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Kathie Lee Gifford

RIPPED by Fans for

Dissing Parents of Druggies

8/8/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kathie Lee Gifford
is being SKEWERED by hordes of angry fans as we speak ... one even calling her a "thoughtless human being" -- after the TV personality strongly implied that parents of drug addicts were FAILURES.

Kathie recently spoke to Family Circle magazine -- and in the interview, she said, "I'm not a perfect mom, but my kids haven't been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right!"

The implication -- parents of kids who HAVE been arrested or struggled with drug addictions are NOT doing something right.

This didn't sit too well with many of Kathie's fans -- who have since taken to the talk show host's Facebook page to express their disgust.

Among the comments -- "Well Kathy, here is a pic of my little brother who we lost at the age of 33 yrs old due to a DISEASE called DRUG ADDICTION ... I find it funny we were both raised by the same woman called MOM ... I am NOT an ADDICT and NEVER was ... Poor parenting?? Gimme a break."

"Shame on you Kathie Lee Gifford, shame on you. You are a thoughtless human being."

"Kathy do you know the first thing they teach you in family counseling for loved ones of addicts? The three C's; you DIDN'T cause it, you CAN'T cure it, and you CAN'T control it."

"Poor parenting?? God bless you and your great parenting skills you suck at being educated on addiction."

"I'm glad you never had to face any of your babies drowning in a disease they could not be cured from. I lost my baby at the age of 32 to a heroin overdose in Sept 2010. I am a doctor and worked hard my entire life to give her the best."

So we gotta ask ...


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Wow, she is sure high on herself and her parenting! I also am a parent of a former drug addict, a good parent, who was glose to my kid, did alot together, 2 parent home, good job and spent coutless hours volunteering at my kids schools/event. my child was an honour roll student, 2 jobs, bought her own car, clothes etc. met the wrong person. it can happen to ANYONE!She just think her **** doesnt stink, she look and acts lke a conceited snob, parents who can withstand seeing what their child goes through with addiction, and hopefully see their child make it through and to the parents who werent so lucky are the BEST parents for not giving up. RIP to those who have lost their life due to addiction

804 days ago


Katie Lee I know so many parent that have raised their children really well, yet some parents have to deal with a drug addicted children!! Ever heard of peer pressure,boyfriend or girlfriend they may have told to to try it and have got hooked!! Shame on you for assuming that drug addicts have bad parents!! My advice to you is be very careful what you say because karma is a real bit** I really would not want this to happen to your family but if it did i would not assume you are bad parents!!

804 days ago


And btw Kathy rehab is a GOOD thing

804 days ago


i guess she forgot-or chose not 2 remember-her husband was caught cheating some years back.. to ME thats not a "functional, my family is so perfect..." hated that ho every since the Regis days.. she needs to take a l-o-n-g reflective look at her own self absorbed trashy self b 4 she casts her- I'm so for sure I'm (we) so perfect..- BTW isn't this the 2nd time she said something out of context? NBC needs think of replacing her on the "failing" Today Show.. really many people actually RESPECT her opinion?

804 days ago


when will this dumb bitch stop putting her foot in her mouth? wasnt to long ago she had just put it in her mouth mighty deep when she asked how Martin Shorts wife was doing while he was on her show, but his wife had died many months before. how f**king ignorant can this dumb ass be?

804 days ago


Oh come on. People need to learn both hearing and reading comprehension. She wasn't taking a dig at anyone else, all she was just saying that even though she is not a perfect mother, somehow something she's done seems to have worked for her kids. She is saying she doesn't know what it is she did that worked, just that something worked and her kids have avoided those temptations and traps. That's not an insult to anyone else, it's just a statement of fact.
It is not uncommon for kids with great upbringings to fail, and kids with lousy upbringings to succeed.
That could be as simple as having the right mix of this gene from mom and that gene from dad, and having a few early life experiences that made that person into somebody who never had the need or desire to drink, do drugs, or act out in an anti-social or anti-authoritarian way.
So the thing that Kathy Lee did that worked for her kids could simply be that she had them, not that she did anything else right or wrong.
The real issue here is that so many people out there today think that everything is about them in some way, shape, or form. If the wind changes direction and blows leaves at them they think that the wind is against them personally.
It's not.
Really, it's not.

804 days ago


Hey Kathie Lee..."shhhhhhhhhh". That's all.

804 days ago


She has a HUGE POINT. I am a recovering drunk. Sober 15 years. Was it my parents fault....maybe 10% of it.

My household you never felt "Safe" to discuss "sex" or sexual orientation. We were also screamed and yelled at almost daily! My mom would end her "yelling Sessions" with "Your going to cause me and your dad to divorce..

As a result all of use turned to something to ease the emotional pain. Parents need to create a safe place in the home when anything can be talked about without fear.. and consequences. My parents failed at that... Was I a perfect child "NO". Were my sisters "No". However even now my moms "Yelling Sessions" have resulted in family rifts.

804 days ago


She is rather annoying (pushy type). Glad if she has nice kids though. Can the Father take any credit??

804 days ago

john johnson    

i think cody put her up to this......with hoda's approval, lol.

804 days ago


then whos f^&*ing fault is it???

804 days ago


Don't know why this arse is still even on the air. Never liked her.

804 days ago


IDIOTs! peer presure is irrelevant, if you are doing a good job parenting!!! LOOSER BOYFRIEND! kick his ass out of the picture! daughter sneekes around with looser boyfriend send her to boarding school end of problen!

804 days ago


Her husband had an affair a few years back. That must mean she is not a good wife.

804 days ago


Kathy has her head up her as s. My brother died of Aids. We have the most loving family, parents and did everything for us. When you go out and make friends sometimes you fall in with the wrong crowd. There comes that time when you and ony you are responsible for yourself, and KATHY, my parents will never be the same after him dying wondering what they did wrong, which was only they loved and provided him with everything.

804 days ago
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