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'Batman' Shooter's Lawyers

Our Client Is INSANE

8/9/2012 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lawyers for James Holmes just stated in open court -- they believe their client suffers from a mental illness ... and they need more time to figure out what's wrong with him before entering a plea. 

Holmes' attorneys made the announcement during a hearing today, in which several news outlets had assembled to argue that the judge in the case should unseal court documents that could reveal important details about the July shooting in Aurora, CO.

Both the prosecution and the defense wish to keep the documents under wraps while the case is pending.

While everyone was in court, Holmes' attorney also appealed to the judge on an unrelated note -- demanding prosecutors and investigators turn over ALL documents related to the case ... in order to help the defense team determine just how crazy their client is.

The lawyer said, "We cannot begin to assess the nature and the depth of Mr. Holmes' mental illness until we receive full disclosure of all the documents."

It's the first mention of Holmes' intent to pursue an insanity defense.


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They need to check him for a brain tumor

803 days ago


poor attorneys??? they will rise to fame and made loads of cash. Write a book. Go on speaking tours. It's a heartless machine...

803 days ago


His victims didn't deserve to die, why does he deserve to live?

803 days ago


well of coarse he is insane look at what he did. no sane person would ever do what he did ..... he for sure needs to be punished for what he did

803 days ago


There is too much premeditation with the booby traps. The evidence does not support the claim that he was unable to differentiate right from wrong. Hang him, Fry him, stick him in a stew.

803 days ago


Wonder who the "hater" on here is,who doesn't want this guy punished?? Weird-

803 days ago


Did he know what he was doing was wrong? I believe he did. If he believe that what he was planning was wrong (which why did he tell the police about the "possible explosives" in his apartment if he didn't think what he was doing was wrong) - He may have some sort of other mental illness but not one where he did not know that shooting up a packed movie theatre in which people would die was wrong. - Give him a life sentence in the general population. He will get death by that sentence. One by his criminal peers.

803 days ago


they need to give this clown the gas chamber!! **** leathal injection! he wont get the insanity plea.

803 days ago


He ain't crazy just evil. Lock his evil azz up & stop dragging thru the legal system. The victims and families deserve closure! The longer this case drags, the more $$$ taxpayers cough up. Freaking ridiculous his azz is not basting under a jail right now.

803 days ago


why does it matter if he is crazy or not. He committed the crime he should pay for what he did. To the families of the Victims he killed being crazy or not is not going help the get over the fact that this ahole killed their familiy members. this insanity thing is bull

803 days ago


he isnt insane.he knew what he was doing..he put the bomb in his house even had the music playing.he wanted to draw all the cops to his house so he could kill more people.

803 days ago


Yeh he is insane alright, but he is still responsible for what he has done. Nobody is so insane that they think its ok to shoot up a cinema full of innocent people.

803 days ago


Mentally ill.....not so sure. Possessed.....more likely. Or maybe he is just very smart and manipulative.

803 days ago

Throwback kid    

He's he greatest sprinter, but Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were stars in MLB and the NFL, even the great Michael Jordan flopped when he tried to play baseball. Bolt couldn't play either of those sports

803 days ago


Mad dogs are destroyed - What are they waiting for?

803 days ago
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