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'Batman' Shooter's Lawyers

Our Client Is INSANE

8/9/2012 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lawyers for James Holmes just stated in open court -- they believe their client suffers from a mental illness ... and they need more time to figure out what's wrong with him before entering a plea. 

Holmes' attorneys made the announcement during a hearing today, in which several news outlets had assembled to argue that the judge in the case should unseal court documents that could reveal important details about the July shooting in Aurora, CO.

Both the prosecution and the defense wish to keep the documents under wraps while the case is pending.

While everyone was in court, Holmes' attorney also appealed to the judge on an unrelated note -- demanding prosecutors and investigators turn over ALL documents related to the case ... in order to help the defense team determine just how crazy their client is.

The lawyer said, "We cannot begin to assess the nature and the depth of Mr. Holmes' mental illness until we receive full disclosure of all the documents."

It's the first mention of Holmes' intent to pursue an insanity defense.


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Crazy, sick, insane, whatever you want to label it, he needs to be off the streets and institutionalized or something. If he is ever let back out, he needs to be closely monitored. I've known people that are perfectly sweet as long as they are on their medication, but those same "sweet" people were very scary to be around when they weren't. Sometimes when they were on their medication, they would feel "normal" and feel that they didn't need the medication. That's when all hell would break loose. My fear is that he won't be monitored if he gets off on an insanity plea. We all heard, and some saw first hand what he is capable of.

784 days ago


fry his crazy a$z

784 days ago


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this guy is scamming you. He's not mentally disturbed. He's a guy that got tired of being lonely, because he didn't want to put out the effort, and this is his attention.

784 days ago


Please keep in mind this man studied neuroscience. He knows how to play crazy. Pwilkers2012

784 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

I'm sure he is crazy. So I want him to die. I don't want crazy people breathing.

784 days ago


He is not crazy. there needs to be a new legal defination of insane if he is ruled crazy. he planned this for months in advace had to make maney tiiney well thought our deciciouns in order for this to happen that is not in my opinion being out of control of your mental facaulties. he knew excatly what he was doing. he wanted to kill alot of people. he should plead guilty but he wont because he hates everyone and wants us to pay for a trial ect ect. wasting everyone's time money and resources just a continuous of what power he has to mess with people.

784 days ago


Here comes the mental illness ****.

784 days ago

Angel Fire    

Please he was sane enough to premeditate and plan this for ages before he actually went there and did it. He was sane enough to gather all the ammunition he required to do this horrible deed. He was also sane enough to booby trap his apartment in order to kill the first person to cross the threshold. Now all of a sudden he is insane? I knew the defense team would come up with this crap. This guy is brilliant, he can even fool people into believing he is insane. A great actor maybe, insane? Hell no!! He knew exactly what he was doing!!

784 days ago


Cops should have shot him on the spot and I wouldn't have to hear about how he murdered and crippled tons of people cause he is "insane".

784 days ago


one more thing. People ask how did he get $20,000. The school granted him $26,000 plus spenind money. So there.

784 days ago


What a f*cking copout!!! REALLY?

784 days ago


Well, I think he is.

784 days ago


so put a bullet in him and be down with it, he won;t know the differnce

784 days ago


Well duh.

And this dude is being SEVERELY drugged. Every picture I see of him he looks so f****ng drugged up out of his mind. What are they giving him, massive doses of heroin??

784 days ago


Reminds me of the movie w/ Richard Gere and Edward Norton, playing insane but actually has all his faculties. He has a screw loose, but well enough to plot his rampage. Spending the rest of his life in an asylum is too good for him.

784 days ago
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