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Gabby Douglas

The Big Black College Question

8/9/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At least one prestigious Black college is pressing hard to recruit Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas -- but at least one person in our newsroom doesn't get why she'd WANT to go there. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Obama U. no wait thats only a HALF~BLACK college

807 days ago

she should go to Penn State.

807 days ago


She should go to one of the all white college's. Oh, wait...that's not possible. Not because she's black, but because WE can't have an all white college...that would be racist.

807 days ago


This girl needs a new name

807 days ago


I could be wrong but think she'll be going somewhere with a top notch gymnastics program.

807 days ago


Pressured her because of her skin color

807 days ago


Most HBCU's were created after slavery towards the turn of the century when Blacks were not accepted by other colleges. Then there was separate but equal education laws counselor Levin and let's not forget the jim crow laws of the south that went on until the early seventies in some states. So Blacks had to go to HBCU's if they wanted to be more than a maid or a shoe shine man. Don"t act like blacks created them to separate themselves. and they are not exclusively for blacks. Morehouse had a white Val. a couple of years ago. Also, studies show HBCU'S produce more blacks that earn graduate and post graduate degrees than white colleges. And look at the number of submissions of people of color at white universities, especially when there is not affirmative action enforced.

807 days ago


She should forego college for now if she plans to compete in Rio in 4 years. I can think of an Olympic figure skater who didn't do as well at her second Olympics after wanting the whole "college experience," i.e., living on campus, etc., instead of focusing on her next Olympics and using the time to prepare. College can wait four more years -- it's not worth risking loss of further multi-millions of dollars in further endorsement deals if she wins another gold in Rio.

807 days ago


"I didn't learn nothing." Well, that much is obvious.

Anyway, HBCU colleges mainly popped up thanks to segregation when the majority of colleges were "white only." They still have a largely black student body, but anyone can attend. Harvey is kind of an idiot to go on television and ask this question without taking two minutes to google.

807 days ago


It does not matter where she goes she will never be allowed to compete in college sports after excepting endorsement deals.

807 days ago


The US women are going to be the ones that make the biggest contribution to the US medal count. All of the male athletes are pretty close. But American women are bigger and/or stronger along with the additional talent. Or did everyone forget what the Olympics were all about? Winning! So pay your respect before you start cackling about somebody because of their race. They are first Americans, then second what ever nationality. While they are representing the US shut the f@ck up.

807 days ago


I am offended at the very existence of black-only colleges. How openly racist. Blacks would not tolerate the existence of white-only colleges and they'd sue and have government shut them down.

806 days ago


It would make absolutely NO sense for her to go to some school that didn't have a top female gymnastics program. She can't be a one-woman team.

806 days ago

Chris F    

Does accepting a gift from a College affect her eligibility under NCAA rules for athletes? Football players cannot accept anything. Regardless wouldn't it be more beneficial for her to attend a top div 1 school with outstanding gymnastics program?

806 days ago


Whats really pathetic is that SOME of you are acting as if its a crime to have a Historically Black College in the United States of America. Let me find out that they discriminate against white young Americans going there. Last I checked they didnt, just as colleges like Johns Hopkins, Virgina Tech and Penn State dont discriminate against black young Americans attending there schools.

Oh and Blacks cant have BET, Mexicans and Latinos cant have Spanish stations either. Just about everything in this country has been tailored to white Americans. TV networks, all the Presidents and Vice Presidents before this first Black President, colleges. Open your eyes. You dont like it dont watch, dont attend and dont support. We understand and see your ignorance thats why we strive for greater little by little everyday.

What difference does it make to any of you that feel that she shouldnt be sought after, she is gaining a college education. Wait is it because it may be heavily discounted or even free that it bothers you because you have student loans and cant pay them back? Get a grip, get over yourself, the majority race in this country is not the only race that can be educated or be successful, and the issues that you try to make about race clearly arent true facts. If one of those colleges told another race that they couldnt be accepted, do you think they would still be open??? I will wait while you answer that, LOL!

I will not believe for one minute that before TMZ posted this that you had never heard of Spelman, Morehouse, FAMU, Morgan State or any other HBCU. How about you do your research before you blast laughable ignorance.

I'm really beginning to believe that successful, powerful minority races are the white Americans worst nightmare.

806 days ago
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