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Debbie Rowe to Judge:

I Support Joint

Guardianship of MJ's Kids

8/9/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the woman who gave birth to two of Michael Jackson's children -- has filed legal papers saying she SUPPORTS the new joint guardianship arrangement ... but is warning TJ and Katherine that she WILL intervene if things don't work out.

Rowe filed the documents in L.A. County Superior Court today ... saying she has reviewed the co-guardianship application and signed off on the deal reached between TJ and Katherine to share parenting responsibilities for Paris, Blanket and Prince.

But in the docs, Debbie warns ... "Should the arrangement sought by TJ Jackson and Katherine Jackson become untenable, unstable, unsafe, or in any way contrary to the best interests of the children, Ms. Rowe will seek court intervention."

Rowe claims her concern is for the health, safety and well-being of HER children; and says she will continue to ensure their needs are met.

Remember, when TJ first petitioned for guardianship, the judge said that Debbie must be notified.



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She did the very very BEST for HER KIDS!!!!!

743 days ago


You sold your womb and eggs for profit. STFU, as if you matter in this bout! Debbie Rowe is making a statement to get back in the news and of course, TMZ is accommodating her, ENOUGH, I don't care what she has to say, she sold her babies and walked away.

743 days ago


Debbie Rowe has more contact with these children than many of you think she does. After Micheal's death, it became part of the agreement that Debbie had visitation and other rights, but the details are scarce, and Debbie Rowe is *extremely* private. She lives on a ranch less than an hour away from the kids.

But the most telling thing, I think, that Debbie has some involvement with these children comes from Paris herself. On June 20th, she tweeted a photo of her parents, and captioned it "Mommy and Daddy" -- A teenage girl who doesn't have contact or hates her mother wouldn't call her Mommy like that. And, the photo's focus is on Debbie. TO me, that says she has at least regular contact with the kids. THe fact that the court ruled she had to be notified of changes also is telling that there is some level of a relationship there.


743 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

At quick glance I thought she was Kirmet the frog with a blong wig! I'm just sayin.
Phishie from Philly

743 days ago


hey Debbie,
While Michael was raisin the kids why were you courting the public opinion. ou did a show that had you getting botox. You bitched that Michael didn't pay you then you retracted that. You've been living the good life, didn't have to raise TWO KIDS, and you have money, without working a job. GET THE **** OUT, as if you didn't profit, you have NO SAY as TMZ posts about what you think and what you agree with. If you were a real mom all these years, Michael would've put in a provision for his BIO MOM, he didn't because you were just a UTERUS and EGGS looking for a payout!!!

743 days ago


"NO ONE knows what Debbie's involvement is "

I think Debbie (from the beginning) has kept a low profile because she doesn't like the spotlight.!!!

My woman's intuition tells me that Debbie is right there Behind Paris talking in her ear (Prince included)
When Paris said: "This is Our House"
I thought of Debbie,.just saying...............
Don't forget Paris loves Debbie the one she
referred to as: "MOMMY"

Give Paris and her Mother a Chance<3

743 days ago


What a stupid witch! She should either take responsibility or not.

743 days ago


While most of us understood that Rowe gave up all parental rights to michael,(yeah for money), he must have included something about her rights in his will if the judge said she must be notified about guardianship changes.

743 days ago


I also wonder if Ross knew she was "runner up" for his kids beforehand, or if it was a surprise to her .

743 days ago


Damn!!!! She looks 100 years old she knows she doesn't want those kids...I guess she feels it's the best thing to do and not look so cold.

743 days ago


Not 2 sure about the "terms" of the custody thing b tween Debbie and Michael, but I suspect that somewhere there was a "clause" written in there about her involvement in the respect of her "parental rights". She got a "boatload" of cash to "go away" and to remain silent. Now that he's dead, it might change the playing field..

743 days ago


I don't know this woman or why she did what she did or does what she does. I've heard rumors of some limited contacts she's had with the kids since MJ died. She is, however, the mother of two of them, and it's pretty obvious Paris is her biological child.

It's pretty wild that those who think MJ had any legal claim to the purchased "Blanket" now dispute Rowe's involvement in their lives. Any non-interference agreement she had with MJ is now null and void, and yes, she could choose to petition for custody herself.

One thing seems to be the certain case: she has been FAR less aggressive than Jackson family members about controlling the matters of the estate and the children in order to control or get more money!

743 days ago


Glad to see Debbie's serving notice to the Jacksons on this. A family court judge is well within their perogative to override a will's instructions for custody if it's established that the named legal guardians can't do their job. The best interests of the children trump all, including any contracts Debbie may have signed with MJ.

Besides, at least as far as Prince and Paris go, she is their legal mother and they are products of her marriage to MJ. If there is a need for the children to be removed from the Jacksons' care, damn straight Debbie Rowe's going to be the first person called to take custody - she's the other parent of record.

743 days ago

the sea    

In other words: "If there's money involved, I'm IN"

743 days ago





743 days ago
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