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Terrorist Threat

Targets Madonna Concert

8/8/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone has made a serious threat to harm spectators and performers at an upcoming Madonna concert in Russia, and the U.S. Embassy is warning Americans who might attend.

The Embassy issued an alert that the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg received info regarding a threat of physical violence against the audience and people on stage at the St. Petersburg concert scheduled for tomorrow.

The Embassy is specifically warning American citizens planning to attend the concert "to remain vigilant regarding their personal security." 

A source directly connected with Madonna tells TMZ they will not be deterred by the threat and the show will go on.

Officials are not giving details on the nature of the threat, but the threats were revealed days after Madonna spoke out in support of a jailed Russian punk band called Pussy Riot.  Madonna believes the group has been unfairly censored.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Terrorist threat? When I read that I immediately thought she was going to spread her legs again.

771 days ago


Why the heck would anyone care if Madonna put out a new album with a few good songs and then did a big world tour? Who cares how old she is. It's not like Madonna is forcing people to go to her big concerts. Maybe Madonna should probably tone down the sexual stuff she does in her concerts though. Madonna probably feels pretty good at age 53 and thinks she's still 25. I hear she stays in excellent physical shape all the time. She's probably in better physical shape than most girls in their 20s. Tons of women in their 20s these days are fat, lazy, party way too much and look terrible.

Before he died, Michael Jackson was planning a massive world tour and he was 50 years old. Did many people talk about his age? In those days, Michael Jackson was a suspected child molester and a major drug addict too. Madonna has been a "good girl" compared to him. Her career has been just as successful as Michael Jackson's was and a LOT of other musicians.

Does anyone care that Paul McCartney is in his 60s? He's a living legend. Plenty of young people think Paul McCartney is awesome. Same thing with the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Van Halen, etc. All those guys have had long careers and are getting up there in age.

771 days ago

linda antonioli    

Some menopausal women have trouble letting go of their wild and girlish youth. Been there, done that. This outfit is waaaaay beyond age inappropriate. It makes her look foolish. It's cool to be a 50-something woman, Madge, don't make it a bad thing.

771 days ago


It's so sad to see an elderly has-been not see herself accurately in the mirror. People only buy her tickets anymore just to go watch her embarrass herself in a Freak Show. Her own people obviously won't tell her.

771 days ago


Madonna should go for the remake movie of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," I think she could finally get an academy award for the former Bette Davis Role.

771 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

COming soon to a venue near you! It's the Madonna, the Assisted Living in a Material World Tour - brought to you by Depends and Ensure.

771 days ago

Bad Dog    

It's not just elton that wants her to keep her clothes on, even straight men don't want to see her naked. It's like a woman's body but nothing is in the right place plus, it's like seeing your grandma naked

771 days ago


Why don't you Madonna haters actually GO to a Madonna concert and see for yourself. Go watch the fans in big arenas cheering her on as much as they ever did. Madonna's music isn't for everyone. Never has. People have different tastes in music. If people don't like Madonna's music, how she looks or what her age is I'm sure she couldn't care less. Don't buy her music or go to her concerts, she's already worth like half a billion dollars or more.

Madonna has always been kind of a scandalous rebel who thumbs her nose at different things. She's a bit of a punk rocker like Courtney Love.

771 days ago


If Betty White were to don a cheer leader outfit it would be awesome. When Madge does it, or pretends to be 'in' on the party drugs the 'kids' are doing these days.... it's just really pathetic.
Keep your clothes on woman, and go read a book or something so that it actually seems like you know the meaning of the ten dollar words you use all the time to try seem 'smart'.

771 days ago


Elton John has been taking shots at LOTS of people for decades. Madonna is hardly the first person he's feuded with. He is kind of proud to be a male bitch who gets catty and diva-like like other female musicians sometimes are.

You can't really take what Elton says seriously a lot of the time. It's no surprise that he's saying what he did about Madonna. Elton was mainly mad at Madonna because he really does respect her music talent but he wanted her new album to be like her good classic pop albums of the past instead of a bunch of dance floor songs like Rihanna might do.

I kind of agree with Elton on that point. Madonna should have stuck with what she does best ... keyboard heavy pop music. Her slower songs are really good too. That's what I was hoping most of her new album would be like.

771 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Look, we all have to realize that this is the only thing that Madonna can do.
> She can dance a little, although at her age she can't do the little bouncy teat moves that were her bread and butter.
> She never was a raving beauty, and now that she stripped her body of every ounce of fat she quite frankly looks cadaverous.
> She never was an actress, she had that one role thirty years ago where she basically played herself, and everyone thought she would be a star - yeah right.
> Finally, there is what she laughably calls her singing. She trained for a year for the part of Eva Peron - go onto Youtube or find anything that she sang from that movie. After a year of vocal training, and every electronic aid know to man at the time, and her singing is just a joke - a pathetic, laughable joke. The biggest joke was on the producers who let Madge service them in return for costing them untold millions of dollars.
> No folks, this is what you get from madonna now. French Politicains with Swastikas plaster on their their faces. Madge spreading her legs to the audience and showing various parts of her scrawny body to the aproval of no one. The old crone having pseudo sex on stage with her 20 year old gigolo toy. "Oooh, rub me some more little boy, and stop eyeing up Lourdes". "Pointing guns at the audience in direct conflict of other nations laws. In other words, Madonna doing the one thing she can still do - All of the money accumulated will no give Madonna what she really wants - Youth.
> If you think about it for a moment, it's all really kind of sad and pathetic.

771 days ago


Shes the only bomb in the building

771 days ago

Kim Eastman    

Ew. Madonna looks SO gross here.

771 days ago


Holy crap does she look like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!

771 days ago


If you like Madonna, you HAVE to be embarrsed for her. She is just making a laughing stock out of herself. There's no harm in growing old gracefully. She's trying anything in her public relations departments bag of tricks to stay in the spotlight. Pathetic.

771 days ago
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