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Justin Bieber


Car Chase

8/9/2012 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0809-justin-bieber-bauer-stop-article-4The paparazzo who has been criminally charged with chasing Justin Bieber down the 101 Freeway last month will plead not guilty, claiming it's the same situation as a news reporter rushing to a fire.

Photog Paul Raef's lawyer, David Kestenbaum, tells TMZ ... his client is no different than a traditional news reporter covering a breaking story, and therefore he has a constitutional right to chase it.

Raef is the first person charged under California's new "Paparazzi Law," enhancing the punishment when a photog creates a dangerous situation for profit.

Kestenbaum tells TMZ, Raef will challenge the new law, presumably on grounds that it violates his First Amendment right to freedom of the press.

After today's hearing, David told reporters it's unfair Bieber got off with just a speeding ticket, while his client now faces a reckless driving charge. 


10:26AM PST:  Kestenbaum just asked the judge to dismiss the charges. The judge has not ruled.  Raef did not enter a plea.


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Justin buys a custom Fister, the only car like that in So. California. Justin drives around and little "Tweens" scream and cry because they want him. Then the Paparazzi follow him and it's all their fault?

So Justin gets all dressed up but doesn’t like the Paparazzi Party that goes along with it?

The only way this case could move forward is if they had a video of all the so called racing around and I bet they would come to the conclusion that a spoiled little brat is not as law abiding as they portray him to be.

772 days ago


So under this law in California anybody with a camera phone can be carged with this crime. How many videos has TMZ aired that used a camera phone this is a law to protect an industry that is deemed too big to fail and the goverment is passing laws to make sure everyone in the entetainment industry is protected from any prosectution.

772 days ago


your freedoms don't give you the right to terrorize people on the road without consequences.

772 days ago


That's a bad ass car

772 days ago


".....his First Amendment right to freedom of the press." What about our right to drive down the street without being killed by some law breaking nut case.
The lawyer just grins, I guess he will be one of our congressmen soon. He fits the mold.

772 days ago


only in the s*** of the world hollwierd would this fly

772 days ago


I've seen stormchasers tear down the streets driving like drunken maniacs trying to record footage of storms.
They are allowed to drive recklessly in the name of filming pretty clouds, but paparazzi aren't allowed to drive recklessly in the name of taking pictures of pretty people?
Just an idea, but how about you implement a law that affects all members of the press, not just a select few? That way, someone cannot argue that you are infringing on their rights.

772 days ago


Why does everyone in comments keep spelling defense wrong? It's not spelled with a's defense. Get spell check. By the way, Justin Bieber makes my ears bleed

772 days ago


Justin Bieber is a punk. He is a joke to Canadians!

772 days ago


I say death penalty. Paps of piece of sh*t parasites and it's about time they were held accountable for their disgusting antics.

772 days ago

Mason H    

It's a valid point, that Boober shouldn't get off with just a slap on the wrist while they throw the book at the paparazzi. You don't buy a Fisker cuz you plan on driving 35mph. He bought that car planning on driving recklessly fast in the first place and I guarantee you that isn't the first time Boober has done that. Both idiots should be prosecuted and have their licenses suspended. You don't have a special right to put other peoples lives in danger because you're a 9 year old celebrity or an idiot paparazzi trying to cause a story.

772 days ago


The problem begins when the accused (allegedly) engaged in behavior that put the general public in his vicinity at a high risk of danger.

As for his complaint that Bieber only got a speeding ticket I would agree, but what can you do about it?

772 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

It's a Frisker! F R I S K E R! Don't you know nuttin!
Phishie from Philly

772 days ago


Give me a break, it's totally not the same thing ... if you're rushing to a fire you know how long it will take to get there and you know when you'll stop the vehicle. If you're pursuing a celebrity in a high speed car chase on major freeways you don't know how long it will take to "get there" and you don't know when you'll stop the vehicle because that's up to the other driver and/or whatever mayhem you're creating on the public roads to get to him.

772 days ago


That's a bad ass car

772 days ago
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