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Olympic Scrotum Punching

French Bball Player

Goes NUTS on Spain

8/8/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about an Olympic low blow ... some dude on the French basketball team just delivered a closed-fist scrotum punch to a Spanish player ... sending the guy crumbling to the floor in agonizing pain.

The ball-punisher is France's Nic Batum ... who obliterated Juan Carlos Navarro's bean bag in the 4th quarter of their quarterfinal matchup ... in an effort to intentionally foul the guy.  Batum was NOT ejected from the game.

Seems testicle attacks are all the rage at the Olympics this year -- just yesterday, Team USA member Carmelo Anthony took a fist to the no-no zone from a guy on the Argentina squad.

2:00 PM PT -- Batum has apologized for gonad battery ... tweeting, "I want to apologize for my stupid act at the end, I showed a bad image of France and myself, Congrats to team Spain."

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Phishie from Philly    

The french basket ball player was being friendly and was just checking the the Spainish players nuts. No harm intended. The French player is in medical school and was just practicing

Phishie from Philly.

807 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

That's how the French say Good Game.

Phishie from Philly

807 days ago

Tigers Wood    

I would be watching more sports if this ball smashing was aloud more. I wish they would make a movie of guys getting their Balls smashed though out the entire movie.

807 days ago


While amusing, such injuries can be permanent. I was assaulted when I was younger that led to 25 years of annoying discomfort, until it became inflamed and required removal. (the right testicle) For years I couldn't talk about it, so at this point I am shameless in my candor.

807 days ago


The foreign teams overseas play like this, just ask any american player that is playing abroad. And what is even worse is that the refs do not even call it and the teams endorse it.

807 days ago


I love the French culture one of the best white culture in Europe and the world. Spanish people always were conqured by the moors and the arabs everything they have in Spain thanks ot those people. Sorry but Spanish people suck and there history sucks to everyone rape those people lol. Who ever heard of rice in Europe if you do than someone known white brough that **** in Europe. Spanish food is because of the arabs and the moors lol true history.

807 days ago


Are you retarded because you need your history lessons. First of all the French are the Franks German tribe duh. The French lanuage is latin base and German. The Franks already spoke Germanic lanuages before the Romans came into the picture. So they would be coming back to there German roots duh. Even English is German base lanuage duh because the English are Germanic tribes duh. Also to you Americans without the French helping you guys win wars against the British you would be a British colonie like Canada and have to kiss the Queens ass everyday. Whatever she doesn't like or want into law or the changes for your country she could veto that any time she wants. So be thankful that the French helped your country or you would be worshiping the Queen of England true story. If you do not like the French than give the the gift you Americans recieved from them. Remember do not be rude to those who helped your ass many times over and over.

807 days ago


The French guy was going for the ball.
Singular, large not plural, small.
Doesn't anyone at TMZ know ANYTHING about sports?

807 days ago

no shit..    

wtf ???? what is with these teams going for hte wrong balls !!!!??? first they rake Carmelo but who cares he sucks a$$ anyways.. and now this guy ??? HUmm someobody better have a commity meetingo ver there talking about rules and regs !!! that not right !!

807 days ago

Captain Spank    

Typical minority.

807 days ago


Getting kicked in the nuts hurts really, really, really bad.
Getting kicked in the vagina...barely hurts at all.
It's considered funny when a man gets kicked and bends over in pain and throws up and can't walk for a week because his testicles are swollen and extremely sensitive.
But it's considered wrong to kick a woman in the crotch.
Why has society decided to think this way?

807 days ago

arale norimaki    

The Nutcracker

807 days ago


Yep...He plays for our team, the Portland TrailBlazers. We really like and respect him here. It is my feeling that he was trying to hit the ball out of the guys hands, but the ball moved. He definitely missed. Ouch! But intentional??? I don't think so.

807 days ago


And the Olympic judges are comfortable with it? And he didn't get ejected? What do you have to do to actually get ejected? Stab someone? Deliver a killing karate chop? The soccer athletes seem to be just as much hooligans as their fans.

807 days ago


cup check

807 days ago
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