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Terrorist Threat

Targets Madonna Concert

8/8/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone has made a serious threat to harm spectators and performers at an upcoming Madonna concert in Russia, and the U.S. Embassy is warning Americans who might attend.

The Embassy issued an alert that the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg received info regarding a threat of physical violence against the audience and people on stage at the St. Petersburg concert scheduled for tomorrow.

The Embassy is specifically warning American citizens planning to attend the concert "to remain vigilant regarding their personal security." 

A source directly connected with Madonna tells TMZ they will not be deterred by the threat and the show will go on.

Officials are not giving details on the nature of the threat, but the threats were revealed days after Madonna spoke out in support of a jailed Russian punk band called Pussy Riot.  Madonna believes the group has been unfairly censored.


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Different Rules Apply    

Liked Madonna way back in the day, however, since her decision to open her face and insert fake cheekbones and her decision to change her accent to "pole up your a$$" talk, I am no longer interested. She looks awful in this shot. Madge, you were great once, let it go already.

769 days ago


Wow does she ever look like a dried up ugly skank these days.

769 days ago


My God, really???? With those old lady legs (knees) and that chicken neck she needs to STOP IT! Put your clothes on are to old for this nonsense!! Some 50 year olds can pull this look off but you are NOT one of them!!!!

769 days ago


Elton, is that you!?!

769 days ago


Being all adult and all proper and "acting your age" is OVERRATED. I'm not an old dude and I don't really want to act my age when I do get old ... unless I absolutely have to. You only live ONCE you know. Then you turn to dust laying in your grave forever along with everyone else. Nobody gets out of here alive. Not even multi-billionaires. Brand new babies will have their day in the sun and then be just as dead as George Washington and Ben Franklin in the 1700s.

Why waste it trying to live your life being all afraid what people might think all the time. It's ridiculous. Madonna probably needs to tone down the sexual stuff and just get out there and belt out her best songs as well as she can and dance a little. Nobody will care if she's not running around like she did in the 80s. She doesn't have to try to outdo Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga. She's already proven herself many times over as a good performer.

Listen to Apple founder Steve Jobs' Stanford graduation speech from about 5-10 years ago on YouTube. He's a wise man who really DID change the world in a big way.

769 days ago


I love Elton John's comments on Madonna. All she has to do is sing and entertain. What the hell is wrong with growing old, no one is fooloing anyone. Just go with the flow and change withyour age. Madonna contrary to popular opinion has never reinvented herself, she has been doing the same thing since the early 80's. I hope Iive long enough to see her kids right tell all books about this arrogant bitch.

769 days ago


Not going to a Madonna concert ANYWHERE is just not a problem for me.

769 days ago

Glory Bee    

Okay look, I'm also a woman of a certain age. Matured nicely. I have some very slutty outfits I wear IN THE BEDROOM. My younger man loves it. And by younger I mean a few years, not 30. I can wear a short skirt and boots. But darlings, it's all about HOW you wear them. Makeup? Just a little enhancement. Not paved on. Yes, we CAN dress in a sexy way. But M. is just sooooo very very sad.

769 days ago


Go Madonna! Bring awareness to this russian issue.

769 days ago


Normally, I would never say this, but terrorists offing the old hag is a win for everyone. I support this, as long as no one else is hurt...

769 days ago


Madonna needs to retire. She is looking worse for wear. I'm a fan..but enough is enough.

769 days ago


I'm against terrorism but I'm also against Madonna and would love for her old, wrinkly @$$ to disappear; this is a tough one....

769 days ago


Madonna has been so desperate for attention at her concert's lately, I wouldn't be surprised if she called in the threat.

769 days ago


Doin' the material woman's version of "Mickey"??

769 days ago


She needs to get a grip and quit trying to compete with the youngers - she is not young anymore no matter how fit she is and hard she tries - she would earn a lot more respect if she found something more age appropriate to perform - also - the state department is involved with this threat - this is serious - "fans" could be injured - but yet the show will go on? For who? Madonna's point? You would think she cared more about the safety of her performers and fans than herself but oh no... the show will go on - she better hope nobody makes good on their threat....

769 days ago
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