN'T cure it, and you CAN'T control it."

"Poor parenting?? God bless you and your great parenting skills you suck at being educated on addiction."

"I'm glad you never had to face any of your babies drowning in a disease they could not be cured from. I lost my baby at the age of 32 to a heroin overdose in Sept 2010. I am a doctor and worked hard my entire life to give her the best."

So we gotta ask ...


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Mary Gariepy    

I have never been so insulted in my life. My 23 year old daughter died from an overdose a little shy of a year ago. She was beautiful, intelligent, a great mother, sister and daughter UNTIL she had a new boyfriend. In less than 1 year she was gone. Who are you to take it upon yourself and judge others

772 days ago


Some people say that the reason why some of us are so irrate with our comments towards KLG, is because there's some truth to what she said . HA! that's not it at's because when you live with someone whether your own child or spouse who are drug feel HELPLESS ! Most of these kids become experts at hiding their addiction until it's too late ! we have been dealing with my son's addictions for almost 2 years now...some of you don't understand that when someone reaches 'legal age' we as parents can NO longer make decisions for them. they can sign themselves out of the hospital after 72hours if they want. i can NOT and will NOT turn my back on my son...i can't do it ! i live in fear of getting a phone call or worse finding him dead myself so i do everything i can to let him know that i love about Kathy Lee Gifford sit down with Sly Stallone and she can discuss with him what he must have done wrong as a parent since he just lost his son to possible drug involvement. Only people who have a love one that is a drug addict can truly understand the level of despair, fear and yes hope that one feels ! KLG is a bobble head who defers comments like that in order to NOT have anyone find out what still lurks in her closet.... ugh!

771 days ago

Tori Saunder    

Sorry we cant all be so perfect... You've just been lucky... Whose to say what tomorrow might bring...... People who live in glass houses really shouldnt throw rocks.........

771 days ago


before anyone takes the liberty to insult another parent, make sure your doorstep is clean.... Kathie has never impressed me.. she is a mediocre singer at best, she pursued a married man, she interrupts Hoda all the time, its like she is laughing at her, she forgets when interviewing a certain man that his wife was deceased RECENTLY and continues to tell him what a good marriage the have: never letting up. and as far a good parenting~~ keep drinking alcohol on live TV... that certainly is a good technique ! oh yeah, remember when she claimed "i didnt know" regarding her cloths line manufacturing... this woman and Satin do quit a dance together..

771 days ago


Please share, would love to read!

771 days ago

Russell Palmer    

I am with her. Parents who have druggie kids, are not real parents. very poor. They tolerate it, and should be jailed with the kids.

771 days ago


I hope she gets killed

771 days ago

Justsay Nohan    


I can't believe how many people are taking this personally. Her casual comment was not meant to be an attack on anyone - collectively or individually - unless you honestly believe that an individual making a positive, innocuous statement about herself AUTOMATICALLY insults anyone else who does/does not fit into a specific set of defined parameters.

Seriously. If you're that offended by this then either:

A. you have some serious issues to resolve.
B. you're much too personally invested to see things objectively.
C. you're just plain paranoid.

I'm guessing "B".

771 days ago

gladys dilmaghani    

I lost my only daughter to an eating disorder. It will be two years August 30th, 2012. She was my best friend, sister and daughter the only thing in my life that made sense to me. She was my rock and still is. I am very spiritual and I know one day I will be with her. Each day that I wake up I say I am a day closer to you my Angel... Not one day goes by that I dont cry and miss her so dearly. We got her help went to many therapist, physcologist, dietitians, etc. for many years. She did not want to be hospitalized so I stepped back from work and decided to take charge on her diet, appts. , her supplements, and supporting her and her feelings. Many days she would sit and cry in my bed saying how horrible this world was and people here were so evil an insenitive to other peoples feelings and I would listen and cry with her, embrace her with unconditional love and tell her how sorry I was for what she felt and that I will always be by her side. I prayed and I prayed to God to help my little baby girl Angel. She was the kindness soul on earth and gave so much of her heart to so so many people but this world took advantage of her beautiful soul. Her beauty shined from inside out and this horrible horrible world destroyed her and our family. Every night when I go to sleep I pray to God to please allow her to come to my dreams, to smell her, to hear her voice, to hug her in my dreams once again. the pain of a parent that has lost their child is so so horrific and cannot be described. I only pray that no one parent goes through this journey. I feel sorry for Kathy Lee because she does not know what she is saying and a big ego is the beggest destruction and the biggest sin. Kathy Lee I have no respect for you and your actions. The hurt and despair you have cost all of these parents that are still greiving will one day come for whatever energy you give it always comes back in one way shape or form. For every negative word that comes from your mouth there are consequences in life and one day you will look back and ask for forgiveness... I feel really really sorry and pray that you will open your heart to those in despair and those that are grieving. You are not God and you are not important in this world. You are meaningless and have no values. I really dont know which planet you come from but one thing I do know is the your are inhumane. I hope God can forgive you for the hurt you have caused across the globe.

770 days ago

Alan Carver    

Well today her kids aren't on drugs or have issues with substances, but I guarantee you that both her kids Cody and Cassidy have consumed alcohol. She lives in another world, one of delusion and hypocrisy! Let us not forget it was FRANK that cheated on her so she MIGHT think she is raising her kids right, she sure doesn't understand how to keep her husband happy and she shares that everyday on her show when Frank is brought up, she loves to belittle him as much as possible! She is an idiot and getting called on the carpet for these insensitive comments only adds to her being completely in denial about her own life and her kids! She is to be feared and not given so much adulation for being on NBC for the Kathi Lee & Hoda show! Embarrassing NBC!

770 days ago

Kevin Shipton    

The parents of drug addicts are "Failures." That is a huge statement since app. 15% of our population is alcoholic and if you include mental health one has another 15 %. So, in essence Kathy you have included 1/3 of all of the people in the world...
I hope you can apologize for such a statement.

767 days ago


It may have come off a little braggy, but not mean spirited as most comments here.
Society, TV, some music, and parents trying to make ends meet, or keep up with the JOneses.
No one is perfect,I wouldn't want to be a kid today ,it's not easy for either. Be nice, to everyone , were all s crewed up one way or another.the world is crazy, don't be crazy, be kind.

756 days ago


Kathie, you ignorant slut!! It is the blanket of $$$$$ that your kids will never need that is probably the most helpful to them. They have all the choices in life. They aren't paying for their own college education, and probably won't ever have to pay for much. But, wouldn't be surprised if they need some therapy for the fact that their mother talked about them nonstop while they were in their most tender years. There must have been a backlash among their peers for that. Also, you have been a wino on tv for the past few years. Hmmmj...what problems could that cause for your children..?

751 days ago


So it appears I did everything right. My son never took drugs, didn't drink, was honor man in the Marine Corp, worked for the DEA, works for a government contractor whose only customer is the FBI. He's aces, straights and flushes to everyone. My son hasn't spoken to me in 6 years, has estranged himself from his entire (ENTIRE) family and never had the nerve to explain why to any of us. Gee KLG did I overparent right too much?

746 days ago


Kathie Lee needs to count to 20 before she speaks I think. This comment just proves that. I really think she {or her PA } needs to address the issue on her facebook page. It appears that the ire will keep going as her silence feels like an absolute snub to those who want an apology at the very least from her.
She is conspicuous by her absence on the page!

745 days ago
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